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August 12, 2017 18:08

Replacing the wiring : the basic rules

wiring in the apartment: a draft scheme and

course, an expert, knowledgeable experts in their field will replace the high quality and fast, but the cost can sometimes be unpleasant surprise.The price of replacement and installation can be inflated, but even this does not guarantee that the work will be performed by an electrician good.For this reason, many men produce wiring himself.On the Internet, it is taken by many articles on how to do stretch and check the wiring.

Electricity in the apartment : design and circuit

Wiring with their hands should be in the following order:

  1. Drafting and schemes.
  2. determine which is better for posting flat.
  3. installation.

Plan and charting - a very important stage, which guarantees a good result.

Electricity in the apartment : design and circuit

So, electrical wiring diagram should depict the drawing room, the apartment has a scale, which must be applied to mark the location of the household, as well as lighting products (specify the location of switches, sockets, lamps).

scheme need to:

  • calculate the amount of material required, installation or replacement of prices;
  • determine the location of the devices;
  • ease of maintenance and repair in the future.

Electricity in the apartment : design and circuit

For convenience of drawing up the plan, scheme, consumers can be divided into the following groups: sockets, lighting, lighting and sockets in the bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, large appliances.Electrical wiring is done breeding lines in the room from inside the electrical panel.It is important to remember that in order to prevent overload, do not need to be connected to the same group of consumers all wiring.The circuit wiring should include also the RCD to be set for each group.You also need to provide the wiring of the antenna cable television.

How to choose a wire for wiring?

in question, as do the wiring, an important place is occupied by the cable selection.Ideally suited copper wires, because they are more flexible and durable than aluminum.

Electricity in the apartment : design and circuit

To determine the optimal cable size, you need to sum the power of home appliances in the apartment and divide them by the number 220. If you get up to 16A, you can select a cable with a section of 1.5mm2.

How to breed and lay the wiring?

Open provodka- the easiest installation method, to perform which are not necessary preparatory work.External electrical wiring by using fastening wires on the ceiling and wall using brackets.

Closed wiring is very common in the new multi-storey buildings.The layout is done in this case before the finishing.The disadvantage of this method of installation - a great risk of damage during repairs.

How to breed and lay the wiring ?

photo work can be found on specialized sites.These photos will help the person who decided to do all the work with his hands, to do this efficiently and quickly.

Price rewiring

replacement cost is not small and is determined by individual firms.Price depends on size of the room, quality of materials, etc.Replace the wiring will be much more expensive if you do it will make a specialist.Change wiring in one-bedroom apartment can be an average of 10,000 rubles.

Price wiring replacement