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August 12, 2017 18:07

As a self- install the door accordion : photo and video instruction

How to choose the interior doors-accordion for self-installation

How to choose the interior doors - accordion for self installation

accordion doors incurs huge load compared to other types of doors, so it is necessary to choose the most durable materials.The most reliable are the wooden model, well, if we choose the doors made of plastic, they would certainly have to have a metal frame.

Before purchasing be sure to check the accessories, all items must be made of strong material.The best option, and a guarantee that the interior doors will serve for a long time - it's metal parts.

How to choose the interior doors - accordion for self installation

not always high cost is a guarantee of excellent quality, so when choosing a door is not necessary to build on its value.

As with their hands to build and install a door-accordion

Before you install accordion door, like any other, you need to prepare a doorway.

measurements of interior opening

First of all it is necessary to measure and only then calculate the required number of panels for doors.Perhaps such that the door would be less, and then you will need to remove some sections of the door, but if it would be more time will have to reduce the space with the help of foam and wooden planks to the correct value.

Fit opening under the right size folding doors

straps attached to the wall, and the space between the bar and the wall should be zapenit.It is necessary to wait until the foam dries and only then proceed to a subsequent job.

installation guide and fixing elements for the sliding door

Now sort the all the details that come with doors and proceed to install them.

First we need to fix the guide side and top profile.Thereafter, all the constituent strips cut the leaf so that they were the same size with the doorway.The panels are typically joined axis, it should be threaded through the holes in every detail.

next step is to mount the door to the special wheels, thanks to which the door will move in the right direction when closing and opening.

Installation guide and fixing elements for sliding doors

Drive ready door-accordion to a complete mind

After assembling the door leaf to it is necessary to attach a variety of accessories, set the lock and handles that are included with the door.

All the features of the installation door and attach the wheels are described in detail in the manufacturer's instructions that accompany the product.Just today one can easily find a lot of videos on the Internet with a detailed description of the installation of the door model.

How to make the most of interior doors accordion door accordion

do with different materials, it can be plastic, glass, a variety of kinds of metal, but you can make them yourself, and wood.

To do this, prepare the following tools:

  • wood panels;
  • Saw;
  • glue;
  • nails and hinges (preferably hidden).

Note: Wood panels must be of the same size, and in any case do not differ in color.Next on the boards should be made spikes and grooves, but it must be done so that the spikes on one board must include in the other slots.Thorns should be well secured with glue or nails.Chamfer in the grooves can not be removed, but by the spikes is desirable to make it to the board assembled could rotate.

best to instructions on how to make the sliding doors with their hands, the video shows

How to make the most of interior doors accordion

important to remember to make a door yourself, it is recommended to select only high-quality wood, it will allow it to serve as a decoration of the room for a long time.Make the original design, you can use a pattern or picture.

How to make the most of interior doors accordion

In the manufacture of doors own production it is recommended to use a hidden loop.With these design will be similar to the purchase.Fittings for self-made doors can be purchased at any store that sells building materials at an affordable price.Having made the most of interior doors can significantly save.

How to make the most of interior doors accordion