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August 12, 2017 18:06

Step by Step Installation stairs to the attic with his own hands

attic Typically, the stairs to the attic of the house is mounted during construction of the building.In this type of its design, the appearance may be selected by any (as well as materials for manufacturing), depending on the size of the structure, layout of the first (top) and floor financial capabilities.

but often comes the idea to convert the cold attic already built or private garden shed so that the top was a dwelling.Naturally, it can be done, although the possibilities are somewhat limited.

Consider one of the most simple in execution of the ladder of options, which can be mounted without the involvement of specialists.By the way, in many cases independent of its manufacture is much more convenient, and cost require much less.We do not give the specific dimensions of the component parts of the structure, since they depend largely on the characteristics of the premises and a number of other factors.The main thing - to understand the principle of its manufacture.

Before proceeding to the description of this process, it is necessary to deal with those used in the construction of stairs terms.

tread - upper rungs plane;that part of it which people dipped sole of the foot.

stringers - board (bar), which forms a side of the carrier structure.Their 2, and between the stages are mounted.For stairs with a large span width can be placed kosour optional.

riser - the distance between adjacent stages vertically.It can be covered with any material (plywood board).Often this space is left open.This design feature has advantages:

  • less work in the construction of stairs;
  • reduced material consumption;
  • easier cleaning of stairs.

consider the main stages of work on the construction of the ladder in the structure is already in operation.It makes no sense to explain the nuances of the individual, as applicable technical solutions depends on local conditions, and in each they own a home.As already indicated, the main thing - to understand the principle, technology.

Stairway - to - attic

Site Selection

This implies both convenience ladder placement, and use it.It is necessary to take into account the structural features of the building execution, first of all, the upper floor slab.It is understood that the beams in the regeneration passage (hatch) in the attic or dismantle or cut it is impossible.On this basis, and choose where to install the staircase and its configuration.

easiest way to do it with a span of 1, but the space savings is sometimes better to make them 2, with the rotation and the intermediate area.In addition, it is better if it will abut against a wall.Then 1 kosour fixed directly on it.

hatch device

necessary so to make the marks on the floor of the attic, not to get on the floor element (beam).If the flooring is not as such, it is somewhat easier to do, but not always beams available for visual inspection.But often at the stage of construction of the top floor ceiling insulated, waterproofing.Each owner holds such events at its discretion.

If the beams to reach is not possible, it is advisable to determine the optimal location of the hatch with a long thin drill.It will help to find out how to make a layout.Enough to do several vertical holes in the ceiling, and the future path of the hatch will be clear.Will only raschertit surface accordingly.

Steps 1

Cutting floor covering material ( "pie") is better to do "circular saw".Considering that on the way can be caught pumping elements, we recommend using a disc having teeth made of hard metal alloys.If you usually work, they may need a few pieces, so they need to prepare in advance.Although it is not rational, given the cost of the tool.

The meaning of this step is clear.Nuances depend on what's inside this very "pie" ceiling (flooring, waterproofing and thermal insulation layers and so on).How many rows of boards, a material used as insulation?In the case of bulk (for example, expanded clay) should take care of the "blocking" of this layer on the sides of the "passage" of the ceiling.

The work should be a through-hole, which will be the entrance to the attic.


Steps 2

measurements and calculations

Once designated "front door" to the top floor, you can determine the necessary amount of material.Making measurements with a non-existent hatch on the "eye", it makes no sense, as, perhaps, due to the characteristics of the floor structure, the mutual arrangement of beams during the counting should be shifted slightly in one direction or another.

ladder - 3


Layout kosoura

From the top of the ceiling to the floor of the 1st floor is stretched string.She is determined by the steepness of the stairs and start it.On the wall is shaped line, which "clips" 1 board kosoura.Thereafter, the number of stages can be calculated and their position relative to one another mark.Horizontal orientation is performed using a spirit level.

have recommendations to make them an odd number (for ease of movement), but that's as you like.At this stage, another object - "coordinate" Tread dimensions, height levels with equal intervals between them."Adjust" can be the 1st ( "invitational"), changing its height (the size of the riser).

ladder - 4

Preparation stringers

After the marking board is removed from the wall.What should be done?

  • saw out the slots under the stage;
  • shorten kosoura board.The lower end of it should not lie on the floor and on the palm (timber).Here at its height, and it shortened.And the cut is made at an angle, with the expectation that it was parallel to the floor;
  • to the top of the board is inserted into the element attaching it to the joists (piece rod, wooden dowel, and the like).Although the corners can be used, metal plates.Any landlord will think itself how best to do.

In accordance with the first stringers is marked and 2nd (another "sidewall" ladder).The main thing - full symmetry, another step will be skewed.


support beam 2nd kosour should also be recorded.If the 1st is attached to the wall, the vertical support is placed for fastening the 2nd.It is also "drunk" by the board.

design Assembling

On the floor, the bottom of the stairs, set the reference beam.The lower part of the stringers are attached to it (the long screws, screws).Advanced - Area, plate.It is possible to equip a small beams instead of "pedestal", which will be located and the lower part of the stringers.Board, which is adjacent to the wall, and immediately fixed in the upper part.

Installation steps made in the direction from the bottom up.Naturally, during their preparation will turn out some error in length.That is why the top end of the 2nd kosoura attached to the ceiling only after the installation of the last stage.

All fixation space for reliability can be treated with a drop of wood glue.To hide them, apply wood "Chopik" decorative paper, followed by treatment with mastic paint composition.There are many options.

If you want to strengthen the design, use cross-bars, metal studs, and so on.

In principle, the ladder ready.But its further trim - at the discretion of the owner.


What to consider

  • slope.First of all, you need to focus on elderly family members and children.Typically, the angle chosen is not more than 400, but recovery in the attic, it can be increased to 450.
  • width.not only people moving stairs.As it is necessary and something to carry (household appliances, furniture items).The optimal value is considered to be 1 m.
  • railing height should be such that it was convenient to move, holding it.80 - 90 cm would be sufficient.
  • Treads are usually taken for 16 - 18 cm and their width - no more than 36. These parameters are dependent on the steepness of the stairs.For flatter design stage made below, and their width - more.The main criterion - the convenience of travel.
  • «overhang" one step above the other -. Not more than 4 cm
  • If possible, the entrance to the 2nd floor is better to make the premises, and not from the extension (vestibule).This will reduce the number of possible heat loss.


attic can be used in different ways.If the owners come back from time to time, it is advisable to make a folding ladder type.This will not take part of the space for her 1st floor, especially if the room is modest in size.From the photographs is easy to understand how to mount.


few tips

  • Given the ratio of durability and material cost, best budget option larch wood is considered.
  • thickness of the boards on stage should not be less than 20 mm;on stringers - 50 mm with a width of not less than 25 mm.
  • All wood should be well prepared - drying, antiseptic treatment and flame retardants.

There is still a lot of different advice on the construction of stairs to the attic.Before you begin this work, it is desirable to learn as much information as possible on this issue.However, they should not be "blindly" copy.The fact that all calculations and formulas used in this case focused on the types of buildings and any private house - construction of specific, with its dimensions and design features.Consequently, a variety of guided tips and tricks you need to intelligently.