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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to find a good team for the repair of apartments - the basic rules and tips

When carrying out any repair key point is the selection of the team, which will be entrusted with the repair of your apartment.Advertising, pasted on the entrances, or newspaper ads as a major source of information can not be viewed.It is necessary to make inquiries among colleagues or friends.If there is a team, which speak positively several people, it deserves attention.Much more difficult is the option when you have to start a relationship with a team of completely unknown.It can only help the intuition and experience, which will help you to choose the best team for the repair.

before working

In the first stage, when you have yet to do repairs in the design, you must ensure integrity of the workers.A good test in this respect may be unrealistic requests on your part about the layout and interior.If even such a seemingly fantastic wishes, give you the assurance of being able to perform all of this, then for you it should be the warning sign.It is worth thinking about why the team is ready to take the implementation of even the most madcap plans.

pick - a - team

Many can tell you himself the appearance of the workers.If there are traces on the face of the abundant libations and fume knocks down, then communicate with people not worth it.

immediately should define the settlement procedure in the works.The best option is to pay the entire agreed amount for the execution of works after their completion.However, if such an agreement can not be reached, then the entire body of work can be divided into stages, on the carrying out of which payments may be made to any particular part of the total cost of the work.If the workers insist on the principle of prepayment, then think about the seriousness of these people, and may even give up your intention to start some kind of relationship with them.

During the works

Remember that you are the owner of the apartment and you will always have the right to refuse service team in the event that the workers do not fulfill your requirements.Feel free to put questions about the work, to delve into all the details, specify any details.From the outset, carefully check the work progress and the planned year.Point out all the flaws, even the most minor noticed you.Remember that the most important thing for you is the quality of the repair.

react adequately to complaints of workers.And if they say that your walls or ceiling in a terrible state, sweep myself as any Chief: declare that skilled craftsmen every impossible task to be able to do.

Repair - apartments

often happens that the apartment is available on a work day and night, when they have an opportunity to do something outside.It is necessary to control than they actually do.If you are very busy, you should not hesitate to ask for help from family, friends or neighbors.

often old ladies on the benches at the entrances can tell you about their observations, the intensity of work, about cigarette breaks frequency.You should ensure that the workers were constantly busy, to avoid jerks in the repair when the work is punctuated by periods of inactivity.

Highlights repairs are made in the timing of delivery facilities and the cost of work.For myself, you know that whatever the condition of the apartment before repair, the actual duration will always be greater than anticipated.However, the workers demand compliance schedule with all possible for you to rigidity.You can even refer to the legislation under which the duration of such work does not exceed three mesyatsev.Sdelat the right choice will help you a video in which a professional tells about all the nuances: