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August 12, 2017 18:07

Roofing and waterproofing material for roofs : types and features

What factors depend on the choice of the roof?

Before buying that whether a material is necessary to consider several factors.First, collect all the loads acting on the roof, it is important to calculate the total weight of the "pie", which includes a lot of insulation, rafters, battens, etc.This same rank as normative snow cover (can be both 100 and 180 kg / sq.m.) And the force of the wind.

Secondly, the architectural design of the structure, shape, dimensions and design features.For example, if you intend to buy a tile, it is important that the roof slope was at least 30-35 degrees.Third, take into account the parameters of durability and fire resistance.It is clear that for buildings with different functional purpose will be your lifetime.

less durable material, you can choose to shed or utility room.Home preferably something better.Because look at the estimated useful life.The longest is able to serve the slate roof, about 150-200 years.The second place is occupied by natural tile - 100-150 years.The third rebated, steel roofing and decking - up to 50 years.

fourth place slate, metal and soft tile.Their lifetime is 30-50 years.Well, the short list of bitumen corrugated sheets, which will last an average of 15 to 25 years.

Types of roofing materials for pitched roofs

As already mentioned, roof insulation materials are selected depending on the design of buildings and structures.For pitched roofs can buy natural tile (cement-sand or ceramic), soft tile (flexible and bitumen), sheet metal, metal roofing, light transmitting, bitumen and metallic corrugated sheets.

considered the most popular original tile, which has a small coefficient of expansion, because the possibility of cracking excluded. Also it is able to calmly accept a variety of deformation associated with the wind pressure and building subsidence.For other advantages include durability, fire resistance, aesthetic appeal.

Roofing sheets, depending on the material from which they are made (bitumen, non-metallic, metal), have a different lifetime.But, in general, it is much less than the period of operation of natural tile.The average of 15-20 years.However, despite this, they attract consumers, especially in their appearance.After all, they can be used to implement virtually any design projects.

Types of roofing materials for flat roofs

Conditionally allocate two kinds: soft asphalt and waterproofing materials for the roof. The first type is made on the basis of organic binders and bitumen, there is sheet and roll.Compared with traditional bituminous materials, the modified product has a slow rate of aging.Because of its service life and more.In addition, it is also heat-resistant insulating materials.

Waterproofing materials for roofs are divided into 3 main groups: single-ply EPDM membranes and PVC, directed and bitumen systems, self-leveling putty.The first installation process much easier and more reliable (due to a single-layer structure).Second harder stacked in multiple layers as in its design resemble classical roof.Well, and the third did not require professional labor force (applied like paint).