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August 12, 2017 18:06

Questions choice plinth for stretch ceiling

Questions choice plinth for stretch ceiling

How to choose a plinth for suspended ceilings, it is interesting to those who independently develops construction technologies.

When ceiling stretch, 8-millimeter line between it and the wall camouflage.This can be done with a plug, barely noticeable and not very aesthetic.

But much better role camouflage irregularities and decorations play a plinth.

To select this decorative element, it is necessary to understand its diversity.

All varieties of the plinth can be combined into three groups:

  • plastic fillet;
  • polyurethane moldings;
  • plinth foam;
  • wooden fillet.


  • Description varieties
  • Selection Criteria
  • Partly recommendation
  • Requirements advisory nature for installation
  • Timeline of installation work

Description varieties

understand at first glance, which of them will suitfor your interior is not easy.It is necessary to choose the right, so as not to regret it in the future.

first column view - strong, light, any adhesive hardens, and its surface mimics the stucco, stone or wood.

Because this material is highly demanded in the market.However, it is not possible to mount on the bevel wrong place walls.

In the photo you can see the plastic moldings.

Plastic plinth

second type of skirting - versatile, flexible and extremely durable, it allows you to hide the gaps, even on curved walls.It is easily glued to any composition, but is expensive.

Attach this material can be solely against the wall, to the tension ceiling it does not stick, and over time stretches of skirting will sag.The price tag on this plinth is not small.

Pictured polyurethane moldings.

Plinth made ​​of polyurethane

A penultimate on the list - foam - fragile and neplastichen, affordable.

Sticking it to the adhesive containing the solvent sometimes turns into a real torment.So do not spend time with him useless experiments.

Pro Tree, you can safely say that the material gives the house a luxurious look.But the price of such a choice is high, and will have to work hard, podpilivaya corners of the baseboards of wood.And all the gaffes made will be seen at a glance.

baseboards you like, you can decorate any room, but the kitchen in the room is more logical to mount the cleaning material.That is why it is advisable to attach it to the wall of plastic or polyurethane.

Selection Criteria

approach the issue of the choice correct as possible, knowing some of the nuances:

  1. ideal width of 2.5 cm plinth;
  2. weight must not burden the structure and prevent the material stick firmly;
  3. quality plinth made of durable and flexible material, are not susceptible to faults.

color selection:

  • White coincides with the color and the ceiling makes the room visually more spacious.This is the best option for the room is 2 and a half meters in height;
  • Black color visually reduces the space and dim;
  • Multicolor plinth must not have more than three colors, so as not to make the decorated room.True black and white look good in combination with other;
  • colorful and unusual looks edging in contrasting color.But it must match the color scheme of at least one of the subject of the situation.

difference forms:

  1. simple but beautiful lines speak of taste and sense of proportion, and look good in any room design;
  2. complex shapes combined with a spectacular setting, for example, copying the old days;
  3. but the unique pattern ceiling element, the more difficult to handle the corners.

width Format:

  • Close-border element visually softens the angles.Room view becomes rounded, and therefore, the situation seems to be calming;
  • From the width of the plinth depends on how much will be visible defects.The greater the width, the more veiled any errors;
  • But the more places occupy the ceiling elements, the smaller the room looks;
    if the room is low, it is not necessary to establish a pattern.

If you are not decided which is better to choose a plinth, then proceed from that to which the result of aiming.

The selection process will have to start from the desired colors, the desired material defined texture and form.


Ceiling skirting boards are thin or wide, embossed or polished, can imitate gilded picture frame or remind edging.

Choose material - half the battle, you need to stock up on more tools.

You will need:

  • adhesive mortar;
  • miter box;
  • hacksaw;
  • tape measure with a ruler;
  • simple pencil;
  • corner insert.

To what extent and in the amount required material and glue, you can immediately calculate the size for the room.

Partly recommendation

When hands are not miter box, you can make yourself.2 small bar nailed to a piece of plywood at a distance of the width of the plinth taken.

Then the top line of the bars is carried out with a protractor at the angle of 45 degrees.Just make a dash for the cut is made.Mitre at your disposal!

recommendatory requirements for installation

There are some basic rules that will help set the plinth into place without any problems.

distinguish the three most important points:

  1. Before installing a decorative element to the tension ceilings need to create the conditions for a perfect adhesion of the two surfaces, that is, to clear them from the dust;
  2. It is important that the configuration and the type of skirting match the style of the tension ceiling;
  3. If you are not sure that will cope, it is best to leave it all to professionals.So you get rid of possible defects, which will be immediately evident at the general perception of the room.

But if you count only on themselves, listen to the experts.

Wise advice from the masters:

  • glued decorative edging only need a wall.The canvas of the ceiling is typical subsequently subjected to stretching or contraction.That is why the freedom of the surface should not restrict anything;
  • recommended that the plinth to the wall, while devoid of decoration.Wallpaper paste later.If the baseboard is attached directly to the wallpaper, then during the next repair will change and the wallpaper and baseboards;
  • not prohibited painted decorative elements.But the color does not change the structure after the installation of a stretch ceiling.This is done prior to installation on the floor to avoid spilling paint involuntarily suspended ceiling.After finishing the installation, only junctions stained eaves;
  • To protect it from contact with the adhesive surface of a stretch ceiling is closed with polyethylene;
  • sawn faces need to correct with sandpaper;
  • easily sawn material into parts or paint will hacksaw blade.A skirting the edge at the correct slope will cut miter box;
  • attaching the curtain rod to the ceiling, the two ends of which are located near the baseboards covered with glue.

The picture shown plinth, painted the ceiling color.

Painted plinth

Available slit mask sealant or putty.

Timeline of installation work

Mounting plinths can be expanded in the following stages:

  1. If decorative border wall is painted, it is mounted after drying.First, we make a mark, that is measured from the ceiling segment that takes a plinth.Make a note connected with a pencil.The resulting feature - the location of the bottom border.It is not recommended to carry out such an operation laser level.It must proceed from the bottom line of suspended ceilings;
  2. Fastening element start from the first angle.The end of the cornice should already be suitable sawed to make connections in the corners of the baseboards.If it brings you too much trouble, get ready plinth, which will not need to trim the miter box to the desired shape;
  3. on the inner side skirting glue is applied.The surface, which will not interlock with the wall, it is not necessary promazyvat glue.Generously cover the adhesive composition of the sides of the cornice;
  4. Next, the attachment of decorative frames.All the elements you need to stick at a time, in exactly the marked line, strongly pressed;
  5. remaining parts mounted between the wall and ceiling in the same way, tightly connecting the ends.Items that are attached last, easily adjusted to length;
  6. When all the work is done, can only cover a tiny gap in the connection elements using putty or sealant.

Now you have a certain knowledge base in the field of decoration.Strict adherence spelled out above tips will help avoid mistakes in the choice of material and its installation on the surface of the wall.

for creative design suitable special skirtings with a niche for pulling LEDs.This decorative solution will highlight the original premise.