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August 12, 2017 18:05

Proper planting of fruit trees in the spring - all you need to know the Cottagers

Woody On the issue of when to start planting of seedlings in the ground, there are different opinions.Someone guided by personal experience or advice of older relatives, for someone is a good example - neighbors, receiving every year the excellent harvest.As for the experts, their numerous disputes do not cease, since each has its own point of view.

But if we summarize the various opinions, it turns out that for most of the territory of Russia in the spring - the best time for planting "young" almost all fruit trees.

fact that a feature of our climate is such that many of seedlings planted in the fall, do not manage well "take root."One of the reasons - so that the plant can independently extract the moisture from the soil with all the necessary for the full development of substances, it is necessary not less than 2 months.

Unfortunately, early frosts do not give it time.As a result - "freezing of" drying or "young".Therefore, the recommendation for the autumn planting of seedlings has many opponents.

consider in more detail the procedure for the work on the spring planting of seedlings of fruit trees at the cottage or in the garden of your home.

site plan

Some features of the landing should be considered in cases where the area has undeveloped.The principle of "where there's space" is not appropriate here.What to consider:

type seedlings. Each of the plants is characterized by a certain height, the features of the crown and root system.If you do not take into account the specific development, it is likely that the trees will eventually "interfere" with each other.For example, higher shade undersized intensive sprawling sideways are interwoven branches.

compatibility. Gardeners who do not have sufficient experience, this factor is not taken into account.And there are special tables with the recommendations, which plants can be planted side by side, and which is not necessary.In any country site (that is about them and referred to as professional tips are not necessary), except for fruit trees and has a bed with their spaces, and various shrubs (fruit, ornamental).


place in the garden. If the territory have any construction or it is obscured by anything (eg, other trees growing adjacent to), it is advisable to place the seedlings so that the greater part of the day they covered the direct rays.

Preparation "landing" pits

Since we are talking about spring planting tree seedlings, you need to prepare a place in advance, since the fall (although this is not required).Thus it is necessary to take into account soil characteristics.Depending on the level selected and the size of the wells.Recommendations found different.For example, if the soil is soft and fertile, the party conditional "cube" pits -. About 70 cm on loams and sands it increases to 1 m

necessary to understand the meaning of the landing itself..The black earth hole does not necessarily make a wide and deep.The roots of the plants ourselves, "find their way", and the soil is already a breeding ground.If the "lean" the soil, the pit would have to fill the earth rich, and therefore its size should be larger.

In the process of land "warehoused", for which the top layer of excavated soil (fertile) are placed separately from the "inside", as the latter would have to "feed" (to mix with compost, humus).

Separate conversation - about the areas where underground water layers come close to the surface (see how to determine the level of groundwater).They bury the plant should not be, otherwise there is a risk of rotting the roots.In such cases, the compost is used, a mixture of land with peat or humus that sprinkled a handful.

bottom hole "softened."To do this, it digs a shovel at least half of the bayonet.

And the main thing!it is not recommended to plant at once.Hole should "settle" erode within 10 - 12 days at least.

Apple tree

Preparation pegs

They definitely need to garter young.The wood is dried and processed;at least that part of it which is immersed into the ground.To such a backup is not rotted away prematurely, it can be dipped in liquid tar, burn, prosmolit - protection options from liquid enough.

Preparing seedlings

Each of the tree you need to carefully inspect, especially roots.The dry processes immediately removed, and then the root system on the day immersed in the warm water.

Installation seedlings

sashenek first on the bottom of the well established backup, and then filled with water.After its absorption into the soil is filled with a mixture of ground with humus or something else (this has already been said) with the expectation to form a mound.Seedling (with spread roots) is placed on the hill, its base and sprinkled slightly trampled, and then poured water.This work is carried out in several stages: the layer of the earth - a light seal - watering.

We must bear in mind that the root collar should be after a "drawdown" of soil to be flush with the surface.Therefore, when installing the plant in the hole it is lifted off the ground by about 50 mm.

After landing pit was surrounded on the perimeter of the earth shaft so as to form a kind of bowl bumpers.In this case, during subsequent irrigation water will not spread over the territory.


roots of young plants are very delicate, so they should be protected even after they sprinkled the ground.With this purpose, around the trees is filled protective layer.His task - to prevent the overheating of the soil at this location.Use may be all that is at hand - shredded bark or wood (sawdust, chips), dry pine needles, humus from the compost pit.

Further care

a day or two under the tree you need to pour a mixture of humus with the ground and shorten backup, if it is too long.In conclusion - tie her trunk.

But exactly how to care for the "youngsters" in the process of growth - a topic for another conversation.For example, how to protect young leaves from burns, the intensity with which produce feeding and watering and so on.

So summarize all important points that must be considered when planting:


Anyone, even a specialist in the field of plant growing, heard about the so-called "lunar cycles."In the sale of special calendars coming year, focused primarily on the people who are engaged in varying degrees, plant care, whether it be a bed at the site or home flowers on the windowsill.

trees They have all the necessary information (lunar days, phase, signs of the zodiac, which is currently "Goddess of Heaven") and recommendations for planting various kinds of plants, depending on these factors.Such information can be found in almost any "tear-off" calendar.

work with seedlings in any spare time is not necessary.The right choice of planting time will determine how to "settle down" and will develop a sapling and then a harvest can be expected.To neglect these rules should not, especially because it is the laws of nature, and they are repeatedly tested in practice.For example, trees is best planted in the ground before the full moon .Anyone who really wants to work has the desired effect, you need to be guided by the data of the lunar calendar.

But that's not all.For example, suitable for planting seedlings are a few days a month.Which to choose?We should ask and weather forecasts, or just look out the window (if the event is planned for today).The most best weather - windless , moreover, when the sky is "covered" by clouds.Seedlings (especially the root system) can be easily exposed to external influences (scorching rays, wind), and this must be taken into account.

There is another rule.It should be "podgadat" so that the shoots have not yet started to grow, and the ground has thawed.At this time, the coincidence of all the above conditions, you can start planting.

Features seedlings

Any plant, regardless of the type and variety, develops unevenly.Even the smallest twigs, which "looked" to the south, will look stronger, therefore, the future krone will vary asymmetry.To avoid this, have to do with the "young" landing so that those that are stronger, have focused on the northern side of the site, and "stubby" - south.

seedlings acquisition

was to guarantee that the tree will grow well and bear fruit, we must pay attention to the following points:

  • «young" should be adapted to local conditions, so buy imported trees is not necessary;
  • best age for the seedlings is considered a period of 2 years;
  • should examine carefully the trunk.It should be no mechanical damage, burns, signs of the disease;
  • from the root system - 4 - 5 branches, not less.Their optimal length - about 25 cm if they look dried out and break easily, then the purchase should be abandoned..