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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a wooden staircase to the second floor with their hands - instructions with drawings

storey building in the private sector are being built only for economic activity, and are used as auxiliary buildings.A full house at least - in the 2nd floor.Therefore, without such a functional element such as a staircase to the second floor, can not do.

problem moving from one level to another can be solved simple - buy a ready-made kit and install it yourself.

Its price starts at around 33 000 rubles (pine, 14 steps, a staircase with two swing-span).Installation with their own hands to make a snap.There is another problem - how it will fit into the interior, do not have to deal with whether the fit of individual elements or partial reconstruction of the 1st floor?

Many companies provide services for the production of sets of drawings of a customer, but as practice shows, such ladders cost 1.5 times more expensive.That is why often the most viable option - make a wooden ladder with your hands, with "zero".

How to do it, what to look for - the subject of this paper.

Terminology Before moving on to consider the design features should "decode" some specific definitions.The main elements are shown in the diagrams.

  • stairs.Its horizontal part is called the gait, the vertical (it may not be) - riser.
  • Supporting beams.If steps are adjacent to the end portions of it, it is - the string.If they are "superimposed" on the beam and the edge in favor of it, it is called stringers.
  • railing supports.They are often referred to as balusters or columns.the term rack is used for screw design.
  • fasteners.In some species, fixing stairs steps directly on the adjoining wall by special bolts - rails.

L - 5_

Types of stairs designs

most simple to manufacture self - march.For private homes, they are installed one or two transiting.Spiral staircases for self-assembly much more difficult (this is described here).In addition, production and necessary calculations for them has its own specificity.

Features of calculating the parameters of stairs

Then the general recommendations for which it is desirable to focus only in the design of the interior stairs.Since all home (or premises) different architecture, dimensions, layout, then no single pattern can not be in principle.

l - H-


optimal slope flown - in the range from 35 to 450. According to a steep stairs to climb much more difficult (especially for people with disabilities, old age or young children).Yes, and carry large, heavy items from one floor to also complicated.

design flatter inconvenient fact that its installation will need more space because the increased length of each span.And what specifically choose an angle - at the discretion of the owner.


Hardly anyone in a private house will move from floor to floor in the "group of friends", so when preparing the plan should be guided by the size of one person.Ladder width of the order of 1.2 - 1.5 m in a private home - a perfectly acceptable option.And walk on it, and even carry furniture items will be convenient enough.

steps Parameters

  • tread.It must fit the human foot (based on 45-th size), so the optimal width of the stairs - within 250 - 300 mm.
  • riser.In order to conveniently move people of any age and growth, its height is taken within 150 - 200 mm.It is sufficient, regardless of structure.

Note!All dimensions are exactly the same for each step of a staircase.Otherwise the convenience of travel, however.

ladder height

defined as the distance from the floor to the ceiling of the ground floor slab + thickness.For example, 270 + 40 - 310 (cm).

number of steps

height of the structure (310) is divided by the value of the term of the riser and the tread thickness of the board, and then rounded to an integer value (up).For example, if "sorokovke" is 20 + 4 = 24 cm

Total - 310:. 24 = 13 (degrees).

Recommendation - stair steps with the number more than 18 and a slope within 450 should establish special courts.Depending on the destination, they are called differently - Rotary, inspection, intermediate.Consequently, the ladder itself will already consist of separate marches (spans).They may be of the same type, or made under various schemes, as the area is not necessarily located right on the center of the design.

ladder length

It is easy to determine, knowing the number of steps and the amount of each tread.These values ​​are multiplied.If steps have projections, they are not counted.

Sometimes calculations show that this "does not fit" design in a particular area.In such cases, the amount of increase or flights, or so-called modular stairs equip (rotary) stages.

winders - top view

height relative to the floor spans

should be guided by the height + a small margin.The optimal design, in which the distance between the end rungs and a ceiling at least 2 m. The other end of the tall person in flight have to bend down the head.


In most cases, such selected types of wood, such as pine.It is inexpensive, but it is not characterized by longevity.Larch - largely preferred.The presence in its structure makes the special resin material even stronger if absorbed moisture.And this is for the home ladder, given the specificity of its operation - is important.All other options, such as oak, pine, maple and many others can not be named budget.

Before you start working with the wood, it is necessary to qualitatively dry.Further shrinkage of the material (including, and twisting) will cause the ladder literally fall apart.

Operation Installation stairs

consider on a very simple example - odnomarshevoy stairs.This option can be considered as basic as an algorithm of actions is the same, regardless of the number of spans.

Preparation structural elements

  • stringers.The main requirement - they should be completely identical.Board - only one piece, with no defects, no less "sorokovke".Accordingly, pre-made drunk under the stage.
  • steps.The edges are rounded necessarily as sharp edges increase the risk of injury.Board selected completely flat, carefully processed (ground).The length of the calculation to be performed for the stringers edge by not more than 2 - 4 cm Thickness -. In the range 300 - 400 mm.
  • riser.They do not exhibit a significant load, as it is mainly in the support beams.In order not to increase the overall weight of the flight, for which the board is enough for 15.

Council - risers is better not to install a private home, as on the stairs of the (closed) type of cleaning is much more difficult to produce.

L - 10_

  • handrails, balusters.Independently make it so that the ladder was not only a means of transportation, but also the decoration of the house, is unlikely to succeed.Therefore, these structural elements is or to buy at the store, or order in the workshop.

ladder assembly

Partitioning wall

In accordance with the scheme of installation and drawing.

Mounting support beams (stringers)

L - 12_ Fixing the top of the march is made differently (how convenient).Option β„–1 - in the joists are made drunk.Variant β„–2 - used metal supports, which are fixed on the beam anchors.In any case, the structural elements place the compound should be as reliable.

support beam mounted to mount stringers bottom floor.For wall - fixing on the anchor bolts.

Installation risers

If they are installed, then bolted to the stringers.

Laying entered

They are recorded as supporting beams, and the riser (at least at one point, in the middle).

For ease of installation steps starting from the bottom.Embodiments are shown in the diagram.

Install balusters

primarily fixed extremes - the top and bottom of the march.Between them stretched "string", focusing on that, you can mount the remaining racks.

Installing handrails

They are fixed on each of the pillars, which are located on the march.They can be made from almost any material - metal, plastic, and not just wood.


  • L - 15_ sanding all structural elements.Particular attention - zippers, ends, and so on.
  • special impregnation / funds (+ antiseptic flame retardant).
  • After drying quality of timber is put on it the selected structure - varnish or wax-based solution.Stain ladder in a private home is hardly advisable.If desired, made of wood toning, such as stain.

The article describes only the general procedure and gives basic recommendations.Having defined the concrete stairs construction, should explore all available access material on this subject, since different models have their own nuances and installation, and the calculations of individual components.For example, a rotary stage, which may be either rectangular or segment.

You can watch the video instructions for the manufacture of wooden stairs:

But the general rules of work is described in detail, the author hopes that this article will help the reader in an independent construct.Good luck!