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August 12, 2017 18:05

Brick house with his own hands

brick buildings have high strength, enough to keep warm, and also an attractive appearance.And in order to become the owner of the building, not necessarily appeal to a specialized company.Construct brick house with their own hands will not be difficult if you use the following recommendations and advice.


  1. Choose foundation type
  2. Bricklaying
  3. Mounting the roof of a brick house
  4. Video Construction of a brick house with his own hands

Select the type of foundation

basis of any building needsbe heavy-duty.Given the considerable weight of a brick building, the most profitable and practical option is the construction of strip foundation.

This type is located under the load-bearing walls of the future structure and provides high-quality support.

Before the production of the cap should be to draft a brick house with a view of the number of rooms, passages, load-bearing walls.

created by scaling the drawing to be transferred to the construction site, where there will be a brick house.Using pegs and rope, made the appropriate markings.It is focusing on the need to hold her trenching.

If a house made of bricks will have one or two floors, trench depth can be about 1-1.5 meters.For the three-storey building with underground foundations need a depth of 1.5 to 2 meters.

Once the trench is ready, you can begin to install the wooden formwork.It should protrude above the ground level of no more than 20-30 cm. At the bottom of the trench to increase the strength of the foundations poured gravel, level of about 5 cm.

This is followed by introduction of the valve, which will be the connecting link for the foundation.Detailed video construction of a brick house with his own hands, will help in practice to see how is the preparation and direct pouring of the foundation.

Once the fittings will be installed, made harvesting and prime the solution around the perimeter.It is necessary in advance to get a concrete mixer, the process went quickly and efficiently.

Vystoyka bases is carried out within 1 month.Therefore, the next operation will be restored after about 30 days.


on the foundation after the pour is made installation of roofing material.

Next, you laying bricks.To begin with it is angle, with each space between adjacent elements is not allowed.High-quality construction brick house with his own hands is to use a sufficient amount of the solution and good tapping to add bricks to avoid zavozdushennostey.

Subsequent rows are laid out in a similar manner, with the exception only leave the window openings, which will then be inserted into the frame.They leave space.Once the height of the window ousted, it is necessary to lay bricks on top of the reinforced concrete pillar, which will limit the left hole.

The attached photo of a brick house built with his own hands, will make sure that this is the correct execution of warrants and subsequent problems with the installation of plastic windows.

Installation brick house roof

Since this self-construction brick house suggests a lack of specialized equipment, the roof and the installation process is quite simple.

to the prepared wall attachment made of veneer sheets or boards as it will be convenient to the owner.Then, the installation of the beams.The desired thickness - 5 cm Positioning should be not less than 1 meter from each other..For more reliable roofing recommended installation at a distance of 70-80 cm.

Wooden poles are mounted in the center of the structure to the supporting wall for the subsequent mounting ridge battens.It is important that the roof of a brick house had sufficient slant to drain precipitation.But it is worth to take into account the distance of the lower ends of the walls to prevent moisture from getting straight to the building itself.

Once the "skeleton" of the roof will be ready, you are ready for immediate installation of roofing materials.The most economical option would be a simple slate.Mounted directly to the ridge, he rails.But we would recommend a more robust and modern version - metal roofing.See detailed article about the device gable roof.

detailed photo report on the construction of houses made of bricks with their hands in this article will allow to understand the nuances and see for yourself how easy it is to build such a structure.The only thing that is required from the artist - it is pre-purchase all the necessary materials, as well as the purchase or lease of the necessary tools.

Video Construction of a brick house with his own hands