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August 12, 2017 18:06

Assembling machine for armatures with their hands

Assembling machine for armatures with their hands

machine for armatures - a necessary device used during construction, as well as industrial activities.

With its help in the future to produce real and reinforced concrete and metal structures.

There are times when you can do on their own, but most of the thickness of the product is so great that to achieve bending is only possible with the help of special tools.

Modified bending machine for rebar allows not only to attach sheets, and other materials necessary form, but also to cut them.

Also, many devices allow wire, pipe, or other raw materials to produce the ring, fixing collars and parts, hinges, which are used in the assembly and construction.

Despite the complexity of the design, the machine can design and build their own hands.To do this you will need a prepared drawing tools and the knowledge of the principles of operation of the device.


  • How does the machine for reinforcement?
  • How to make a home machine?
  • How to add items to cut?

How does the machine for reinforcement?

domestic purposes homemade manual bending machine for rebar is used primarily in the construction of the foundation.

Without reinforcing parts to make a reliable basis is almost impossible, so the question arises - how to make a frame as to bend the existing fittings?

course, on the market today, you can find a huge variety of professional equipment, but its price is very high.


Such devices are purchased for industrial purposes, arrangement of workshops, construction companies.For their personal goals fit design, collected his own hands.

If we talk about the technological standards, the machine for armatures must have three shafts.

One is persistent (holding rods at a certain angle and records them), the second is used to fold the material around the main shaft - the third.He also called central.

Depending on the type of construction is isolated manual bending machine and a mechanical reinforcement.

Last widely used in everyday life, because it is compact and relatively low cost, and work, in view of simplicity, it can be each.

There is also a hydraulic or pneumatic device.Thus, the hydraulic bending machine can bend the reinforcement material at an angle up to 180 degrees, ensuring no scrap.

When designing your own hands not only need to stick to your project, but also pay special attention to the quality of mounts (because the load on the parts is very high), and take care of the protection of the organization.

Vyskolznuvshy rod can cause serious injury.


So often simple bending machines for fittings can be found Plexiglas protection, which can be done easily and independently.

Also, if you have experience in the assembly of machines, it is possible to provide a structure for controlling gear shifting operation.

Some models are supplied with a foot panel, which allows you to change the direction of flow of the valve without any problems.

How to make a home machine?

In order to cope with their own hands with a manual bending machine for reinforcement, it is necessary to begin to prepare a variety of tools.

If you are fond of assembly and construction, then find these details and the necessary equipment is not difficult.

The first thing to electric welding.For a device that is able to cope even with the sheets, you will need a sturdy base, punch, clamps and clamp.

Operating principle

1 - brake disc mounted on a vertical shaft;2 - finger;3 - hole for the thumb;4 - stops;5 - rebar;6 - axial stop

punch can still be assembled from metal parts.Suit for assembling segments and channel bars.
The base is cut thanks to the latter.

Then fit the fifth or sixth number sill model.But the length should be selected small - no more than 50 centimeters.

Machine tools for bending of reinforcement will consist of a lever, punch pressing, and the main part, which will be placed pipes and rods or sheets.

first on the basis of the selected location becomes the axis for the clamp - will be easier to navigate through it.

However, remember that the clamps have to cut a length of 6 mm smaller than the workpiece made under the base.

from the end, they also keep a distance of a few centimeters - without such indentation is impossible to distribute the load properly.For

lever suitable wire diameter to be not more than 15 millimeters.

The base is curved in the shape of the letter "P", and welded using the welding machine to one of the corners of the stable.From the edge of the indent should be approximately 5 millimeters.

Next welded steel bars to the punch, as with all workpiece chamfer with an angle of 45 degrees.

To properly cook all the details and check the angles, flatness of the design, the dock, you can use the first vise and have them carry out welding work.

Thus, you get to make a preliminary framework that you can always redo it.

Also, where possible, the better to use bolts instead of welding.So you can always rebuild or dismantle their structure, to complement its details.

If still preferred welding work, you must first carry out a test bending process.If all phases are normal, it is possible to weld the parts together.

How to add items to cut?

In addition, a homemade device that can be given a different shape products, actually make a machine for cutting of steel framework, which will connect the two functions: cutting and bending.

course, his own hands to design a much more difficult, but he has more applications.The easiest option - to make on the basis of even a carved disk using grinders.

machine for armatures can be done in any room.Its design may be either collapsible and solid.


In the first case of such a device is easy to disassemble and assemble at a new location.

Speaking structurally, apart shafts for bending machines for cutting of reinforcement should consist of a motor, the cutting blade or disc and the surface where the blade is secured.

Knowing the principle of work, you can easily make changes in feeding mode.

power should be determined in advance before the machine for cutting of steel framework will be assembled.

Professional features high capacity - about 2,000 watts.

Despite the fact that the smaller figures, you can choose, do not forget that the metal is a metal in any situation, and to cut it, you need a big load for domestic purposes.

Another characteristic is directly related to the capacity of the engine - it is a choice of transmission.

most often frikfionnaya belt or friction transmission.Engagement in this case may be a chain, or a worm gear, it all depends on what materials you have on hand.

belts provide quiet operation, however, the likelihood that such a design slips - is very high, so there is better not to choose this type of transmission.

Homemade machine for armatures are also provided with a vise, which do not allow the material to go with the cutting axis.

Bending and cutting of reinforcement

In choosing or carbide disc or grinding wheel as a knife at home more often.From the tool feed device type dependent.

It may be the front, bottom, or pendulum feed.

assembly principle is very similar to the design for bending.For example, a machine for cutting of fittings are starting to make a frame, which in turn is assembled from metal parts.

To the base of the channel must be attached which will act as a guide axis, and all other parts are attached to him.

only engine need more reinforced pipe.

bearings, which are necessary for the support and actuation mechanism in motion, are mounted in the upper frame, and the engine shaft and fasten with screws.

In addition, where the disk (as with bolts), you need to take care of the protective housing, because in contact with a spark will occur metal will be secured.


work on the machine is best to check at idle and use soft metals.Even then, if everything works fine, you can check the unit at full strength.

main thing is that the distance from the shaft bending and the disc was at least 40 centimeters.