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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mobile air conditioner without duct

A mobile air conditioner without an air duct is a convenient household appliance for cooling and air conditioning. Its main advantage is the ability to install it indoors without laborious preparation and installation - mobile air conditioners do not require a connection to an air duct and a hose to drain condensate. According to the principle of their operation, they are called evaporative air conditioners. ig viewer

Mobile air conditioner for duct

Mobile air conditioner for duct

Principle of operation and working conditions

Think of the feeling of coolness after swimming on a hot day, when a light breeze blows on wet skin. In this case, a physical process of water evaporation occurs, and the result of this process is a sharp absorption of heat from the environment. Air cooling in evaporative air conditioners is based on this property of water: to absorb heat during the transition from a liquid to a gaseous state.

The air conditioner has a sponge filter that absorbs water from a special reservoir. The air blown by the fan passes through this filter and evaporates the moisture from it. At the same time, heat is absorbed, and the air passing through the air conditioner is cooled. Maximum efficiency is achieved when the room temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius.

The principle of operation of a mobile air conditioner

The principle of operation of a mobile air conditioner

Mobile air conditioners are available in floor-standing design. They do not require the supply of air from the street through the duct, however, the supply of fresh air allows not only to cool, but also to refresh the air, to normalize its humidity. Therefore, it is not recommended to use such air conditioners in tightly closed rooms and basements - the air, even after cooling by a few degrees, will remain stale.

Advantages of mobile air conditioners

In addition to mobility, which makes it easy to move a mobile air conditioner from one room to another, there are a number of other positive features of the device:

  • Compact dimensions allow you to install it in any room;
  • Mobile air conditioners are designed to cool rooms up to 25 square meters;
  • The temperature decrease in the evaporation mode occurs gradually, while the air humidity is normalized. With this cooling mode, the risk of cold is minimal.
  • High environmental friendliness of the device: it does not use refrigerants, cooling occurs only due to the evaporation of water;
  • Ease of control - buttons and switches are located on the body of the device, some models are equipped with a remote control;
  • A wide range of models with additional functions: a heater, an air ionizer or an ice container that allows you to quickly reduce the temperature, as well as the ability to work in fan mode;
  • Mobile air conditioners do not require qualified installation and connection to air supply and condensate drainage systems;
  • Low power consumption with high cooling output;
  • Moderate noise level, not exceeding that of the floor fan.

The disadvantages of mobile air conditioners can be attributed only to the inability to work without fresh air.

Choosing a mobile air conditioner

Before you buy a floor-standing mobile air conditioner without an air duct, you need to understand the desired characteristics.

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the maximum area of ​​the room that the device can cool. Most models are designed for rooms up to 20-25 square meters, but there are also more compact air conditioners.
  • The second important characteristic is the list of modes. Mobile air conditioners, depending on the modification, can operate in several modes:
  • Cooling and humidifying mode. Achieved by evaporation of water from the filter.
  • Fast cooling mode. In addition to cooling by evaporation of water, cooling of the air stream as it passes through a container with ice is added. Ice is put into a special tank.
  • Fan mode. Works without using water.
  • Heating mode. The fan blows air through the heating element, which increases the temperature of the air stream.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the possibility to change the intensity of cooling or heating by choosing the fan speed and the power of the heating element.

Mobile air conditioner application

Mobile air conditioner application

  1. If a floor-standing air conditioner without an air duct will be used in different rooms, check its ease of transportation. It is good if the chosen model is equipped not only with wheels, but also with handles on the body, which make it easier to transport. The weight of the air conditioner is also important.
  2. Check if the selected air conditioner is equipped with a condensate evaporation system. If not, you will have to drain it from time to time.
  3. Enjoy the ease of control. The control panel can be either touch-sensitive or mechanical. Some modifications are equipped with a control panel.
  4. Check the noise level according to the passport: 50 dB is a significant background sound, and if the air conditioner will be used constantly, it is worth looking for a model with lower noise values.
  5. The manufacturing company also matters: well-known and well-established brands are distinguished not so much by their high quality as by a wide network of service centers. Therefore, when buying, it is worth clarifying the warranty period and conditions for repairing the air conditioner in case of failure.
  6. Additional options depend on the model, with the increase in functionality the price also increases. Useful options include air filters on the rear panel - they clean the intake air from dust and microparticles, thereby not only extending the life of the air conditioner, but also purifying the air. Modes that allow you to turn off the air conditioner or change its operating modes by timer, as well as regulation of air flows will make the atmosphere in the house comfortable at any time of the day.
Mobile air conditioner device

Mobile air conditioner device