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August 12, 2017 18:07

Paint baseboards : step by step instructions

Paint baseboards favorably complement the design of the premises in the event that the right approach to the choice of colors.During this process, in addition to their own preferences, should focus on the ceiling height, footage of the room, interior room and lighting.About all the intricacies of the painting process will cover in this article.


Features Color Selection

  1. Skirting can be painted incolor similar to the shade floor or ceiling.This method will make it possible to visually enlarge the room.
  2. In a room with low ceilings for plinths is recommended to choose a color close in tone finish of the walls.
  3. modern design technique is painting a baguette under the shade of the doors or doorways.
  4. Recently gaining popularity as the trend of painting the baseboards in a contrasting color.This is a rather bold experiment, but given the right shades of interior room acquire originality.
  5. For fans of unconventional solutions suitable plinth bright colors.But in this case, the interior must be present elements of similar shades: cushions, the image on the fights, curtains.Also, this technique should be used in large areas with good lighting as bright skirting visually reduce yardage.


Paint baseboards foam

Often appropriateness of staining of these products is questionable.They are mainly produced in white color.And if you have the same ceiling color, a natural question arises: Why does paint a baguette?But the need for this is.Foam - a material having a loose structure.And on the plinth made of it, will form a small crack, that in good light visible enough.
In addition, after a certain period of time a baguette or darken it appears yellowness.Painting would prevent these unpleasant moments, to preserve the appearance and structure of the plinth and prolong its service life.In addition to care for colored baguette much easier.To remove dirt from it, simply wipe with a damp cloth.
Stain plinth can be before and after installation.Each option has its own characteristics:

  1. When painting to installation should be pre-cut baguettes desired size, then fit them in the corners.But after the installation there is a need in the embedding joints.During this procedure, there is a possibility of surface damage.
  2. staining after installation is more time-consuming process, but allows you to get accurate results.If baguettes and planned to paint the ceiling in an identical color, experts recommend is to perform at the same time to finish the walls.If necessary in the treatment of skirting primer, it is better to do it before installation.

final result depends not only on the correct sequence of work, but also on the applied paint.Skirting boards made on the basis of foam, must not come into contact with colorful substances, which contain solvents.The ink should be selected exclusively on an aqueous basis.In this case, fit:

  • acrylic;
  • water dispersion;
  • latex formulations.

If painting is done prior to installation, it is possible to apply the spray.This will speed up workflow and to avoid streaks and runs.If you can not find in the sale of paint the color you want, you can add color to the white paint of the desired color.
need for staining:

  • colorful composition;
  • small brush;
  • capacity;
  • wide spatula.

dyeing process is carried out in the following sequence of actions:

  1. Before painting you need to putty the joint area.For this purpose, a small amount of trowel applied plaster composition, and then from top to bottom is processed joint.Excess putty is removed with a damp sponge.
  2. When the composition is dry joints to be treated with fine sandpaper to remove the irregularities.
  3. When painting ceiling plinths carried out to install them or unfinished surface, it can be used for spray.
  4. If the floor and walls are already covered with a finishing material, along baguettes have to stick masking tape.This will help prevent paint contact with the finish coat.
  5. If adhesive tape to paste on the wallpaper peeling in the decorative surface may be damaged.To avoid this, as the protective coating should use another material.For example, a cardboard which is necessary when applying paint on the processed portion.
  6. The painting is to be carried out in a room with low humidity levels, which does not penetrate drafts and direct sunlight.Treated area need to lay a paper.
  7. staining performed lightly along the baguette.Make sure that the surface does not remain stains or traces of the brush.
  8. If staining is used cartridge, it should be kept at a distance of 30 cm from a baguette.Failure to comply with this requirement will not be able to avoid drips.
  9. After completing the need to wait for the complete drying of the ink composition.The time that it takes, is indicated on the packaging.


If the paint is applied to the plinth after its installation, the work performed in this order:

  1. Before the surface should be cleaned from dust and dirt.
  2. Next on both sides of baguette pasted adhesive tape to protect the walls and ceiling of the paint hit.As in the previous case, cardboard can be used for this purpose.
  3. first fully processed one portion plinth, then you can proceed to the next.
  4. So colorful composition is applied to the entire surface of the baguette.Scotch can unstick after drying.
  5. If after the end of the work will be visible seams, you should apply another layer composition.


painting skirting boards

Floor moldings are made of MDF (plywood) and natural wood.The main advantage of these materials is environmental safety.MDF plinths consist of plywood, which is the main product and a layer of a dye impregnated paper having a protective coating.Due to the presence of the surface layer of a baguette retains its color when exposed to sunlight.Skirting boards made of this material do not require special care.In the sale of such products come in two colors: light gray and white.

