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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make pyrolysis boiler own hands - step by step instructions and drawings

Pyrolysis - boiler Unfortunately, the process of "gasification All Russia" is still far from complete.Installation of the heat generator in a private home, working from the mains - not a cheap option, given the existing tariffs on e / energy and infinite growth.Probably mainly for this reason it does not fall in popularity Boilers, one of the varieties which are pyrolysis model (another name - gas generators).

How and what your own hands to collect pyrolysis boiler for domestic use with his own hands - the theme of the present article, the instructions.

The principle of pyrolysis boilers

High efficiency, hence fuel economy in these settings achieved by dividing the combustion chamber into 2 compartments.The design of the pyrolysis furnace a few.For example, this.

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upper chamber. It made loading of fuel and its combustion.Feature is necessary to ensure that a lack of oxygen.Under this condition, the product slows down the decomposition process, and in fact, it occurs only charring (efficiency of spending!) And is initiated by flatulence.Actually, this is what is called pyrolysis.

lower chamber.It volatiles coming from the first compartment 1, due to which additional feed air burn, releasing heat.Only a small part of it is spent on the maintenance of the pyrolysis process, and everything else goes into heating the coolant.

How it is implemented practically in such a model, if by definition gases rush up?The pyrolysis boilers mandatory structural element is a blower (blowing fans, exhaust fans - there are different names, but the essence is the same).

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Figure illustrates well the basic duty cycles of pyrolysis boiler.

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In some models of cameras are located on the same level.

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Actually, it's not an engineering decision, and in the assembly of the installation, which can be implemented pyrolysis process, that is to provide long-term fuel combustion.A selection of a particular scheme - at the discretion of the master.

Features pyrolysis boiler manufacturing


housing pyrolysis boiler is best done from the steel sheet (2 mm, depending on the rated power).Models boilers, which are assembled from thick-walled pipe, hardly suitable for heating the private home.Mainly such facilities are heated by various utility rooms, garages or makeshift.

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more overall Pyrolysis boilers are mounted on the model of the majority of heat generators - rectangular.In some cases, if the model is powerful, its wall (inside) it is advisable to lay out the fireclay brick.

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Dimensions pyrolysis boilers

One of the most interesting and "mysterious" issues on this topic.All calculations are made for a particular home, its heating system with all its nuances, diagrams and so on.The author will not result in mathematical calculations and asked to take a word.Designing pyrolysis boiler is best left to a professional.documentation development costs money, but in any case it is cheaper purchase installation of industrial manufacturing.

And when you consider that the errors in the calculations entail additional costs (and very tangible) associated with all sorts of alterations and upgrades, the feasibility of such a solution is more than obvious.

Basic engineering solutions

specificity of Operating pyrolysis boilers

Without knowing some of the nuances of using such equipment taken for making such a model heat generator hassense.

pretty "hard" fuel burn humidity criteria. example, the maximum value of firewood - 33 ± 2%.What is the reason?An increase in temperature initiates evaporation of the moisture contained in the product.Naturally, the couple begins to mix with the pyrolysis gases and adversely affect the intensity of the combustion process.The use of wet fuel dramatically reduces the efficiency of the plant.

Not all varieties of solid fuel suitable for combustion in boilers pyrolysis. Taking into account the specifics of their work, you can only use materials, characterized by high gas formation during combustion.Lack of volatile substances affects the operational efficiency of the pyrolysis models.Simply put, a lot of firewood is consumed, and the minimal sense.

for home heating boiler so it is advisable to use dry wood and its waste, pellets, briquettes, charcoal (but only brown).Adding individual structural improvements in the scheme of pyrolysis boiler allows to heat coke and some brands of coal (eg, "Oreh1").

Finally, you can specify that the cheapest model (with low power) is between 48 000 rubles.Finally, you can specify that the cheapest model (with low power) is between 48 000 rubles.And yet the fact that such a pyrolysis installation is completely satisfied with the host.For example, the dimensions in accordance with the chosen location for installation.If you think about it, the production of pyrolytic boiler with his hands, according to individual drawings - a good solution to the problem of heating private houses, especially if you can not connect it to the mains gas supply.