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August 12, 2017 18:07

Rafters pent roof - all genius is simple

Features pent roof trusses

Rafters - a skeleton and the base of the roof.They are required to distribute the weight of the roof on domestic supports and walls of the building.Above the rafters spread crate.Their design depends on how you located the internal support and attic floor, and also affects the shape of the roof and the value of the span.

Rafters can be of various shapes - slope, sliding or hanging.For example, the sliding roof rafters pent used to compensate for the shrinkage of a log house.Pent roof is considered to be simple in form and structure type.Walls can be of different heights, and the inclined portion of pent roof rests on the walls.

Undoubtedly, the advantage of pent roof lies in the simplicity of its construction, as spent less energy and material.Usually this type of roof is used in non-residential buildings.For the installation of the roof with a slope does not require special skills or knowledge, in addition, this type of roof allows maximum use of space in the attic.

If pent roof will crown the residential building, which also happen to be sure to be there is good ventilation.Typically, the holes are drilled for ventilation, so the roof will be well ventilated, regardless of weather or wind direction.

But there is a downside to the design pent roof - frequent cleaning of snow, but in spite of this, this type of roofing is often used, for example, in the construction of villas.

Installation and calculation of roof trusses pent

Calculation pent roof trusses made of two limiting conditions.First - a condition for the bending strength, and secondly - a permissible deflection.It is necessary to determine the cross-section and the number of rafters.If at least one of the two parameters is not correct, it increases the cross section or the number of rafters.

Mount rafters pent roof is as follows: take a timber with a predetermined section on the calculation, it is better to establish "an edge" to enhance the resistance to bending as possible.

There are several different approaches for fixing rafters .In the case where the rafters do not lean against the side of, and are at the end of the wall, mount the rafters pent roof going directly to the walls with screws with plugs or anchor bolts, you must make a hole at least twice the wall.It is desirable, that was in the presence of the binder concrete belt for best fixing.

If fixing rafters made to preset the beam, it will take less energy than the previous version, because the holes in the wall will be significantly less.Fixed beams, and then thereto are mounted on the screws rafters, often they do in this case in the form of slit beams, so that their "dressing" to it - for greater strength.

strengthening plates When first installed beams and rafters are placed on top and fixed square and screws on the sides.It remains of the roof deck on top of crates.

Features metal trusses

Shed roof made of metal ( with steel rafters ) suggest a slightly different installation process.Profile similarly set to maximize the flexural strength, which is larger side edge perpendicular to the plane of the roof.You can fix it with just a few approaches to this technology.

first way - all the rafters are attached to the wall on their own mounting by drilling holes in the profile.Next is a hole in the end of the wall plug to be inserted, and then screws and anchor bolt tightened to the end of the rafters.Very well, if available concrete binding strip.

Another type of attachment - it welding .For devices and construction of reinforced concrete strapping belts should take care of the arrangement of inserts that are plates with anchors, which were instituted in the belt body, rafters step determines step mortgages.Then the profile is welded to the mortgage, and should not forget the minimum value of the weld, which is determined depending on the size and profile of requirements for the weld strength.