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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to cover the house siding

How to cover the siding house photo

How to cover the house siding.

If work on the facing of the facade - siding - is made beautiful by the house indifferently not pass.The house is no longer any need to repaint or process by various means.Siding will not obluplyatsya, otschiplyatsya, is covered with moss and rots.Cope with any cladding facade.We need only experience on household tools.Everything is done easily and quickly.Elementary in conjunction siding panels made interesting and convenient.Now we shall understand how to cover the house siding.

1. Prepare the facade: spare him from unnecessary items.Eliminate anything that comes into contact with the wall and will prevent you to mount.It can be shrubs, trees, gutters, fixing lights and so on.

Crate needed in all areas of the siding installation.In particular, around the windows, around doors, in the corners.

2. Between the planks keep a distance of about 40 cm. If your region, strong winds, the 20 cm. Nail up or fasten screws to the wall.

3. Planks strengthen vertically, if you have chosen a horizontal siding.And, accordingly, vice versa.Although vertical siding panel mounted extremely rare.

4. Around the openings of doors and windows, use Korotyshev perpendicular to the main grid.

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So, crate installed siding.It all starts with the starter strip installation.Place it horizontally around the perimeter of the building.Then all the joints can overlap.It is useful to the H-profile.And on the corners, or an internal need or flashy area.

5. After the auxiliary profiles proceed to the installation of the main panels.The lock starter strip, insert the lower edge of the next panel.The upper edge of the nail to the wall (crate) aluminum nails with wide hats.

Nails need to score strictly in the middle of the slots, the distance between the nails from 200 to 500 cm. Depending on the wind in your area.

6. Try positioning panel without tension directly.Suppose they do not warp in the future.
before installing the final panel nailed the final profile.Therefore, the final panel is cut to the desired width and slides into the final profile.

What you need to remember to cover the house siding right?

1. Do not hammer the nail all the way.In the nail head and the panel, leave 1 cm. The siding panels horizontally should be easy to navigate.

2. On the front panel of the nails do not score!

2. When the shutters have imagined to do, it is done in the panels holes 5mm longer than the fixing bolts.