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August 12, 2017 18:07

Painting of a child's room : Tips and Tricks

Every parent dreams of having his child has grown creative, fully developed and interesting personality.The foundation of these qualities should be to lay the first days of baby's life, when he begins to actively absorb all the surrounding information.In the first months of this it happens only on visual, auditory and tactile level.The color setting is very important, not only for babies, but also for people of all ages.It is a tremendous way affects the perception of the world and the mind, so painting the walls in the nursery should be carried out more than consciously.In this article, we will tell all you need to know to properly painting the nursery.


How to transform children's

The modern market of finishing materials offer a huge selection of colorsfor rooms, but for the art of painting a child's room is not fit every paint.More details on this we stop a little lower, but for now let's think about why children's painting is so popular?

First of all, this technique makes it possible to dramatically transform the room and give it a unique style.In your will to create any composition according to age, gender and preferences of the child.If you choose the right paint, it will retain its original appearance for many years, so the repairs can not remember as long as the child grows up.


Another advantage of painting the walls of the other finishing techniques that you can create a comfortable space specifically for your child.Ready "template products" may not always capture and emphasize the personality kid, paint the same in this respect is much more convenient.

However, apart from the classic painting the walls, there are other ways to transform the children's room or use mixed versions:

  1. Wallpapers coloring - wallpaper with the image contours plotted.The child will be able to paint their own room in your favorite color.These wallpapers have appeared on the market relatively recently, but immediately gained popularity.And already invented wallpaper, coloring, not only for children but also for adults - a more complex and detailed images.But the main advantage of this method of execution is not so much originality as the utility is for the child's development - working with coloring actively developing fine motor skills, attention, concentration, imagination, color perception.
  2. Silk painting - a great option for those who have no artistic ability.Stencils can be downloaded from the Internet or made independently of any image.It is also possible to supplement the existing stencils painted "by hand" (stars, butterflies, flowers, birds, etc.).
  3. Slate paint - great invention, which is used in the interior began only recently.Cover one wall (or only the lower part of the wall) a paint, and the child will own the wall on which you can draw with crayons and impunity indefinitely.

Tip: If you are going to hire an artist to paint the walls in the nursery, carefully read its portfolio and talk to someone in person.It is important that he not only knew how to draw well, but also to understand the specifics of the job.It is important that the person was pleasant to you and your child as painting walls for quite a long occupation, and the artist will be in your home for several hours a day.And one more thing - the master must really love their job, because a printed pattern it leaves part of his energy, his daily mood.So try to create it the most comfortable and pleasant working conditions.

What paint?

select songs for painting the walls is necessary, starting from the age, sex and the nature of the child, completely forgetting about personal preferences.Even if you arrange the room for the unborn or breast-baby, believing that such a pipsqueak still unable to adequately choose, do not draw on the walls of Batman or unicorns, if you are delighted with them.

There are certain rules that should be considered when painting children's room with his hands:

  1. For infants and children up to 3 years will approach a fairly simple design and interior of the room as a whole.Preference is given to pastel shades of several shades for the walls and furniture.For the interior has not turned out monotonous and boring, it is necessary to make a few bright spots, but do it better with the help of toys - in which case they can always be excluded from the composition.As for the pictures on the walls, then it is better to do the most simple: large objects, trees, clouds, birds, animals.The child must recognize images of objects without effort, thus learning and developing.
    painting - on - walls - in - child - room
  2. For children from 3 to 10 years in the design of the walls is already possible to use more complex images, since in this period of life the child is actively developing and perceives the world around us.Now we can safely draw on the walls of your favorite cartoon characters, scenes from fairy tales, etc.It was during this period of life children begin to form color preferences, so before you buy paint check with the future tenants of apartments.But even if the baby indicates a bright and saturated colors, it is not necessary to fill all of the room - it's detrimental impact on the psyche.Use them carefully and only in the games room area.
  3. 11 to 16 years, it runs the most difficult phase, both for children and for parents.If you arrange the room for a teenager, you need a lot of work, and in any case do not forget about the wishes of the child.Of course, we should not indulge all whims, but do not be afraid to compromise, allowing the child to choose the colors, for example.Get ready for the fact that he may not want to see the bright and saturated colors in the interior, which he liked so recently.In contrast, small customers can come to the delight of dark or "screaming" solid colors.In this case, you can use a variety of abstraction in the interior: stripes, spirals, various geometric shapes, randomly "scattered" on the walls, splashes, etc.If a child has a craving for painting, allow him to express, highlighting, for example, a wall or together to discuss and approve any sketch.

