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August 12, 2017 18:06

Niche under the TV plasterboard : create furniture for the hall of the universal material

When planning the interior of the hall is often a difficult task: where to hide the TV, so that it is securely fastened and organically fit into the space?The best solution may be a niche plasterboard under the TV that is able to turn a normal TV screen in a decorative jewelry item.At the same time build a plasterboard niche is not difficult even for a person with a minimum experience of construction work.

Niche plasterboard under the TV in the living room interior

Niche plasterboard under the TV in the interior of the living room - Photo 1

necessary facilities niches under the TV

We no longer remember the days when TV was greatdimensions, and it had to be installed on a special night table.Today priority steel flat LCD screens do not take up much space.

selecting option placing your TV, you can simply mount it on the wall, as indicated in the instructions attached to it.But this method is acceptable, rather, in the interior of the bar, cafe or other public places, where it is important to review the accessibility from any location.Home conditions still require a more welcoming and comfortable environment.Do not forget also about the safety of the TV mounting that none of the family members could not hurt him accidentally.

Therefore manufacturing niches under the TV plasterboard will be your best choice of its location in the interior of the living room.

Materials and tools

For the construction of beautiful and robust niche of drywall under the TV, you will need the following materials:

  • Aluminium profile .These structural parts are produced marked CW for fixing to walls and ceilings, as well as marked UW as bearing elements for mounting on these sheets of drywall.
  • Wooden beams .An alternative to the niche frame manufacturing.In this case there is no need to drill holes for the screws.
  • Plasterboard .Sheets can select any thickness from 12.5 to 6.5 mm.
  • connectors for metal profiles.
  • Set dowels and screws .

If your intention is to make a niche with curved contours, use the special arched profile and thin drywall, amenable to bending.

set of necessary tools:

  • Drill .Preferably with a speed control.
  • screwdriver (or regular screwdriver, if a small amount of work).
  • Hacksaw .and "grinders" may also be used for cutting profile.
  • Knife building .You will need to cut drywall.
  • Roulette , plummet , cord , building level .
  • Planer plasterboard.

Plane is useful for cleaning the short sides, but it can be replaced with coarse sandpaper.

Create project future niche TV

Create Niche under the TV plasterboard will require you to pre-design study for future construction.It should be not only fit your TV, but also to provide sufficient space for ventilation.In addition, you need to plan the location for the installation of additional equipment and cabling.

To completely "hide" the TV in a niche of drywall, you will have to make her frame in the form of a rack.Would get as an additional, forward of the wall, which can be placed around a niche all kinds of shelves and cabinets.

This plan will provide additional opportunities for laying communications and original lighting device.

HowWhatever your project, it should take into account the peculiarities of the design style of the room decoration.

Mount frame and sheathe plasterboard.Video School Repair

How to make a niche of drywall under the TV?Consider the sequence of steps in the manufacture of the most simple form of a rectangular niches under the TV.

  1. Start with holding a markup.Make a mark on the wall, floor and ceiling.
  2. Cut the necessary amount of fragments of the guide profile and fasten them with dowels to the floor and ceiling.
  3. Determine the height of the uprights and cut them in such a way that they are less than 0.5 cm.Such a gap will allow free and without deformation to set them in the guide profile.Fixing to the upper and lower guides with small screws on metal.
  4. Make a jumper between the main pillars in accordance with your design project.
  5. When the supporting frame is ready, proceed to the plasterboard wall.Rationally cut sheet on individual plates, trying to avoid unnecessary waste.
  6. Drill holes in the right places in the metal profile by tightening the screws, observing the maximum step between about 25-30 cm.
  7. Firmly press the prepared sheet of drywall to the frame and subsequently secure it with screws.When tightening should be little to drown cap screws so they do not protrude above the surface.
  8. Simultaneously with the installation of drywall accessories to install sockets, switches and light fixtures.
  9. Upon completion of installation work can begin sanding and painting of surfaces.

to create more complex structures made of curved profile, you have to learn special techniques that require an explanation in a separate article.

reviewing the proposed recommendations, you will now be able to make their own niche of drywall under the TV.Grasp the case, and the experience will come to you in the process.Remember that it is impossible to only those who do not do anything!