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August 12, 2017 18:07

Choosing carpet for a child's

Choosing carpet in the nursery

Carpets produced from synthetic and natural materials.The leaders are polypropylene, polyamide and wool.

Buy wool carpet is not recommended for children, since kids often occurs allergic to such coverage.Furthermore, it is much more bacteria and germs are bred.That is why better to give preference to synthetic materials.

The choice of carpet in the nursery

When choosing coverage also need to pay attention to the length of the nap.For children's best option would be the length of 1 cm. Over the fluffy carpet in children's inappropriate, they get dirty too quickly and is too difficult to clean.

Worth can be nerazrenym and split.A continuous basis in a loop, it is much more durable than the split.Rip, in turn, more pleasant to the touch.In recent years, is also popular tufted carpet, it combines the advantages of both types - is soft and pleasant, and at the same time, wear-resistant.

The choice of carpet in the nursery

special attention when choosing a carpet in the children's room should be paid to the ease of cleaning.In the children, he will often get dirty, so it will have to be cleaned regularly.Also, answering the question of what is best for children's carpet, it must be said that the coating has to be hypoallergenic.Check the manufacturer's certified products.

Choosing carpet design to the nursery.Photo examples

It seems that the coating in the room should be bright, because children love bright colors.This is partly true, but it is worth remembering that "overloading" the room an abundance of catchy elements and cartoon images, you can make it too colorful.And too flashy design may lead to increased activity of the child, or on the contrary, fatigue, aggression, irritability.

Choosing the design of carpet in the nursery .Photo examples

Children's carpet may have geometric designs, patterns, abstract, floral prints, stripes, cartoon and themed images, can be decorated with images of flora and fauna.

Very many children have to cover like "playground" type.It is moderately bright, interesting, and in addition, figures on such surfaces contribute to the early development of the child.On this cover is usually a road, railway, people, animals, cartoon characters, and so on.The child, being in my room, can contemplate these figures, while learning something new.This carpet is a great solution for the gaming room of the child up to 10 years old, a teenager like coating does not fit.

Choosing the design of carpet in the nursery .Photo examples

very interesting option is a children's carpet with roads, consisting of several levels.Here the child can not only learn but also to play - to ride on the road, play mini-soccer, play dolls and little animals, create them at home.It is clear that on the whole it does not put the room, usually confined to a particular area.

believed that children carpet for girls to be less bright than for boys.In fact, the brightness does not define sex of the baby and the room and its interior lighting.In a room with dim lighting carpet of bright colors will look great, it will make the room brighter and more saturated.

Choosing the design of carpet in the nursery .Photo examples

for room with good lighting is better to buy a children's carpet calmer shades.

Carpets for kindergartens is best to choose darker colors, as a large number of children blurs it very quickly.

carpet in the nursery - reviews

buyers Almost all of the reviews about it on the Internet covering the positive.Carpeting is soft, warm, reliable, safe and stylish.With the right choice about buying you will not have to regret.

Carpets in the children