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August 12, 2017 18:06

Technique finishing slopes inside the front door

Technique finishing slopes inside the front door

Finishing slopes front door is an important consideration when carrying out repairs in the apartment.

In addition aesthetic, this work shall also practical function.

First, slope finishing allows to close up all cracks formed in the doorway after the installation of the door, thus, to the maximum extent to seal it.

Correct execution of slopes can significantly improve the overall energy efficiency and soundproofing in the entire space of the apartment.

Facing slopes can run a variety of materials, and it all depends on the willingness and ability of people living in the apartment.

job has its own quirks and some nuances, but with the right approach can be made with your own hands.

Currently slopes doorway can be issued plaster, laminate, MDF panels repaired or any decorative coating, for example, artificial decorative stone.

main thing is that in the space inside the doors were carefully sealed all the cracks and the surface itself after the work has acquired an aesthetic design.

Facing slopes is performed in several stages using a special technology.Some embodiments of slopes inside the apartment, that can be performed after the installation to the front door, you can see in the photo below.



  • features work
  • Finish using plaster
  • Performing slopes using decorative materials
  • Facing slopes with artificial materials

Features of

Finishing slopes after the installation of the front door is a must and an important stage of work, which must be carried out correctly and withall the features of the doorway.

slopes currently performed using a mixture of cement and MDF panels, tiles, artificial stone using laminate and other decorative material.

First of all, after all the necessary works, slope surface should purchase an attractive appearance and in harmony with the door frame.

After the installation will be carried out the door, it should be a good start for the door frame seal on both sides.It is best to do this with the help of ordinary foam.

This will prevent the outflow of heat from the interior of the apartment.

This procedure is better to repeat again and then be sure to check the quality of work, what with the door closed to hold the corners of the lighter.

In the event that will be seen by even the slightest stirring of flame lighters should be opening again pass foam until until you reach the complete sealing.

Further, after the foam is fully seated, its excess parts should be carefully cut with a knife construction and carefully aligned.


Terminate the gap in the doorway with his hands and can cement mortar, but this procedure is time-consuming and Bole long time.

In any case, after the opening is completely sealed, fixation is performed from the outside casings.

These casings must hide the mounting gap on the outside of the door and give a neat appearance, besides, they defend the castle against a possible burglary.

For more information on how to perform the slopes at the front door with your hands, narrated in the video above.

Finish using plaster

most often give a finished look slopes with the help of plaster.

This method is considered to be quite effective and durable, though it does not require any additional care for the further operation of the front door.

Make slopes front door through the plaster, with the right approach and knowledge of the technology works and can be their own hands.

First of all, it should be mandatory to prepare very carefully the surface to perform work.

For this it gently cleaned of dirt and dust, clean the entire exfoliated material, churning bumps.

Next slopes plane is processed primer mixture and thoroughly dried.This is followed accurately determine the level and the thickness of the coating mixture to the surface, as well as make their own hands counting.

Once the surface is prepared and marked, you can proceed directly to the implementation of the slopes, which should prepare the mixture, which is to obtain a homogeneous and viscous.

To start from a ready mix made small beacons across the slope surface.Next, using a spatula carefully applied to the first layer, which is to dry, after which the following may be applied.


When to completion is almost here, preparing to finish the solution.After it is deposited on the entire surface of the slope and dry, it was treated with a grid construction to the maximum even layer.

At the final stage of the surface can be painted and can be treated with any decorative material.For more information about how to perform a slope to the front door with your hands, you can see in the video above.

Performing slopes using decorative materials

Run slopes near the front door panels can be MDF or other similar decorative materials, such as laminate.

This method is one of the most optimal and simple, in addition, is fast enough.Finishing slopes MDF panels has several advantages.

Firstly, there is a wide choice of colors.Secondly, MDF panel fairly easily processed and assembled on site, and in addition, have an affordable cost.

MDF panels for installation is not necessary thoroughly prepare the surface of the base.

Suffice it to perform a crate of wooden slats, and then using glue to put on her own MDF panels.

All corner joints with this method, perform slopes, mounted by means of special profiles.

even easier to perform slopes near the front door is possible by means of the laminate.With this decorative material to work simply and in carrying out the work with his hands should have no difficulties.

Before starting the installation of the material, the surface should be primed, and remove all the major irregularities.


As a rule, carried out on a laminate mount screws with special decorative hats.

They can also be hidden and a special mask of putty, which are sold in all the specialty stores.

If necessary, the space between the laminate and the wall can be further hidden layer of insulation, which will further increase the efficiency of slopes.

Also at the final stage of the laminate can open a special varnish or alkyd paint, giving, thus, the surface of the slope even more attractive appearance.

Facing slopes

artificial materials often enough as a material for use ceramics slopes.In addition, the surface will look great, lined with artificial stone.

All these versatile materials have good durability and reliability, and in addition, if your operation does not require regular maintenance.

This surface will not be afraid of even heavy temperature fluctuations and can be used in wet conditions.


tile is placed on a pre-aligned and primed surface using a special adhesive.

In some individual cases, the slope surface can be leveled by means of drywall over which to lay ceramic tile.

With its installation should pay particular attention to the upper part of the slope, to control the strength of its attachment.

Finishing slopes with artificial stone will give the entire surface near the front door quite attractive appearance.

Working with stone is slightly heavier than ceramic tile, but the end result is worth it.

Before you start working with the very stone, it is also necessary to align the surface, and it is well primed.

material fastened to the base of the slope on a special adhesive, thus it is necessary to control all the joints.

when working with stone emphasizes angular joints, which must be processed by special trains.Also, the density should be controlled to fit the surface material.

slopes, finished with stone, with its operation, as well as the tiles do not require any special care.

Some embodiments of the slopes near the front door you can see in the photo posted below.


make the surface near the front door, not only smooth, but also attractive, can be a variety of ways.It is possible to use a variety of decorative materials.

most often align it with the help of plastering, in addition, for these purposes can be used drywall.

gives the surface appeal to help these decorative materials, like plastic, laminate, ceramic tile and even artificial stone.

In any case, with the right approach to deal with the above, you can work each material independently.

For more information on how to properly oblitsevat surface near the front door from the inside, is told in the video in this article.