To work needed:

  • MDF moldings;
  • primer;
  • paint;
  • rubber gloves;
  • paint brush;
  • rags;
  • plastic film;
  • capacity.

Stain baguette can be both pre-installation and post.If the paint is applied to the specified baseboard, the process has the following features:

  1. walls and floor pre-pasted with adhesive tape for painting work, or close the paper.
  2. initially be oshlifovat surface of the product, for that it is treated with sandpaper fine grain.
  3. Next on the plinth in two layers applied primer mixture.
  4. between coats to take a break, so that the primer has dried.
  5. recoating ensure smooth and perfectly smooth surface, which greatly simplify the application of the ink composition.

regular paint brush suitable for the job.When selecting the size of it should take into account the width of the plinth.Thin narrow baguette painted with a brush for a wide product need to pick up the brush larger.Painting MDF plinth made colorful compositions, water-based, because they do not have an unpleasant odor and dries quickly.

02 - Paint - accent - color- Abov - baseboard - 101992575

If you plan to paint the still unidentified prints, the work is done so:

  1. Before starting the Workflow surface of the floor was covered with a film.
  2. paint is applied a thin layer on the outside of the product.
  3. Stain baguette on the inner side is not necessary.
  4. After drying the first layer of the plinth is processed dye composition again.
  5. If ink gets on an unprotected surface, it should be removed with a damp cloth right away.To paint and fit cartridge.On the set plinth coloring formulation only applied with a brush.

Painting wooden baseboards made of several layers:

  1. Pre product is covered with a mixture of dirt.
  2. Brush should be placed parallel to the floor surface.
  3. If simultaneously executed painting of flooring and baseboards in the first place need to paint a baguette.
  4. coloring formulation is applied uniformly thin layer, after drying procedure is repeated.
  5. Do not apply a thick layer, as he subsequently deformed and bulges to.

Wooden plinth under the floor can be covered with paint stains - a special liquid, which will give the material the desired color and emphasize its aesthetic qualities.Stains are divided into:

  • alcohol;
  • oil;
  • aqueous liquids.

any kind of approach to the plinth.These materials are sold in powder form, before applying them to be diluted with water.From the amount of powder depends on the saturation of color.
Apply liquid can be by brush or spray.Stain is applied in two ways.During the excess liquid can be removed and can be partially or completely leave.Surplus funds are left in the event that the plinth should be given a darker shade.The liquid is applied along the fiber.Drying time depends on the type of stain.Oily liquid to dry during the day, means a solvent-based or water - within 2-3 hours.

Painting , skirting

Plinth Polyurethane: painting

Polyurethane - a lightweight, but strong enough material.Due to its environmental safety it can be used indoors for any purpose.The period of use of this material is 30 years.Plinth made based on it, have the following advantages:

  1. not change with time appearance.
  2. resistant to moisture, UV light and temperature changes.
  3. also on their surfaces were not formed cracks.
  4. Due to the high elasticity of these baguettes can make out the rounded surface.
  5. Another advantage is their wide variety of patterns and colors.

Polyurethane moldings are available for decorating the joints between the walls and the ceiling, between the floor and walls, as well as for the design of the ceiling surface.They are divided into two types:

  • patterned;
  • smooth.

products with a pattern very similar to the plaster moldings, so these baguettes are widely used in the creation of interiors in the style directions such as Empire, Rococo, Art Nouveau and Baroque.Baguettes are also divided into types on the corner, which is formed after installation.It can be equal to 30 °, 45 ° or 60 °.

Due to the stability of these products to the moisture they can be installed in areas with high humidity levels.Skirting in this case will help to solve the problem is not only decorative, but also to prevent the appearance of mold and mildew.Since polyurethane is immune to low temperatures, can be installed baseboards in unheated rooms.A material's ability to maintain its performance in high temperature conditions allows the use of plinths made based on it in kitchens.

for painting moldings of polyurethane used various kinds of colorful compositions.With Glaze (toners) product can be given a different processing compositions achieves the effect of gold, metal, stone, wood.Polyurethane material is also water-based or painted with acrylic paints.
In addition, the sale is a large variety of decorative colorful means of aerosol dispensers.In their application should comply with such rules:

  1. Skirting should initially treat the dispersion waterproof paint.
  2. To finish using a brush or a spray.
  3. To begin the staining follows the expiration of 24 hours after installation.
  4. Krasus should be applied in several layers, each of which should be well dry and only after that you can continue working.

paint - baseboard - 02


Paint baseboards allow make them more aesthetic appearance, to strengthen the structure and fit these products into the interior of the room.The coloring process is quite simple and requires no skilled training.But to get good results in the implementation of the work you need to follow a sequence of actions and rules for application of the ink composition.

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