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August 12, 2017 18:08

Structural elements of the roof , the device

Structural elements of the roof What are the structural elements of the roof are

The components of the roof elements are the rafters, purlins and rail, ie the roof.

Chutes and ribs - a sloping surface.For the horizontal components are horse, valley and valley.To the lower edge of the ramp to organize the run-off, in some cases, use of the gutter.The lower part of the slope, located between the groove and edged, is called the descent.You can call it a key element of the roof.

Wooden roof frame is represented by the following structural elements: basic and mandatory - mauerlat, rafters and battens, and ancillary - tightening, rack and braces.

mauerlat, popularly referred to as the "queen", "Matica", is a timber having a cross-section of at least 10 x 10 cm or squared with the bottom side of the beam.Mauerlat should be a support for the rafters, and its functions include a uniform load distribution on the exterior walls.On the walls are made of lightweight masonry, lightweight concrete, frame and panel should be over their entire length to lay a continuous mauerlat.

If massive wall made of stone or brick, then under every rafter foot is necessary to enclose having a length of 0.5 m length of timber or logs.At the ends of straps attached to the metal hook, with masonry walls are sealed to 2-3 rows of brick.

rafters of wooden beams, boards, bars are essentially supporting framework of the roof, its foundation.

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Besides rafters - a supporting structure to withstand the weight of the roof, snow and wind pressure.That is why the timber serving for manufacturing trusses must be devoid of any defects were: wormholes vypadnyh knots, rot, cracks in the areas of connection and their length is greater than 0.25 bar length and a depth of 0.25 of its thickness.

In the manufacture of trusses fit boards softwood having a thickness of 40-60 mm, and bars.Timber should be devoid of defects, well dried, with a minimum number of knots.It is allowed to use and logs, but be aware that they are much heavier.

Plank rafters characterized by ease of assembly, as all connections are carried out on a bed of nails with or without inserts and overlays them.Notching, weakening lumber and log construction, in this case, used only for connecting racks to Run and in sleepers sloping rafters.

trusses cross section is due to several factors such as:

load caused by the weight of the roof and the snow;

step rafters;span size;

roof pitch.

-sectional size of the rafters should be selected based on their length and the distance between them.

can fix directly to rafters mauerlat.However, in the case when it is necessary to cover a large span, a main frame elements is insufficient.

In such a situation will help to tighten, counter and struts, both collectively and individually.

important to note that there are two main components of any roof structure: enclosing presented roof and the carrier, or rafters, which are divided into the hanging and naslonnye.

site repair apartments with their own hands.Good luck!