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August 12, 2017 18:06

Can I fill the refrigerator freon their own hands ?

Can I fill the refrigerator freon their own hands ?

refill freon refrigerators with their own hands is not the safest occupation.

By itself, this process is not only harmful, but also dangerous, it does not apply to refrigerator repair, it is more complex and difficult work, which, after all, are best left to the professionals.

If you are confident in their abilities and think you can deal with their own hands, we recommend to carefully read this article, chances are you will find a lot of useful information.

Let us first try to understand what a freon.

Freon belongs to the category of colorless gases that have no smell.

Since gas does not smell and determine its difficult, some people think that oily stains that appear occasionally around the refrigerator, and there is a freon.Of course it is not.

As a rule, this is the oil, not the coolant.In Freon no expiration date itself, but periodically refill the cooling unit with refrigerant is still necessary.

If leaked refrigerant from the refrigerator still occurs, you can spend filling gas, but the problem does not disappear.

And after some time the refrigerator again cease to freeze, which would mean that the gas came out again (which is highly undesirable, even though he has no smell, though harmful and dangerous to human health).

right will, for a start, try to establish the causes of gas leaks, carry out the fault, and only then to carry out refrigerant filling.

Unfortunately, modern manufacturers produce refrigerators, working mainly on stamps of explosive gases.

example, P600 gas is extremely dangerous and its dressing not only requires a lot of experience in this field, but also a careful observance of all safety measures.

So before you charge the system, you need to check what kind of refrigerant filled in your refrigerator model.Maybe spend a fill gas is extremely dangerous with his hands in your case.

The video shows the types of gas, the replacement of which is not desirable without control professionals.


should also not forget that the gas used in the refrigerator, you can not change to another type of gas.

Replacement of the same substance produced by the standard procedure: first vakuumirovka carried out in the evaporator system, made it a thorough cleaning from the previous gas residues, and only after this is done downloading the new refrigerant.


  • Security works
  • signs of leakage
  • fix system problems
  • refill freon
  • Useful tips

Security works

If you decide to do all the work yourself, it should be understood thatexchange (direct gas injection), a rather dangerous occupation.

Therefore, you should adhere to certain rules:

  • Replacing Freon is performed only when the refrigerator is switched off;
  • equipment at work must be grounded (earthed and if the safety shutdown is not possible to perform all the work must be carried out in a special area with insulation);
  • When the injection is carried out, or the release of refrigerant, it is necessary to make ventilation of the room at least once every 15 minutes (despite the fact that the gas does not smell, it does not mean that it does not affect human health);
  • No smoking and include heaters;
  • Testing tightness of the system, a special study on the safety rules for the management of refrigeration units operating on freon;
  • soldering joints are carried out exclusively according to the rules of fire safety.

Using these rules will make the process of working with freon as safe as possible to humans.The video clearly shows the process of compliance with safety standards for gas operation.


signs of leakage

If the refrigerator stopped cooling, this is the first indication that there was a freon leak.This is a fairly common failure point when the motor-compressor is working and there is no cooling.

structure of standard domestic refrigerator is rather complicated, the refrigerant is in his system with a different composition.And due to the fact that they have different pressure and cold generation occurs.

search problems, mainly resulting in the identification of irregularities in the sealing system, responsible for pumping coolant.

reasons may be varied, they can be found through visual inspection system.

This search usually reveals damage to the tubes (may occur during transport or rearrangement of the refrigerator), a manufacturing defect in the system (may be caused by poor quality installation or poor materials used in the unit), the wear of the unit for prolonged service life.

The video clearly demonstrated these problems, causing leakage of Freon.
If the cracks are large and easily detected visually, there is not need no smell, and so it is clear that Freon leaked.

But what if there is no visible sign, because this gas does not smell and detect it by smell a leak is impossible?


In this case, you should check whether there is frost on the outside of the tubes (the presence of frost is one of the signs of leakage).

If frost is also not, then we need to test the system with the help of a special device, which has the characteristic name - leak detector (such a device can be found in specialty store).

happens that breaks down and compress itself, in this case, the replacement of freon is also needed.


system problems As previously mentioned, the refrigerant charge will be useless if you do not eliminate the root cause of the leak.Let's try to repair the leak yourself.

Firstly, using a leak detector need to check exactly where leaked freon (but this unit will help only if at least certain number of gas still contained in the system, even in small quantities).

If the gas has flowed completely, it can not do without the valve Schroeder.With it revealed a crack, and then made their rations.

After soldering it is necessary to create a pressure in the pipe to see if the seam will disperse.

pressure can be created by pumping air through the inside of the pipe connected to the compressor (for aluminum tubing pressure should be about 15 atmospheres, copper or steel to about 25 atmospheres).

pressure is adjusted to the desired value, then vented to the outside air.


If the system remains in the moisture, it must be removed using a nitrogen purge.After

system evacuation system is made using a vacuum pump or vacuum-filling station.

repair process is not so complicated, but all the same at the time of work is necessary to be extremely cautious and careful.

The video below is presented in detail the whole process of sealing the cracks.

refill freon

If the problem is only in the elimination of the crack, and the compressor is running, you can start the gas fill.

Take a petrol station and left her holding the connection pipe to the valve Schroeder, medium pipe is connected to the refrigerant cylinder and the right is attached to the vacuum pump (the need to pre-cut off all the valves in the station and on the container).Now it is possible to carry out the air pumping.

Spending opening valves at the gas station and turn on the pump, the pressure could fall to its lowest level (this process lasts 15 to 30 minutes).

charging scheme

After conducting overlapping right valve, carry out valve opening at a gas tank and fill the coolant at such volume as is required for this refrigerator models.Then reimplemented valve.

Now you need to turn on the refrigerator to check the pressure in the system.If everything is in order, do perezhim compressor pipe and hold sealable its ends.

Once again perform a system scan using a leak detector.

Useful tips

Application useful tips will help you to correctly replace freon in refrigerator:
It is important to accurately determine the necessary amount of gas injected.

If the volume is greater than desired, then the coil (an outer portion) is formed condensate.

Do not buy equipment, it is better to hire (buy will cost more than the call specialists and their enjoyment of the entire spectrum of work).

Ask for buying, whether neutral refrigerant you select an action on metals and alloys used in the refrigerator.

freon Buy only from reliable manufacturers, which give a certain guarantee for the goods.

Since gas is pretty bad, it is better not only to carry out work in a room with ventilation (or periodically perform ventilation of the room), but also to wear a special protective mask.

We hope that our guide and tips will help you to correctly and without any problems to hold the fill refrigerant.


Remember that the refrigerant replacement is extremely dangerous occupation, especially for those who are faced with it for the first time.

Therefore, it should be carried out only after a detailed examination of all available information, as well as in compliance with the precautions and fire safety regulations.