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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plastering the walls with his own hands with the video.Installing beacons , application technology


  • 1 Interior plaster walls with their hands
  • 2 Installing beacons on the wall for plaster
  • 3 How to apply the plaster on the walls, the technology application
  • 4 Plastering of walls itshand video

Plastering the walls with his own hands Like all classics, good work plasterer is based on "three pillars" - high-quality surface, the composition of the plasters and the availability of accurate lighthouses.

first vote plaster surface.She should be the strength needed to hold the applied plaster.The surface should not flake and crumble.Plaster again on the old plaster is not recommended because in the old plaster can hide defects that show up only after a new plaster dries.As a result, you will have to remove everything and start over.Site Repair apartments with their own hands will reveal the secrets of plaster walls, and then you can do it yourself at home.Video example at the end of the article.

Interior plaster walls with their hands

If the base surface is plain brickwork, it is permissible to use a mixture of plaster on cement.This is the best option.It turns out cheap and allowed superimposition of thicker layers (for brick walls often necessary).However, if applied over a layer of 20 mm, the plaster must be reinforced plaster grid.When done interior plaster walls - brick wall primer is not necessary if the wall is no oil stains and dust.So plastered conventional building bricks.If

be plastered facing bricks, the matter is more complicated.Here it is necessary to use special primers and reinforcement.The technology is quite complicated and it is better to invite to this proven professionals.Due to the smoothness of the surface facing bricks and a small porosity plaster adheres poorly to the surface.As a result, the composition of plaster peeled pieces (sometimes together with a grid) that fall.Even if the reinforcement is made with high quality and plaster does not fall in the near future on the surface of the plaster will crack.

for plastering smooth concrete walls need plastering composition of gypsum-based.In this case, the base surface of the primer required.Best gypsum plaster compositions are those which contain silica particles (sand) that impart a smooth surface of small roughness, which will provide sufficient adhesion to the plaster surface.Gypsum plaster reinforced polymer mesh with 5x5 mm cell.

When plastering rough concrete are used as cement and gypsum compositions.Grungy concrete must also be primed, but can be used without primer quartz particles.Suitable primers offer "miners" and "GLIMS".

for plastering aerated concrete surfaces better to use plaster formulations, but allowed and cement.But the primer is absolutely necessary, and not simple, but so-called "deep penetration".

pazogrebnevyh gypsum blocks, of which partitions are made, it is best plastered plaster compositions with conventional pre-treatment primer.

After evaluating and preparing the base surface and the choice of composition of plaster should be set beacons.

Installing beacons on the wall for plaster

Installation of beacons on the wall photos Lighthouses in construction - guides that help align the surface with a liquid composition.For plaster beacons used in the form of perforated profiles tee rental.The width of the profile depends on the thickness of the applied plaster.Special beacons are good because they do not have to be removed after plastering - they remain in the thick plaster.So then it is not necessary to close up after removal of deepening lighthouses.

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Setting and installation of beacons on the wall for plaster, needs special care.First, check all the room to find out the deviation of its geometry from the correct form.This is done using gon, plumb, level rack, long rule (of not less than two meters), and roulette.

gon check the correctness of the angles between the walls.Vertical wall is checked plummet.The evenness of the surface is tested rule.Rack and pinion level check biases horizontal surfaces and is used as an auxiliary tool for checking slopes walls.Roulette is necessary to accurately measure the deviations of certain other instruments.Also, a tape measure diagonally premises can - if no diagonal equal to each other, the room is not rectangular, and the corners therein are not straight.Upon completion of all measurements is decided on exhibiting lighthouses.This may be a change in shape of the room to give the correct geometric alignment of the irregularities, or a simple wall - it all depends on the objectives pursued by plastering.

Before installing beacons wall fully primed.Expose beacons on rapid-solution or the one which will be plastered.On the wall is applied to the vertical strip solution, into which the beacons.Before hardening solution beacons need to have time to even out the levels and heights.The distance between the beacons is set such that the used rule rested at their ends to two adjacent lighthouse and had little opportunity to move through them without slipping from them.Check the number of bags of plaster and consumption will help the construction materials online calculator.

How to apply the plaster on the walls, the technology application

How to apply the plaster on the wall photos plastering technology is fairly simple.Between adjacent beacons on the wall with a trowel pounces excess amount of the solution (this is called a "gallop").After gallop rule, relying on neighboring beacons solution leveled upwards.

professional plasterer to use tentorium "falcon".This flat area at the bottom of the handle.On the ground plaster is applied in an amount significantly greater than when using a trowel.Holding a falcon in one hand, a plasterer trowel in the other hand throws a solution with a falcon on the wall.This technique provides higher productivity.Technology applying the plaster wall does not radically, as the solution can throw your convenience.Here are quick ways to plaster the walls of the hopper bucket.

to make a thick layer of plaster, first make a rough gallop without leveling on beacons.Once this layer is dry and lose mobility, you can do the finishing identify and align on the described method.

Damage and stretched on beacons solution is dried and make it a grout that is plastered surface is polished to remove minor defects.In this process of plastering the walls with plaster mixtures ends.Now we offer watch the video lessons that we have picked up on this issue.Check the amount of solution for the purchase will help our online calculator.

plaster walls with their hands video

Applying plaster on the basis on beacons