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August 12, 2017 18:08

Thermal insulation of steam with their own hands , or how not to make mistakes in the process of thermal insulation ?

Insulation of steam: general rules

Before doing wall insulation from the inside with your own hands, you need to prepare the surface.The base is carefully inspected for the presence of mold and mildew, projections of any foreign matter.If there is a fungus, then remove it.To do this, the walls are sprayed with antiseptic bath "Snow sauna" or otherwise purchased in the store.

When selecting the materials for the work it is important to pay attention to their safety, as in the steam room is always present heat, which must withstand the material.They should also be durable, not exposed to decay and does not absorb moisture.In this case, well suited basalt products in rolls and foil for aluminum vapor barrier.

During steam isolation are important not only to the building materials used, but also the technology itself.During the work it turns a kind of «sandwich» , which consists of plating, vapor barrier, thermal insulation and waterproofing layer.Each of them performs its function.

technology insulation of walls in the steam room

As already mentioned, insulation steam baths of the log is carried out according to the technology in the course of which it turns a kind of "sandwich" consisting of the following layers:

  • Waterproofing - is necessary forIn order to avoid any mold, mildew, and had no rotting.It is this layer protects the wall from the condensate which is formed during the impact of hot air on the surface.As a material for waterproofing suitable foil or plastic film.
  • insulation - begins with the installation on the basis of clean paper and then insulation.This paper layer is needed so that the air is not allocated any harmful substances.Plus, the paper also minimizes the loss of hot air.Further mounted wooden frame width equal to the width of the insulation.As a material used for thermal insulation of most of the synthetic board or mineral wool.
  • Vapor - designed to protect from the effects of the previous layer of steam, as well as to reflect the thermal radiation.Thus it turns a kind of "thermos" effect.To this layer is applied a foil of about 65 microns.Mount it to a wooden crate with a stapler or small nails.All joints and edges should be carefully covered with foil, as it is not permissible to steam penetration into the insulation (to prevent condensation).

Note!Do not desirable to use glassine, roofing felt and roofing material as a vapor barrier, as odors will be formed later.

  • Lining - involves lining clapboard.Above the vapor barrier is mounted skeleton, which impose battens aspen, maple, alder, linden.Specially selected wood with a minimum density.

Insulation of ceiling in the steam room

Insulation of ceiling in the steam room is carried out on the same technology, but with some differences.Firstly, the insulating layer should be 2 times greater than the wall layer.As vapor rises up and it is important that he did not go out.

Secondly, over the first layer of insulation (glass wool), it is important to put a mixture of clay, sand and sawdust.After complete drying of the applied foam layer.Well, then a layer of cement slurry and foam crumb.At the final stage also make wooden crate, which is filled with insulation and battens.

For insulation of the ceiling is important to treat with the utmost responsibility, as due to non-compliance with at least one item of technology, turns a steam room, unable to keep the pair.Or because of poor sealing occurs rot and mold.