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August 12, 2017 18:07

How do you know there is power in the socket ?

If you need to find out if an electric current flows into the power outlet, and what his power, the problem can be solved in two ways: with a special tester - the meter or the probe (screwdriver).Both measurement option would respond to your questions, but still a special tester display will show not only the presence / absence of voltage on the network, but also its value.Next, we'll Encyclopedia himself Electricians like to check the voltage at the wall outlet multimeter and a screwdriver indicator.

  • method №1 - Using a multimeter
  • Method №2 - Indicator to help
  • method №3 - Modern tracking

method №1 - Using a multimeter

If you want to check and at the same time to find out how much voltage at the moment occurs in the network, it is best to use a professional device.To learn how to use a multimeter, we were told.Even in the electrical kettle can quickly verify that the outlet tester.Immediately draw your attention to the fact that the type of device (electronic or analog or as it is called - arrow) does not affect the measurement technology.

All you need to - turn the unit on and set the switch on the AC voltage measurement.To household power necessary to put the rotary switch on the mark 750 volts.After that, the display will light up three zeros, and all that remains - to insert two probes into the holes as shown in the photo below.Checking the house electricity

Do not worry if the display you will not see the expected number - 220 volts.According to GOST voltage deviation in the outlet can reach 10%, so 215, 225 or even 198 volts it is normal for the house.

only, but very important thing that you should consider - before the measurements necessary to check the insulation probes.If it is damaged, do not use a multimeter, otherwise it is possible that you will hit current.Also be careful when selecting a tester mode.If you accidentally select the resistance measurement, the tester can be damaged!

Video instruction demonstrates how to measure AC voltage is 220 volts:

validation DMM
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Method №2 - Indicator to help

If your home is not a multimeter, which necessarilymust be part of a set of tools electrician, you can use the probe, which is also called a screwdriver indicator.In this case, check whether there is power in the socket without a tester, you will be able to, but know what its value is not work.Search phase screwdriver

learn how to use a screwdriver indicator we talked.To measure the voltage you need to touch your finger to the penny on the probe (as shown in the photo), and then turn the sting inserted in one and the other hole.If the lamp is lit up in the handle, then electricity is in the network, and you came across a phase.

Transparent Video instruction:

see if there is electricity in the room
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method №3 - Modern tracking

And the last, the most convenient and effective option to validate the AC mains voltage - the use of specialcontrol relay.This type of automation is a kind of surge protection device on the network.By installing it at home, you can not only measure the desired parameter, but also protect the individual from electrical surges.Surge protection in the home network

disadvantage of the latter method that is not appropriate for every rozetochki buy a separate relay.Therefore, this option is the protection and control we recommend to put on the most valuable appliances, such as electric stove or refrigerator.

Now you know how to check the AC mains voltage multimeter and a screwdriver indicator.If something was not clear, ask in the comments or review provided by video examples!