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August 12, 2017 18:06

Plastic rings for wells

Plastic rings for wells

Plastic with expanding the scope of use every year.Today the increasing popularity got plastic rings for wells, which are durable and lightweight.

Previously, plastic was characterized by relatively low frost, so in Russia it is practically not used.

Through the use of new technologies in plastics production could create new species that are able to tolerate any conditions.

Features arrangement and plastic

previously collected from the wells of reinforced concrete rings that have a small height.As a result, it was necessary to seal joints available.

tightness over time is reduced, resulting in contaminated water, the water begins to fall, which can not be used for drinking.

Plastic rings for drinking water wells can completely solve the problem.

Due to high competition in the market, you can easily purchase the required size design with complete isolation to easily mount the piping.

Plastic rings for wells in the country will be different high wear resistance and durability, which prolongs the life of up to 50 years.


materials from which create designs, are polyethylene, polypropylene.

They are chemically inert, which determines resistance to various aggressive environments.During the production constructions do not use recycled materials.

As with any design of plastic Pit rings are resistant to corrosion.

Due to the unique manufacturing technology and materials, was able to significantly expand the temperature range in which it is possible to use a plastic ring well.

Now you can not worry about the state of water in the well, or even at 50 -70 degrees outside.

Another advantage of plastic is its non-hygroscopicity, that is, it can not absorb water.As a result, you do not have to create an additional waterproofing.

Rings for wells

its light weight plastic construction is now possible to create a well without the use of special equipment, which is required when installing the well of reinforced concrete rings.

As a result - you can save significant money.

Area of ​​use:

  1. Create inspection structures;
  2. Installation serviced wells;
  3. Creating structures for the gas pipeline;
  4. Creating sand traps.

Well of plastic rings must have several components: top, body and bottom.The upper part should look like dull cover or grating hatch.

It will prevent water pollution.The body is mine pit corrugated pipe, which is made of PVC.

sections are connected together by a thread that allows you to quickly carry out the replacement of the ring if necessary.

This design will compensate for the impact of the ground in the winter.

bottom can be deaf or contain elements that allow the isolation of various liquids.

Before the construction work necessary to gidrogeolorazvedku.

It will determine the depth of the aquifer and soil type.The data obtained will allow to carry out the installation with the help of a public or private way.

Open method is used in the case of clay soil.It involves the creation of shafts with a diameter greater than the diameter of the ring.

On its bottom must be put a pillow in the form of rubble.Plastic rings for the well must be installed on it.


Before twisting elements, lubricate the threads with silicone sealant.

This will avoid leakage of harmful substances.

space between the ring and the shaft need to fill up with gravel or sand, which will be an external filter.

At the bottom of the well, you must also fill sand or gravel, performing the role of the internal filter.Well covered with a lid.

If the site loose soil, the well of the plastic rings to create a closed manner.Here mine depth should not exceed 100 cm.

Its diameter must also exceed the diameter of the ring.You must install the ring below ground level, and then select the soil underneath.

further installation process is similar to the open type.

What are the prices and where to buy?

Buy plastic ring well today is not difficult.On the market there was a lot of competition, so you can easily find the right size.

This material can not only simplify the process of creating wells, but also to make it less expensive.

This life of the structure will be significantly increased due to the unique properties of plastic.Well corrugated pipe

Price plastic rings for wells depends on the size and material of which the structure is made.The most common size is the diameter of 80 cm and 90 cm.

production of thin-walled polyethylene will have a value of 14 thousand per meter, but the ring of other plastics can be purchased for 6000.

cover will need to be bought separately, its value is in the range from 2 to 3 thousand rubles.

If no companies are engaged in the production of plastic constructions, their price will be higher in your area, because transportation costs will be required.