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August 12, 2017 18:06

Choose the best foundation for the house of aerated concrete

Choose the best foundation for the house of aerated concrete

Many people, faced for the first time with the construction, are scratching their heads over what is best for the foundation of houses of aerated concrete.

In this case, the views diverge quite considerably.

Some believe that due to the fact that the aerated concrete house has a small weight, the massive base it is not necessary (for both single-storey and two-floor building).

Other pay attention to the relative fragility of concrete blocks, and insist that the foundation must be very strong to single-storey house (and even more so, a two-story) might have as a long service life and can be installed in areas with high seismic activity.

In fact, both are right.Designing the foundation must include calculation of the weight and fragility of the materials, as well as take into account the ground conditions of the intended construction site.

Basically consideration of such issues and calculations handled by experts, but if you try, all the work can be done by (but without the use of construction equipment during installation, in some cases still do not).

Let us see what is the reason tab, and a foundation for the house of aerated concrete is better to choose.


  • foundation Choice
  • Types foundation
  • modular and monolithic design
  • The base of the plates
  • pile foundations
  • Foundation TISE
  • Conclusion

foundation Choice

Since the establishment of the foundation beginsthe construction of any building, no matter be it a house, room, or just a barn.

Base when it should be done as much as possible of capital, because if the roof, walls and windows of construction will be dismantled and replaced, with the foundation to solve this problem is much more complicated.


That is why, when selecting materials for the base of the house can never save.

Better building will have a smaller space, but will at the same time to stand on a solid foundation, than to have a large area, but located on a walking basis.

Selecting the foundation for the house of aerated concrete should not be hasty and based on someone's incompetent recommendations.

should also be properly calculated, and their physical capabilities, not every kind of foundation can afford ordinary layman.

This base size must fit precisely to the size of the projected house, size mismatch may also have a negative impact on construction.

before installing again perform control calculation.It is foolish to be in a place where you can easily spend a columnar base, set on the solid foundation of 3 meters in depth.

Or conduct the construction, disregarding seasonal changes in the level of groundwater, which can lead to the ingress of water on the ground floor or in the basement.

If the base and all installed properly, then you can not close the door, break the glass in the windows, plaster falling off the walls and ceiling (and this is the best of those smaller problems that may arise in the future).

order not to make similar mistakes and make the right calculation, consider the different options for the bases to make it easier to understand which one is better to choose.

Types foundation

most often at home, constructed of concrete blocks, set:

  • belt;
  • slab;
  • pile foundation.

Each requires specific installation rules and different levels of work.
Band foundation for the house of aerated concrete takes the palm of popularity.

It is a solid reinforced concrete strip that is laid under the load-bearing walls of the building.

tape Dimensions (its width and depth) is determined individually for each building, taking into account the soil conditions of built area.


If the house is being built provides for the existence of a ground floor, the melkozaglublenny strip foundation is the best suited for this purpose.

tape base while is of two types: modular and monolithic.

modular and monolithic design

Precast continuous footing has certain features:

  1. retained to design earthquake resistant, the top row of blocks must be strengthened monolithic belt;
  2. If you are installing a monolithic belt impossible, it is necessary to carry out reinforcement dressing blocks.

Monolithic does not strip foundations such problems, so it is more often used for aerated concrete.It has a uniform stiffness, which is extremely important when settling foundations.

only laying monolithic strip foundations, it is necessary to remember some calculation: top edge tape width should be no longer blocks themselves, by more than ΒΌ (in other words, set of aerated concrete blocks should not greatly protrude above the base of the house).

The base plates of

thickness monolithic slab foundation, usually starts from 20 cm (this melkozaglublenny foundation), but even in such a relatively small thickness, it has the highest load-bearing capacity.

Basically such a framework is established in areas with high seismic activity, as the project of construction increases the resistance during the tremors of the earth.

The foundation of aerated concrete

If everything works properly hold, then patchy soil sediment under the base, you are not threatened.
plates involves a waterproofing to protect the basement from the ground water.

All specifications of the aerated concrete foundations of the house at the same time very positive, but there is one thing that makes it difficult to device - is the price.

Calculating the cost of such a construction is not the budget.

As an alternative and cost savings, the base plate is used as a ground floor construction floor (if available).

Alternatively, you can use instead of the plates with PBS units.These blocks are made of a special building material for the construction of precast foundation.

material has low cost and durability.A large amount of PBS units, allows you to set the base in record time.

pile foundations

pile foundation project involves the installation of the individual piles, which will cover the top reinforced concrete monolithic slab or a special bar (rostverkovy method).

Rostverkovy foundation embodiment, in this case, it is considered more advantageous.

pile foundation is popular because it does not need to dig a pit for him, reducing the size of the funds spent on the excavation.

For the production of piles of such bases are used:

  • tree (the most economical option, but also the most fragile, so the foundation will last a maximum of 10 years);
  • concrete;
  • concrete (able to withstand the maximum load, but as we take into account the house of aerated concrete, which has a low weight, no need to install it);
  • steel;
  • composite materials.

Pile foundation while on the ground can be used with a high level of groundwater, and even quicksand.Such foundations are even used to create buildings in St. Petersburg and Venice.

The video below is a detailed scheme of work on the device pile foundations for the house of aerated concrete.


Foundation TISE

relatively new kind of columnar or columnar-strip foundation, in which using a special drill hole formed for the pillars, with a bottom extension.

The pillars act as reinforced concrete piles associated with using a concrete raft foundation.

so-called TISE technology reduces the amount of work, the number of building materials and save on the use of labor.

This made TISE method is extremely popular in recent times.

hemispherical expansion in the lower parts of the piles give them a special shape that allows you to achieve a high level of reliability and durability of products.

piles make it possible to carry out the installation of the house on the heaving soils and are perfect for the house of aerated concrete, so the foundation TISE also be considered as an option for this construction.


Conclusion We have examined different types of foundations.Choosing a foundation under the house of aerated concrete, do not forget to pay attention to the lifetime of the materials used.

belt, slab or pile foundation will stand you have more than a century, if you correctly complete all the work on his device.

pier foundation is usually given about 50 years of operation.

So make your choice based on all the information provided above and remember - Measure seven times, cut once, saying that just by the way is suitable for the installation of the foundation.