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August 12, 2017 18:07

Makhovaia brush and other representatives of the painting tools

construction Brushes - parse "colorful" variety

Used construction brush to paint or whitewash all surfaces.You can also use these tools for applying the primer on any surface, impregnating the surface with varnish.There is a definite classification of civil painting tools.

Brush Mochalny , which is most often used to whitewash the surface.It is made from bast (linden raw materials).Brush fleyts has a classic flat shape.It is flexible and is used for coloring very different surfaces, as quite versatile.It is used most often to smooth tracks stiff brush.

Kist- handbrake - a tool that is needed for priming or painting surfaces, which have a small area. flight feathers brush bristles have a wide and used for painting or priming of large surfaces.

Such tools can be further put on a telescopic handle and paint ceilings without the use of ladders.When working with the tool, there is one disadvantage - paint dripping on his hands.To avoid this, you can put on the handle foam roller.

Filenochnaya brush and other types of narrow-profile

flat brush can be used for completely different purposes: for painting or priming large or small areas.It depends on the length and the width of the pile.Kist- CEILING appearance may resemble a small swab.Most often it is used for the application of glue on the wallpaper.Due to the fact that the brush absorbs a lot of paint, it is rarely used for painting.

Filenochnaya brush is used to design the details of small size, or for registration of joints of different color surfaces, because it has a narrow bristles.Also this tool, you can create drawings on a cliche finishing and is very convenient to decorate the corners and baseboards.

To make art roughness can be used schetku- trimming .The tool most often used by experienced painters. Brush for whitewash usually wide, similar to fleyts to make it easier to apply the material to the surface.In this case the bristles should be soft to lay flatter whitewash.

Makhovaia brush - especially work

Before using the brush construction, you need to learn some of the features of their application.For luffing tools necessary to dip them in paint, squeeze a little bit and start to finish.During operation, the tool must be periodically rotated in his hand, that he has acquired the form of a torch.It is not necessary to press hard on the brush.Relative to the surface is kept perpendicular or slightly inclined.

Work must first brush from left to right, and then - up and down.about the same, but to turn the brush in this case it is not necessary to work with fleyts and Brushes.Fleytsevanie runs dry brush, and every time it is impregnated with paint, it must be washed and dried.

panels used for decoration and fine brush line.Hold the line must be carefully and accurately.Handbrake used to working with oil paints, and the need to recruit a mixture of a small amount.Apply the paint in broad strokes should be neat.

press hard on the brush is not necessary, as there will be divorces.The pile should be just a little flex under pressure.After the end of the brush can be washed and dried.Used for this water or solvent.Then these same tools can be used again.