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August 12, 2017 18:07

Who should pay for the replacement of the meter ?

One of the most popular situations where it is not clear on which side of the law - the need to change the electric meter and, accordingly, to pay for the work of an electrician and purchase a new instrument accounting.After raising this issue in the management company often starts discussion and, unfortunately, not always the rights of consumers in it, ie,You.You do not know for whose account replacing the electricity meter in a private house, municipal or privatized in the apartment?Then we'll show you who should pay for all waste.

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  • On whose side the law?

reason misunderstandings

Like it or not, but the reason that you do not know who should pay the bill for the replacement of old or faulty electricity meter - is your carelessness.During the signing of the contract between you and the management company, you need to carefully read all of the items of the document.Then you will know that the law Pay me the electricity can produce a management company, but if the treaty itself does not specify the item or be interpreted differently, do not be surprised that in the future will have to pay for all of you.

On whose side the law?

So, clearly stated in the Civil Code, if the apartment is privatized (or cottage), a replacement in case of breakage, installation and maintenance of the meter falls on the shoulders of the landlord.

This fact can be confirmed by referring to Article 210, Part 2, Section 2. Chapter 13, as well as 139 and 140 point of the RF Government Decree № 530 and №354 and №442 to changes for 2015.

Report, which confirms that the owner of the house in the private sector or the apartment itself should pay for services for replacing the electricity meter:

A representative of JSC "Mosenergosbyt»
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However, there is such an obvious question - "If the deviceaccounting of electricity is in an apartment on the staircase, at whose expense will have to change the device? ".Here you can already rely on paragraph 7 of the RF Government Decree № 491, according to which pay for the replacement of the meter must be located in the entrance of the management company.

If the apartment municipal (state-owned), then for that to change the counter, pay energy saving company.Immediately it should be noted one more important caveat - if the apartment building contract with the management company, will have to pay for a replacement for its account.

Installation of photo electric meter

Well, the last thing you have to take into account - to pay for the replacement of the management company for the money will come out only in the event that the electric meter broken or has ended lifetime.If you just decide to replace an individual unit of electricity account for a new one (for example, two-tariff counter), you have to pay yourself, asthe Code clearly states that the device is only changed when defective.By the way, check the electric meter on the serviceability you can yourself, follow the link and read the simple instructions.

with useful information about some of the nuances of the replacement meter, you can also see in the video:
As the need to change electricity meters?
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That's all that I wanted to tell you on this occasion.We hope you now know, for whose account replacing the electricity meter in the apartment or private house in 2016.Once again we ask you to carefully read that sign up to then no question, at the expense of someone to pay for the work.

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