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August 12, 2017 18:08

What better radiators

in ensuring a comfortable life in a private home or apartment is one of the main roles played by radiators, which is the best of them will help to understand introduction to each type and kind, available on the market today.the radiator itself, as part of the housing must meet the following requirements:

  1. Should not clearly stand out against the interior.
  2. must effectively perform their direct purpose.
  3. Must be durable and reliable.
  4. should have good thermal conductivity and accumulating properties.

K Unfortunately, all of the above properties are not inherent in one radiator type, which is the best of them will understand the course of the review.


Bi-metal , steel , aluminum

bimetal, steel, aluminum

now commercially available for at least 4 kinds of radiators for the construction of a liquid heating system, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.Yes, the man has not yet developed an ideal option, which would meet all the requirements.

Types of radiators:

  1. extrusion;
  2. casting.

The first method is a method of extrusion into a mold of aluminum alloy.The product in this case is not the channels, as individual vertical portion pressed onto a collector, completely made of silumin.Such radiators are cheaper to manufacture, but have lower efficiency than the second method.But they have an advantage in terms of reliability.heating radiators

second molding process is a high pressure in the form.Each section has a transverse channel connecting the upper and lower ducts, and the thickened wall performed.The material is a mixture of aluminum and 12% silicon, which makes a separate section of the necessary strength and capable of withstanding pressures up to 10 atmospheres.

The advantage of this method is that the cast is solid.Whereby the higher heat transfer, but compared with the following type are less durable because of exposure to corrosion and chemical reactions.It is important to remember that the design of the heating system with aluminum radiators should not use connecting elements in steel and brass.As the connectors must be used only plastic pipe fittings and soldered.This is due not only to corrosion due to the use of different metals, but also the occurrence of surface currents.Because of this system with aluminum radiators must be securely grounded.

casting can also be of two types.This was the first.The second consists of the same aluminum, only after anodic oxidation treatment.It allows you to change a little the metal lattice, making it impervious to rust and more durable.They are able to withstand operating pressures of 50 - 70 atmospheres.At the same time the destruction of the pressure can reach more than 200.

radiators made of anodized aluminum have a smooth inner walls, which promotes better circulation of coolant, thus giving more heat.A huge limit on working pressure can be used for heating systems in apartment buildings.

radiators Bimetallic

  • aluminum;
  • bimetal;
  • steel;
  • iron.

All of these types of radiators, which are photo in front of you today have a good performance, because during their production and use modern precision equipment.


Aluminum radiator

aluminum radiator

Bimetallic radiator

Bimetallic radiator

sale available different aluminum radiators, which is better use of them now face it.Thus, this type of fold is a product made of aluminum casting in the mold.This cooler has a high heat transfer performance, which affects its instantaneous heating.This is due to the physical properties of the aluminum.It is faster than any other metal, of course, except for the copper used for the production of heating, heats and cools.Heating systems, based on them, are mostly used for residential buildings.In multi-storey buildings to use them is not recommended because of high pressure in the central heating system.Working pressure aluminum radiator reaches about 10 atmospheres.And it varies from 10 atmospheres and higher in multi-storey buildings.

Privately same house can use different types of radiators, because the system is controlled independently, and each radiator is recommended to set the thermostat.Before answering the question, how to choose aluminum radiators should be familiar with the types of production:

Bimetallic radiators are one of the types of aluminum, but arranged slightly differently.Inside there is a smooth-walled steel pipe and around an aluminum shell, which is poured into the mold.Today on sale there are different radiators Bimetallic what the best of them now face it.

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on the market can be seen as a combination of two metals from aluminum to steel and aluminum fins with copper.The second type is called a cell.And, of course, it is both the properties of heat transfer and conversion is better than all of the above.But the cost of such a radiator is also very high.

The advantages of bimetallic radiators is especially true high operating pressure of about 25 atmospheres and limit test pressure - 35 atmospheres.This enables them to be widely used in high-rise construction (up to 25) for the heating of houses.However, due to a combination of two metals, they have a lower thermal conductivity, which affects productivity.

In the market there are different size bimetallic battery, which is better to choose depends on the desired of her performance and placements.The average of 1 m2 is required from 50 to 120 watts.When a quality thermal insulation and fewer boxes, you can select a smaller number of sections, with at least qualitative - more.The height of the ribs depends on the installation location, but with a decrease in height of two times the amount necessary to increase the half sections.

We have considered different aluminum radiators, which is better, you can read reviews on the set of resources and within the online stores of customers.But it is also possible to make these batteries in decreasing order of effectiveness:

  1. bimetallic copper center tube (cell);
  2. anodized aluminum;
  3. aluminum;
  4. bimetallic with a steel pipe.

been described all commercially available aluminum battery, which is obviously better.The latter type, anodized.They are more durable and the most expensive, because they are more difficult to produce.

Bimetallic aluminum-copper

Bimetallic aluminum-copper

Choice brand

choosing for his house, aluminum radiators, which is best manufacturers need to have to know, because it affects their life.Today there are many companies that supply these products, but the most common are the Italian brand FERROLY, SIRA and Global.Radiators of these brands can withstand operating pressures up to 20 atmospheres.Among the Russian manufacturers of mono select company RIFAR.Its products can also withstand pressure up to 20 bar, and is a full copy of the Italian brand Global.


Steel radiators are construction of two profile sheet steel covered with polymeric paint system and steel pipes, connected in parallel.On sale are very different in size and performance of steel radiators, which is best depends on the quality of its performance and size.They are commercially available in at least four forms of factor both in height and width.That's why they got the greatest distribution.Furthermore, they are much lower than previously described.Because of their shape, they also have the name of the panel radiators, which is best one to use for a private home, it depends on the area of ​​heated space and interior.After all, they can be of different color colorings.

Set of steel radiators

Set of steel radiators

advantage of steel radiators is a possibility of heating the coolant to the 1100S at operating pressures up to 10 atmospheres.Available as a panel radiators and tubular.The latter thus can withstand pressures up to 15 atmospheres, but it is not enough to be used in central heating systems in apartment buildings.

most common manufacturers of steel radiators are:

  • German companies and Buderus Kermi;
  • Czech - Korado;
  • Finnish - PURMO.

products of all manufacturers have the same parameters of the working pressure, which is about 10 atmospheres, and is a honeycomb structure.


Cast iron radiators on legs

cast iron radiators on legs

Cast-iron batteries are all well-known types of radiators.They have a good indicator of accumulation of heat, but less heat dissipation due to its powder structure.Iron slowest heats up and cools down as slowly.Today, they continue to sell in our market and, as a standard, actively installed in apartment buildings up to 15 floors.Over they are not suitable because the pressure must be higher than this figure.Among the lineup are a variety of forms and shapes.Suspended and standing on legs, round and rectangular.Whatever the cast iron radiators, which is best one to choose?The question is not relevant, because the performance in all same types and does not depend on the shape.

In an apartment, more than 15 floors, the construction of the use of aluminum radiators as iron is not recommended.Because when hydroblows that are created when you turn on the system, they may burst.The best option would be bi-known brands or anodized.The latter have different parameters such as thermal conductivity, and the reliability.