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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wooden house with their hands

Warming of the wooden house with his own hands

necessary to make a good thermal insulation of a wooden house, for this you need to choose the right tree.Wood need hardwood or softwood in the form of logs or profiled bar.It necessarily treated with special impregnation against rot, insects, UV and moisture.During construction, between the joists put a thin fiber insulation.

Note that for the construction of wooden houses is necessary to buy only high-quality building materials to be processed and dried.In this sense, it becomes an excellent material laminated board, which is made of separate boards without knots and rotten areas.Because of this wall are obtained straight and they are less susceptible to rain, and still retain heat very well.

Wooden house with their hands

course, build a wooden frame houses with their own hands is a challenge, but to live in such a house is the most comfortable and cozy.After all the wooden houses of logs or timber perfectly kept warm, even at the lowest temperatures in the house very warm.

However, after the tree begins to dry and crack a certain time, it ultimately affects the thermal insulation of the assembly.To ensure that this does not happen, it is imperative to carry out high-quality thermal insulation of the house, made independently.And here enters konopatka home as well as proper insulation of different insulating materials.

Wooden house with their hands

To better understand the building, you can view a lot of useful videos on the internet with useful instructions.

Finishing a wooden house with his own hands

All the houses that are built of logs or profiled beam does not need an interior decoration.However, if the construction was chosen a simple log or timber, after the installation of doors and windows, you need to deal with construction finishing.It should be noted that any wooden frame during the drying shrinks, so finish the house begin no sooner than come while the house itself is dry.

options for the finishing of wooden houses a lot, because the imagination of designers is unlimited and depends on the wishes and financial possibilities of the customer.And if they could pick up the decor, the housing can be designed in a modern urban style or as a rural house.Today, willingly used in the finishing of the combination of artificial and natural materials: plastic, stone, glass and wood.However, such connections require skillful handling, because an excess of one material or superfluous detail can spoil the whole interior.

Wooden house with their hands

Interior of a wooden house with his own hands

Wooden house itself has an aesthetic appearance, so no additional decorating the walls.The only thing that is required in this case - is to choose the style of interior.For example, today's trend styles such as modern, Scandinavian and classic.At the end of the XX century the fashion was Russian style hut.

Wooden house with their hands

In a wooden house can arrange a gallery, build multi-level interiors, build unique designs made of metal, stone, or simply arrange a soft furniture and put on the floor fluffy rugs.In its decoration wooden house is so versatile that its interior design you can experiment as much as necessary.