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August 12, 2017 18:08

Scraping machine - how to transform sex without the hassle ?

scraping work - how it's done?

Parquet flooring requires periodic maintenance.Although durability during its long operation there is a need for small-scale works of repair: replacing the varnish or mastic coating, etc.

Parquet Floor scrape immediately after installation, when the time comes to restore in a paint coating of the floor, or replace it.Scraping work, usually include two stages:

  • rough treatment, consisting in leveling coatings, removal of stains and traces of the legs and old dirt, removing old paint, etc .;
  • finishing grinding and preparation for the new treatment.

device tsiklevaniya parquet, in fact, is grinding.It can be successfully applied not only to operate on surfaces of parquet, but also on other wooden floors, for example, on the floor deck.Especially when mounting the board was conducted using hidden brackets.The use of this machine is convenient to work in the corners, parts of the walls and radiators and other "blind spots."

scraping machine - types of construction

scraping machine may have belt or a drum structure for performing the initial grinding, rough stripping works.To perform finishing finish grinding intended device having a flat disk design grinding mechanism.It is used after the operation of the tape machine.

Modern sanding machine regardless of the size in its design has a special connection for connecting dust extraction or dust collector system.In the simplest case, this conventional vacuum cleaner.But its application allows you to quickly remove the fine dust, as the processing is carried out by abrasive skins of different grits to produce large amounts of fine dust.

By replacing crocus cloth (from the larger grains to fine) floor grinding brought to the finishing state.As a rule, used in the works for at least four rooms crocus cloth.

sanding machine - select the option for the purposes

When working on large surface areas need a serious scraping apparatus (Polishing Machine).If the basis of its design lies Surface drive, it is best if the three-disc machine.So the work is done quickly and the result is usually better.

In addition, the presence of three grinding wheels allows guaranteed to perform high-quality polishing at least one of them.Moreover, in the scope of delivery from the manufacturer are generally interchangeable nozzles of different types.

In terms of small rooms or homework is fine manual scraping machine.She is not less convenient to handle "blind spots."By design manual machines are belt, vibration, eccentric, delta, and other types.All designs are provided with a connection for a vacuum cleaner, have the ability to easily change the working of the grinding cup.

Machine for sanding can be calculated at different times of continuous operation, so different models will have different capacity.As the supply voltage, household models are 220, while the professional may require electric power of 380 W.

for practical application and execution of works on the floor covering of parquet it is best to have a kit, which will include SMP and manual machine for grinding.The latter is useful for working in places where difficult to get SMP.Although it is necessary to observe accuracy in work to areas no different treatment purity.

As already mentioned, rooms crocus cloth should be at least four - from the forties to the one hundred and twentieth.Number of crocus cloth is taken on the basis of one set for every twenty meters square.To cut grinding wheels or ribbons will need scissors, a pencil, a minimum set of tools (screwdriver, pliers, etc.).