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August 12, 2017 18:06

Features of the soft roof

Features of the soft roof

device involves installation of a soft roof flexible finishing materials.For example, shingles, on top of crates.

also used for laying a sufficiently large number of varieties of web material and membranes.

choosing materials, pay attention first to the heat resistance performance, followed by - the mechanical strength, flexibility and elasticity.

It is worth noting that a number of roll production rates lower than the soft tiles.

The main advantages of the materials of such a plan can highlight the high corrosion resistance, durability, water resistance, additional heat and sound insulation.

also flexible roof are convenient in that the paving is not necessary to call the master - a soft type of roofing allows you to perform all their own hands.

However, note that these advantages have a soft roof from trusted manufacturers such as TekhnoNIKOL or TehnoKrov.

Below we look at the most common types of soft materials for installation on the roof, but the first - stop on the roof construction (roofing pie).


  • What is the correct roofing pie?
  • Features and installation of roll materials
  • How to perform a soft tile installation?

What is the correct roofing pie?

To start analyze device roofing pie.This term is usually called all the layers of materials used in the roof structure.

There are two basic kinds of pie under the soft cover, namely, for the installation of insulated roof and cold.

Варианты "пирога"

difference lies in the fact that the roof of the first type main device is complemented by a heater and vent channel, as necessary for the roof space ventilation.

Accordingly, the device of "warm" the pie is more complex and consists of many elements.

most common design includes:

  • rafter (support system);
  • gidrobarer;
  • kontrbrus;
  • crate;
  • OSB plates (continuous layer of a minimum thickness of 10 mm, going after lathing);
  • backsheet;
  • bituminous (soft) tiles;
  • insulation with polypropylene twine;
  • vapor barrier;
  • rough lathing.

Sometimes additionally installed beams across the rafters.

In most cases, this is due to the need to improve the reliability, durability and efficiency of roofing insulation.

use different types of battens devices for soft and slate roof - in our case, preferably solid.

solid sheathing

There are some basic rules for installation of lathing soft cover:

  • have roofs with the inclination angle of 5-10 ° to create crates used solid floor made of plywood or boards with a pitch of 45 mm;
  • if the inclination angle of 10-15 ° - used bar of approximately 45 x 50 mm, plywood;
  • if the slope is greater than 15 ° - necessary to satisfy the previous conditions, but the step is increased to 600 mm;
  • in the areas of overlap and junctions using an additional timber.

Typically, step 100 mm batten enough.The solid layer must be securely attached to the board.

Note that the density of the crates must comply with load on the roof.

pie device for cold roof easier.

It can consist only of the rafters, battens, OSB boards or plywood, carpet underlay.

finalized design directly soft roofing material.

roof material

device is not warmed cake makes sense if the house will live only in the summer.In this case, it is the norm.

problem of this pie - loft insulation against condensation, as well as providing moisture can go outside.In this case it is important not to disturb the air microcirculation.

To do this, you must put a special waterproof film with micro, but be careful when installing in adjacencies.

Features and installation of roll materials

One of the most popular materials for the roof of this category can be called ordinary roofing material, as it is the most inexpensive and simple in terms of styling, and even adjacency zone usually do not cause problems.

Ruberoid Roofing

roofing manufacturing technology involves the use of roofing paper, which is treated on both sides with a cover layer consisting of bitumen and mineral filler.

At the end on the outer part of a special powder is applied.

the downside can be attributed simple roofing fragility.Even if the coating quality, and each rule during installation was carried out, in the best case, the coating will last for about five years.

alternative - coating with the addition of glass fiber or polyester fabric, fiber glass canvas.

His device is also simple, and the roof will need to be replaced or repaired to ten years if you take high-quality rolled products.For example, as evidenced by the feedback from TekhnoNIKOL.

When calculating the required quantity of material must be observed such a rule: 100 m2 will need 110 m2 of roofing material.

Technology laying roll production is quite simple.Usually it does not cause problems device.


first unwind roll and leave it for a day.Further, it is desirable to ogruntovat flooring.Glued roofing material on mastic.

During installation cover must be put in at least 2 layers, such a rule provides greater durability and reliability.

The adjacency zone to the walls 3 layer stack better to improve insulation.Cover with Coating of large stele on top, and with a small - inside the pie.

For installation of roofing and subsequent repair of the roof, you can use a roofing torch.The equipment consists of a metallic glass with a handle and nozzle.

Burner for roofing

device runs on gas (usually propane), which enters the body through a hose.propane consumption savings provided by a special gear.

also used propane flow control device of regime change.

Another type of roll products is a wide range of facing materials, which are easy to handle as the entire roof and difficult areas.For example, the adjacency places to a wall or chimney.

Among manufacturers surfaced roofing coatings can be identified TekhnoNIKOL, Petrofleks and others. This type is made on the basis of leaf rot-and is essential for laying the roof membrane.

As for consumption, the rate is about 400 g / m2.

surfaced roofing The advantages include the simplicity of the device, durability (service life is up to 30 years), high strength and elasticity, water resistance, resistance to sudden changes in temperature, as well as the fact that this coating is suitable for flat roofs.

When repairing the roof will need to be applied one layer, while the surface is new - at least 2. Particular attention should be paid to the area of ​​adjacency to the walls.

For installation by fusing need propane torch, but you can use and alternative - to fix a layer of mastic or using conventional mechanical means.

How to perform a soft tile installation?

Shingles unlike roll varieties carried out in the form of small flat sheets, more convenient for installation.

Soft tiles

The market is now a huge selection of shingles with different characteristics from leading manufacturers such as Rufleks, TekhnoNIKOL and others.

Various card colors and textures allows you to make a soft roof the most appropriate to the overall design of the house.

When working with soft tile well and that the rate does not include Coverage greater than the actual area.

Also in contrast to the above-described kind of roll roofing lifespan soft tile is much larger and is about 15-20 years.

However, not all roofs are suitable for laying of the roofing material - a minimum slope should be 10 degrees, but the device allows the material to put it even on vertical surfaces.


The most relevant of such roofing material for roofing is non-standard forms, for example, dome-shaped.This added advantage of soft tile will be a certain level of noise reduction.

Technology soft roofing with shingles requires careful preparation, properly made the cake, and careful choice of materials.

All this is necessary for the long life and high-quality roof installation.

Do not buy too thin sheets, the optimal thickness - 3 mm.

through mandatory plank carpet backing, fixed with nails.On top of a layer of primer.

For installation of tile most important thing - it is strictly laid perpendicular to the edge of the roof, or the appearance of the house will be ruined.

eaves, edges, chimneys, as well as areas of contiguity better protect the metal bars.Next, the entire surface must be primed.

Metal slats

To consolidate its foundations need to "activate", for which you will need a propane torch.

Gently heat the lower part of the material that the film could melt evenly, otherwise the roof is leaking.Top fasten the device with special clamps.

Particularly noteworthy joints.Most often, the sheets are cut straight, but you must do it in the dark edge of the image.

Thus, soft roofing with soft tile is more complex, but at the same time and more reliable.