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August 12, 2017 18:06

Facilities of heating in the bathroom mirror

Facilities of heating in the bathroom mirror

heating mirrors in the bathroom - it is a novelty.

invention is very convenient in that, after taking a bath or shower can be found in a perfectly clean, not misted vapor from hot mirror.

Without bathroom mirrors, is to resort to the following actions:

  • stand under the shower, throwing open the door;
  • include powerful air-conditioning;
  • use of blowers;
  • hairdryer.

To finally see beyond the veil of vapor deposited its image, it is easier to buy a special mirror.

This is the best option.heating object, reflecting your shape, proposed in a contemporary style and the latest technology.

main advantage of mirrors with heating - to prevent its fogging and staining.It does not matter how the bathroom is hot and humid.

heating will help to avoid the appearance of drops on the glass and subsequent divorce.So, intending to apply makeup, mistress will not have to wipe the mirror surface.

all the convenience features of this mirror, will be extremely difficult to abandon it.

What trick mirror device heated?

The secret lies in the simple physical law.Condensation forms on the surface, if it is relatively cooler than the air temperature.

A heating device is located under the mirror, making it warmer.So on the surface do not appear wet and traces of the droplets, it is completely dry.

Besides being a mirror looks good, it protects against the damaging effects of moisture amalgam.


Heated smooth reflective surface - electric, thenthere requires a network connection.But do not fear that the device to wind many kilowatts.

Heated mirrors consumes power at the level of ordinary light bulbs.

for easy on heating, it can be combined with the light on in the bathroom.So you do not have to individually connect the device whenever necessary.

main component for the creation of such a mirror - tempered glass.On the reverse side to it is attached the infrared.

It heats only the outer mirror surface, and the flip side of the heat does not accept.

When the choice is great, you can easily find the accessory in any bathroom, in terms of its design registration.There are classic and mini versions.

Sometimes mirror heated complement another function - LED backlight.

In reflecting objects manufactured with internal illumination, LEDs are used.Light softens frosted glass embedded in the mirror itself.

LED strip can be glued as the rear mirror and the front - on the sides, top, bottom.Also highlight the space can be illuminated mirror halogen or neon lamps.


If you decide to equip the main piece of furniture bathroom just mood lighting, it is secured on the back side.This illumination can be achieved in the bathroom create a special atmosphere of romance.

Little things like the purchase of a mirror with lighting, create a special interior.

Display and other features are controlled using the touch screen on the mirror.

When the men will need to shave, and women - to fix make-up, simply press the corresponding button.To do that requires a lot of accuracy, better illuminated.

In the main bathroom accessory with multiple functions, only one drawback - no small price tag.

Those who wish to install the heater in the bathroom mirror, but does not want to spend money on this, you can do everything with their own hands.

methods to make their own heating system to mirror

Why not try to make the heating device with your hands?After all, the other turned.

a heating mechanism is not as complicated as it seems.There are three methods to warm up the mirror, and thus avoid sweating.

Nothing prevents use of the principle of the electric floor heating.This system is sold freely in the mats 50 cm wide.

Installing the heating mat

A length can be arbitrary, and it is this figure, and is the key when choosing a mate with a heating system.The length should be chosen, given the size of the mirror.

about heating a tiny mirror can not even be considered.Heating devices are equipped with only a big mirror.Possible minimum - mat of 1 meter, not less.

To make the system of heating with their own hands, the mat is applied to the wall, and then attach with glue.

The adhesive composition may be the same as that used for floor tile installation.

When the mat firmly glued to the wall, it is necessary to once again miss the mark right on top of the glue.Once hardened composition adhered to the mat mirror.

mat Connecting to the network is carried out by means of the thermostat, as in floor heating.

Heated can serve and electrical film floor.Its secured in the same manner as the mat is equipped with cables for heating.

heating scheme

difference lies in the fact that the film is thinner, and it can be stuck on the mirror itself back wall, not embedded in the wall and plaster.

But this material has one drawback.The fact that it is not fully closed.

heating elements accessories will be performing at the edges, which is not very secure.

Because all the ends are equipped with a heated object need to further protect and isolate the outgoing cables from under the wall.

To mirror with electrical tape is necessary to bring only 2 wires, and other components of the system are cleaned out of the bathroom, for example by mounting them in the hallway.

Another option of heating mechanism, which is not difficult to build with their own hands - infrared film floor.It differs from the previous method is particularly his work.


This material generates heat like the sun, radiating infrared light.But in this case, simply to hide all the elements necessary to ensure system security.

becomes clear that to perform their own hands heated mirror surface - it's real simple.

plus everything in the bathroom, it is desirable to install emergency shutdown system and make the proper grounding of metal objects in the bathroom.