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August 12, 2017 18:07

Gun plastering - accuracy is needed and in the finishing of the walls

gun for plastering submitted for consideration

So, what is the scoop everyone knows, and most know how to use it when applying plaster on the wall.Well, then, that the cavities remain in the thick layer, so what's wrong with that, nothing lasts forever, the coating will sooner or later osypletsya.But the fact of the matter is that it is better to as late as possible."And where does kartushny gun?" - You ask.Yes, probably not and if you do enough that plaster finish will stretch about two years before the inevitable begins (after a scoop) the process of cracking.Maybe someone has a hobby - to gloss over the cracks in the plaster.No?Well, then take up a gun for plaster and carefully consider it.

short "trunk", a kind of injector nozzles with a different degree of splashing, the funnel liters to 5 in the upper part - the design is strongly reminiscent of a meat grinder, but the similarity ends there.After all, there is a pistol grip and trigger lever with a huge, similar to a bicycle brake, rear connection thread for high-pressure hose from the compressor.

Judging by the nozzles, mortar can actually be of varying thickness, which means that for very pasty compositions of air pressure in the gun should be strong enough.Accordingly, the compressor output is supposed to about 3.4 atmospheres, and the performance of 150 to 250 l / min (air, of course).To gun for plastering often still attached purge pestle required to purge clogged nozzle or funnel.The same system: Connect the hose, handle, lever start, but the funnel is not in sight, and instead of the nozzle - a narrow tube with a small outlet for air.

Gun plaster - and flies into the wall slurry, mortar

So what should be the consistency of plaster, so it can be applied by the solution a gun?Well, a mass density is usually applied to the wall - this is also the case with the unit, with the only condition that the solution flowed freely enough (or crawled) on the walls of the funnel down into the nozzle, where it will pick up and throw out the compressed air.To a mixture of densely put on a wider nozzle for slurry - a narrower, and follow the stream, as long as the plaster on the wall is distributed evenly.

In the process, you need to constantly update the mix in the hopper, pre-cleaning off the old one.The average bag weight of 25 kilograms of plaster missing and a half square meters of wall coverings subject to 10 mm thickness.But the flow velocity of the mixture is low, and even the fact that the plaster solution is continuously deposited in the reservoir does not mean that the walls would be nothing left - everything is as it hardens, if not produce the timely cleanup.Of course, the process of applying plaster gun exciting, something similar to a shooting at a shooting range and Western in one bottle (that's only pistols shooters in the Wild West does not weigh more than 5 kilograms) but it should not be forgotten.

Kartushny gun plaster

action before we take up the unit, put on a clear plastic face shield.What for?The fact is that during operation of the gun for plaster solution discrete particles fly off from the wall with a decent speed, and can get into the is necessary to you?Therefore, we observe the safety measures, and some points will be quite difficult to do, because the solution can get and just on the face, in the mouth, which is also not palatable.Then, turning on the compressor and still clutching the gun comfortably for applying plaster, set it upright on the floor and fill the funnel solution, and then with the hoarse groaning (or without, if the nature of the force does not hurt) raise the socket at waist level.

Compressor runs constantly, therefore, to start finishing the walls, simply click on the actuating lever.The mixture is gone, keep kartushny gun plaster so that the jet was strictly perpendicular to the wall, this will prevent excessive splashing and spreading the mixture.We carry a gun along a wall parallel to the floor, trying to get a straight line, and then move to the end wall slightly above the funnel and conducting a new line in the opposite direction so that it is partially superimposed on the previous one.Shot Power plaster is such that, in principle, the first layer may be and finishing, if you can put the mixture to 10 mm thick.But usually it is recommended to apply a coat thickness of 5 mm, allow it to dry 6 hours, and then apply a second layer of the same thickness.He will be finishing.Then grout rule and all work is completed.

plaster density deposited kartushnym gun that the next day cover will turn into a monolithic armor, which you can safely drive nails.