Colours children's room

Most parents, developing future design interior nursery, allow the same mistake - trying to turn it into the most vivid and colorful place in the whole world.The desire to please the kid juicy shades and hear his leaping laughter is understandable, but he is also a man, albeit a very small one.He, too, need to sleep, to focus his eyes, which had just started to work and see quite clearly, does not need vague kaleidoscope of multi-colored spots that can only cause irritation.Enter the color and enhance their intensity should be gradually and gently.

impact of color on the psyche has been known since ancient scholars.It has long been proven and indisputable fact, the influence of the same color for both baby and adult.The difference is only in how badly the subject perceives it.


Important: Do not confuse the symbolism of a particular color to the impact on the psyche.For example, in India, the white color associated with funerals and the transition to the other world, whereas in most other countries of the world such events are "painted" in the black.

on bright white surface and always a pleasure to watch.The white color helps a person to relax, feel free and liberated.If the child is closed, interior light will help him to overcome the stiffness.However, if White is in excess, it will only worsen the situation and create a feeling of unnatural sterility.In this room, people simply will not be able to relax.


Yellow stimulates mental activity, contributes to the development of intuition and helps to concentrate.It would be the best to look at the interior of the room for a child from 7 to 16 years.But even it should be in moderation.The child must not only develop and learn, but also relax.Yellow can be a work area and a relaxation area can be painted in green, which relax the eye and calms the mind.

not get involved in red and orange shades, because they "excite the blood" - contribute to hyperactive children.In this room the child will not be able to fully relax, be capricious, to exasperate parents, they also will not be able to rest, and as a result the whole family will suffer because of this seemingly minor factor as an abundance of red in the interior of the nursery.


Blue is the color of creativity and extraordinary people, but if the walls will be a lot of blue, this would entail the non-disclosure of creative potential and incipient depression.With purple hues should also be treated with caution, as they are depending on their saturation acquire properties or red, or blue.In moderation it is good at painting a child's room for adolescent girls.

choosing colors for a child's room, give preference to pastel tones: blue, beige, cream, pink, yellow and green.It is best to choose a warm color to the room always prevailed comfort and tranquility.

The ceiling in the children's room

We would like to talk about the design of the ceiling in the children's room.Many people do not take it into account, focusing all the attention on the walls, and as a result the interior is obtained incomplete.

most popular motif during the design of the ceiling is a picture of the sky.This may be a blue surface with light white clouds and birds flying in the sky, or a night sky with stars and galaxies.If the child likes the space, and he wants to see on the ceiling of the night sky, beware - the dark ceiling will "push".it does the death penalty, as it will appear very tiny for the room with a modest quadrature.

Íàòÿæíûå ïîòîëêè íåáî (íåáåñà) ôîòî

Tip: Draw a neutral bright sky with clouds that day the ceiling visually enhances the space, but use svetonakopitelnye paint when painting.Draw her a star, dots, star clusters, galaxies, and satellites.Day bude this paint is not visible, and the ceiling will be transformed into a fantastic picture of the night.

Do not forget that the design of the ceiling should overlap with the decor of the walls and the interior of the room as a whole.If you make a list of walls in a room for the boys, the ceiling can be attached three-dimensional figures, and even toys - they will attract the attention of children, and they will go to sleep faster.However, these items must be replaced periodically to children's interest unabated.If the ceiling depicts a starry sky, then there can be hung from the plane, satellite or missile.The girly room You can also use this technique, but instead of airplanes hang birds, angels, fairies or flower buds.

Choosing paint for the nursery

So, if you have already decided as the child's room will be decorated, you can go for the paint shop.However, on the shelves of so many possible formulations, and choose one thing is very difficult.Here you will also help the realization of the fact that you are looking to paint murals in the children, so they have to be absolutely safe for health.Also nice to the painted surface can be washed, and it retains its original appearance for many years.


painting for children must be carried out safe colors, which include water-soluble acrylic and latex formulations.When purchasing be sure to make sure there is compliance with environmental standards certificate.Typically, these numbers are printed on the label (hypoallergenic, suitable for use in the nursery, eco-friendly composition).

Important: In no case do not spend painting paints alkyd based, because they release toxic substances such as during the application and after drying, and can trigger allergic reactions.

Safety coloring materials is important at all stages, including the period of application and after drying.Latex paints are more expensive acrylic water dispersion, but they are more resistant to wet cleaning, UV, minor mechanical damage.Moreover, the composition of the latex allows to hide small defects of the walls (cracks, chips, scratches), but if you want to achieve this, you should choose a matt paint, rather than glossy (see corresponding labeling on the packaging).

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