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August 12, 2017 18:05

Terrace own hands

To summer passed happily and peacefully in the bosom of nature and civilization on the job, enough to attach to a suburban or country house terrace.Then it is possible to put chairs or reclining chairs, tea table installed to heat the samovar and cones.See how step by step to build a terrace with your own hands can be pictured in this article.


  1. Layout
  2. basis
  3. Flooring
  4. Processing decking
  5. Video building terraces to the house with his own hands


orderattach to the terrace to the house, you first need to draw a rough outline.Then, before starting to mark territory and, for clarity, to pull ropes through pegs marking the perimeter.The whole site should be leveled and gravel fill.

Since the terrace is usually located at a height of 30-40 cm from ground level - 5 cm gravel base is enough.Gravel after leveling must be sealed.It's a basic training base.The basis must serve as a support base for the finish.

next problem, which may arise on the terrace - it sprouted roots of weeds, grasses and shrubs.For weed control, you can use special a covering canvas that you want to lay the whole area next to the terrace and press gravel small stones.


can as a support to take a rectangular paving tiles and put it on a small distance from each other.The first row is laid parallel to the wall, almost came to her from a distance of 10-15 cm between the tiles themselves.

Plates are laid out across the area of ​​the planned terraces on the canvas.On the perimeter of the site is laid out a border with a mandatory check the horizontal level.

After tiling, if additional lighting is planned to open terrace on the outside at this stage of the work can be carried out between the tiles lighting cables.

cables can be laid in a plastic ripple, and if there is a possibility of damage, it is better in a metal tube, or in a special armored cable.Lighting can be done from the bottom spotlights, cutting holes in the decking board.At night, this terrace will look just fine, and thus can stand out among the neighbors.


next stage of work - installation of the finish flooring or foundation.Options decking lot: it can be the usual board, composite panels.

best material for the construction of a wooden terrace with their own hands - a larch planks.They are best suited for use on the street.

on square tiles installed rubber gaskets, then they are stacked logs, horizontal level is checked.

Processing decking

boards need to handle antiseptic compounds, and laid leaving a gap for better ventilation.Boards are screwed to the joists with screws.If the terrace is lower than the door, you have to draw step.

After laying flooring, it is necessary to trim the edges and place jigsaw end boards.At the end of the wooden floor painted weatherproof paint or just Pinotex treated wood.At the terrace with their own hands at the cottage built and ready for use.

Virtually the entire construction process can be studied on video after the article.Summer terrace, as in the photo, will get the original appearance, if it additionally attach the roof, fence or even a small pond or pool.

Video building terraces to the house with his own hands