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August 12, 2017 18:06

Aligns the base floor screed on beacons

Aligns the base floor screed on beacons

floor screed on beacons is necessary in order to align the base, both during construction and during repair.

Equally, this technology is suitable for homes and apartments.

Today, virtually all floor coverings require to be installed perfectly flat surfaces, which at one time and with your own hands is not easy to do.

device using beacons easily solves these problems.

main thing is to know the sequence of actions and take responsibility for each stage of work.

Do not think that only have meaning smooth wall for design and visual impression of the appearance of the room - the floor is playing a lesser role.

Not only is improperly made based on any kind of parquet or other coverings very quickly begin to rise or sink, so also the aesthetic integrity of the room will be broken.

Therefore, when planning the repair, should pay attention to the installation of beacons, as they will help to make the floor flat and smooth as possible.


  • important preparatory stage of work
  • correct markup - the key to successful placement
  • How to install?
  • Pouring floor: sequence and nuances

important preparatory stage of work

Before provisioning and invoicing lighthouses, any gender requires training.

Preparatory work affect the quality of future floor covering.Screed, which will last for many years, is only possible if a solid foundation.

If there is old paint, then install the new materials can not be on top of it.It must be removed from the floor using a punch.

If the installation is carried out for the first time on a concrete floor, you first need to cover all the cracks with cement, chipped, deepening.


After coating must not only be smooth - it should be warm, not to pass drafts.

Suitable for such purposes and tiled solution, which is attached to the panel or tile.Any adhesive is able to provide adequate waterproofing.

Depending on how the floor screed is connected to the base, these types of coatings are distinguished:

  • associated covering, which is firmly and inseparably connected with the floor;
  • if the room has high requirements for insulation between the ground and the screed floor make another intermediate layer;
  • Ā«floating" design thickness of at least several centimeters and reinforcing mesh.

last type is used when talking about the most durable flooring that is used at elevated waterproofing.

correct markings - a pledge

successful stacking To properly conduct the nomination of lighthouses and other stages of the work, it is necessary to make the floor markings.First you need to hold the horizontal.

For this purpose, you need to use the leveling or water level.Accuracy of both units is about the same, just the first is easier to work.

On the walls of the room at the same height you need to reach the same mark.smooth contour shall be held between them.

You can use a pencil, and ink can be stretched thread, which can be easily moved over the surface until the desired result.

The problem here is as follows: determine the highest and lowest point on this floor.To do this, with the help of the roulette dots and lines we measure the distance to the surface.

methodically actions can be measured all over the floor and determine at what height do screed.For convenience, you can mark this height directly on the walls, so as not to get confused.

You can watch the video, which shows how to do layout in a typical room.


Continue straight on the floor need to draw a line that will indicate the beacons under the screed.It is important to observe the many nuances.For example, leveling screed made of metal rule.

It is best not to take long articles that are not more than a meter.Many people wonder what should be the approximate distance from the lighthouse to the walls?There is no single answer, it depends on the area.

But the best option is to select about 10 centimeters.It is also worth remembering that the screed do in the direction from the far corners of the room to the door.

themselves beacons selected about 10-mm, metal, with the expectation that they should be put to the reserve.

How to install?

Before you start work, you must first set the beacon on the floor to try on.They put on the planned lines, mark the places on the floor joints.

openings under them are doing puncher and dowels are inserted, in which then will be installed screws.These we spins so that the cap are in one line.

best to cap were adjusted on a line which is drawn on the wall as a blank for future ties.Next

between screws have to lay out cakes of tile adhesive or other fixing material in the range of about 15 centimeters.

Lighthouse should be put on the glue, and pressed by a rule that is based on the cap screws.Also, the entire surface of the lighthouse should be in contact with him.

In the photo you can see how the beacons must be properly installed.

Installed beacons

Consider options for what to do if you need a more complicated construction.When is connected screed can not do even without a primer.

Then you can use any formulations, must proceed from the personal preferences and the type of waterproofing.

Often when performed installation of beacons for floor screed, choose the traditional option for many homes - a cement-sand mortar.

Today, the market also sells dry composition for floor screed, which should be diluted with water in the correct ratio.

The dry material contains special components for improving the coating properties, moreover, this solution is easy to prepare their own hands.

If the solution is to prepare yourself, you should pay special attention to the sand.It is necessary to choose the washed sand, without impurities of clay and other substances.

sand mixed with cement in a ratio of 1 to 3. Also, even in the dry composition, at least in the cement mixture, it is necessary to add plasticizers, which improve the quality of the coating.

also with them will be easy to pull out the beacons of the curable coating.Softeners help reduce the proportion of water in the composition, thus reducing the waiting time of drying.

section you will find a video of the whole process is demonstrated in detail.


Also, if you want to do in the future, warm floor, there can not do without fiberglass.It can be as polypropylene, and basalt.

Since this coating is due to the installation of heated elements, and therefore, with high temperatures, this fiber will help to cope with thermal loads, and protect against cracking of the surface of the floor screed.

Pouring floor: sequence and nuances

view the floor pouring sequence can be, watching the video.It is understood that the important role played by the quality of the prepared solution.

choosing a dry composition, you need to pay special attention to mixing, to end up with no more lumps in the mixture.

to prepare a solution at home with their own hands, use the mixer.


course, you can mix and shovel in the trough, but there is no guarantee that this will turn the floor screed quality.It is therefore necessary to use a special device.

To flatten feed solution, you will need a rule, spatula, grater.The main thing is to achieve a flat surface.

If the structure is connected, it is possible to apply a layer to be applied with a notched trowel.If fibrovolokno be added, it is mixed even in the dry mix composition.

For every 50 kg of cement or mortar is about 15 liters of water.

sex Pouring starts with the furthest corners, such a plan is much easier to implement your own hands, you put special bridges to move around the room.

Perfect screed

first make one strip between the lines of the lighthouse, then a second.The level of the solution can be poured over hats lighthouses, the main thing - to achieve uniformity.

sex Pouring aligned and checked by the rule.The rule should be perpendicular to the beacons.Excess can be removed with the help of cutting.

shortages add blades and leveled.Then the floor is left for about a day.Inevitably small bumps and depressions - they are easy to correct primer.

Also, be sure to wipe the entire surface of the screed.The section has a photo of the finished work.