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August 12, 2017 18:05

Effective methods of cockroaches at home

may seem that these insects confront us everywhere.They fill the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets.It is unlikely that will be found at least one person willing to tolerate such a neighborhood.Which method is most effective in order to completely solve the problem of the invasion of cockroaches?The destruction process is complicated by the incredible tenacity of insects, which are able to recover from the most terrible physical damage, barely reaching the water.Fortunately, the human experience, in combination with the achievements of modern chemical industry, allowed to invent a very effective methods of combating cockroaches.
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Practice shows that the most effective medication - an inexpensive boric acid powder.In order to fully process an apartment of 100 square meters, enough to only 150 grams of powder.In favor of the boric acid and the facts it says that it does not represent any danger to domestic animals and humans, and differ full absence of unpleasant odor.Thus, the destruction of cockroaches with boric acid can be carried out by the following methods:

  • all the way to the water awake powder.One touch is enough for the death of the insect, which simply can not do without water.Efficacy is also increased due to the fact that the contact with other affected individual of cockroaches also can lead to death.Less of this approach - cunning cockroaches that quickly aware of the danger;
  • yolk of a raw egg mixed with boric acid and dried.The resulting spheres are arranged in the places where most of cockroaches observed.Cockroaches are incredibly curious, and because this lure shows a huge level of efficiency.Of course, one should not expect that the combination of egg yolks and boric acid in a couple of days completely save you from insects.We'll have to wait about a month before you will notice the results.

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Popular methods

If we talk about the store means, the greatest popularity gained gels, enclosed in large syringes for easy application.The product is ready to use, it should be applied in small drops of gel on the baseboards.These products provide effective destruction of cockroaches at home in just two to three weeks.

Many owners, faced with the problem of the appearance of cockroaches, use special traps.Box Trap is circular in shape, it has several entrances for insects.Trap Center contains the poisonous substance that kills not only a cockroach, in direct contact with him, but all his relatives.Fixing the trap is very convenient, since it is based on the adhesive composition or the special adhesive tape.

The safest method for the hosts is possible to consider the use of sticky traps.Cardboard small houses, inside which a layer of a special strong adhesive.In the center of the trap is the bait in the form of spices, attract cockroaches pleasant smell.When an insect crawls into the trap, it sits firmly on the glue, remaining there to die.

Less control cockroaches in multifamily housing is that the insects often come from neighbors, using the gap between the pipes or ceilings, as well as inter-panel joints.Thus, the maximum efficiency of the fight could be achieved if with you will be engaged in bullying and neighbors.Otherwise, it will have to tightly seal all the cracks to prevent neighboring insects get into your home.