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August 12, 2017 18:06

Cabinet in the apartment.3 variants of classic and modern styles

Article Contents:

  • 1 Photos office in an apartment in a classic style
  • 2 cabinet design in an apartment in a modern style.Photo project
  • 3 cabinet design of the apartment, combined with a loggia.Photo project

How can arrange the room to even the surrounding area has helped effectively and work productively?The quiet tone in the decoration of the walls, comfortable and functional furniture - just such a study should be in an apartment in a classic style.

Photos office in an apartment in a classic style

cabinet interior of the apartment in classic style suggests calm tones.This room used vinyl wallpaper yellow-brown shades in a large square.This shade symbolizes the rigor and diligence.Cool white ceiling and dark brown laminate give the rigor and discipline office.

classical furniture of dark color more harmoniously fit into the interior.Spacious bookcases enable to arrange in all business books, reference books, dictionaries, codes.Cabinet Design apartment in a modern style requires a large TV on the wall.It is better to place it in the middle between the bookcases, and in front of him - soft comfortable chairs.TV can be used for the slide show, work projects, and for moments of relaxation, as well as to view the news.Proper design of the cabinet in the apartment requires proper and functional arrangement of furniture, taking into account the room features.


Design classic cabinet in the apartment.Photo

the opposite wall of the cabinet, on the other hand entering the door, it is desirable to establish a work desk, and the window - a source of natural light, located on the left side, and gaze controlled all the people who come into the office.

Chandelier at eight lights in a classic style ideal for the interior, looks strictly and perform their function due to the large number of bulbs.sconces fit to create an informal atmosphere in the office and more soft lighting, which can be placed on both sides of the soft chairs.


Interior design two-bedroom apartment in the cabinet.Photo

Despite the fact that the study drawn up in an apartment in a modern style, on the floor in front of armchairs can put a soft carpet of the respective colors, which give a cozy and comfortable office.And such decorative elements as two large paintings give some personality to your office.


brown furniture in the home office.Photo

cabinet design in a flat in a classic style will help you to enjoy the working process and be as efficient as possible.

cabinet design in an apartment in a modern style.Photo project

Very convenient study in soothing earth tones.It holds a large bookcase on the wall, in front of him - a comfortable sofa and a small desk with a capacious bookcase top.Bookcase in the center accommodates a large number of books, and on the sides has closed shelves.


Brown cabinet interior in the apartment.Photo

kabinet_v_kvartire_foto2 kabinet_v_kvartire_foto kabinet_v_kvartire_foto5 kabinet_v_kvartire_foto3

the right of the front door is a large built-in wardrobe white and opposite the entrance - box.It illuminates the cabinet as a large fluorescent lamps, and spotlights melenkimi.

cabinet design of the apartment, combined with a loggia.Project Photo

spacious bright room, which is more suited for privacy and relaxation.The room combined with a balcony in a common space.To the left of the entrance classic bookcase.Against the wall on the right side - a chest of drawers and a small, but comfortable table, on the other hand there is a sofa.At the window on the left side there is a large easy chair, on the right side - a case.


beige wall in a home office.Photo

kabinet_v_kvartire_foto10 Cabinet in an apartment with a balcony.Photo

Lighting in the office is more than enough.This sconces on either side of the sofa and a floor lamp on the balcony of the chair, a lamp on the table and a chandelier on the ceiling in the middle.It draws attention and an abundance of decorative elements in the room (lots of paintings, decorative sculpture of a deer's head, many colors), which makes it more comfortable.

kabinet_v_kvartire_foto11 kabinet_v_kvartire_foto7 kabinet_v_kvartire_foto6 kabinet_v_kvartire_foto8

zebra skin on the floor.Photo