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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mansard roof were constructed with their own hands

Mansard roof were constructed with their own hands

construction of the roof cost is 25-35% of the cost of building the entire home, and the cost of works is 50-80% of the price of materials, so if you build a mansard roof with his hands, the savings can amount to 15% of the total budget.

mansard called any roof, under which there are facilities, height livable (loft or attic).

device mansard roof - a complex and painstaking work.

in industrial construction installation of the roof is made when drawings depict each node, fastening parts and parts with the recommendations themselves sizes.

Builders are not thinking about the roof of the device, whether the load is calculated correctly, their task - to build a frame templates vypilivaya parts and bonding them together, and the locking system of the roof elements is also available.

To understand how to make a roof terrace, have to examine video, photo, and master the theoretical part.



  • mansard roof structure
  • Preparations
  • procedure for collection framework

mansard roof structure

comfortable ceiling height for the dwelling of 2.5 m and above.Walls attic floor are most often eaves, so it is necessary to ensure their insulation.

top of mansard roof - a horse, a beam lying parallel to the plane of the floor at home, and is the highest point of the roof.The edges of the roof rafters are called.

descend from the ridge ridge (upper) rafters.Attic floor joists connected bases of left and right ridge trusses same roof section.

Varieties roofs

Racks (section bars 100x100) fixed to the floor slabs at a right angle at a distance of 0.8-1.5 m from the exterior wall.

The higher the rack, and the closer they are placed to the walls of the house, the greater will be the living space of the attic.

side (bottom) are from the rafters of the mount to the attic beams mauerlat.Each section consists of a mansard roof trusses two ridge and two side on each side.

system of similar trusses forms a ramp - or side of the ridge.

most used version of a mansard roof - a broken gable roof.In this case, the ridge and lateral rafter in connection points form an obtuse angle.

If they lie on the same straight line, then the surface it looks like a classic gable roof.

taken into account for future roofing materials and climatic conditions, it can be 15 to 45 degrees In the calculation of slope.The greater the slope, the snow will linger less.

in regions with little snow a broken roof of a house can be quite shallow.


In areas with strong winds ramp recommended enough gentle and to provide additional strengthening from the rafters high wind loads.

Standard deviation rays - 30-35 degrees.


mansard roof is planned before the laying of overlap between the first and attic floor.

If the ceiling you will have wooden beams, it is necessary to provide a cross-section of the beam and the distance between the beams so that they stand the permissible load for the housing of the second floor.

section beams usually is from 150 cm in length and up to 6 m. These beams are arranged with a distance of 80-90 cm from each other.


system is that the longer the bar, the greater the load it will experience in the middle.The pressure will create the floor itself attic floor, furniture, and, in fact, the tenants.

Even if the attic is planned under the lounges is unfurnished, floor beams measuring less than 120 cm, arranged with a distance of 100 cm from each other, are undesirable.

ensure reliable device correctly selected for the mansard roof materials.

heavier roofing materials will be, and the longer the frame sloping roof, the greater the need for a cross-section of the beam, from which you can build a frame.

60x120 section is usually used, see 60h100.

In many photos there is no device on the outside of the reinforcing belt bearing walls, when it is planned sloping ceilings.

weight distribution system is that the burden rests on the roof joists, and they, in turn, transfer this and your weight on your wall.

Gable roof storey structure is much easier sloping mansard, so enough mauerlat (wooden cladding around the perimeter of the walls below the floor beams).

If the walls of the timber or brick, then mauerlat cope with the fact that the device mansard roofs were reliable.It is important at the stage of construction of the walls provide a device mauerlat fixation.

The area of ​​the attic

system must be reliable.In the case where as the material used for the walls of hollow cinder block or porous foam, provide mounting mauerlat the wall hard.

A good solution would be a concrete reinforcing belt, which at the stage of filling in the level put the rods for installation mauerlat.Its

placed on a substrate of roofing felt or other insulating material and are aligned along the inner edge of the wall.

Before fixing, make sure that the bars forming mauerlat lie strictly parallel.Even a deviation of 2-3 cm will lead to a deflection ramp.

If up to 6 meters wide house (maximum size unsupported interfloor beams), the joists on both ends rests mauerlat.

If the width of the house is more than 6 meters and the house has structural walls perpendicular to the joists overlap, the overlapping set the following system: one is attached to the timber edge mauerlat, and the second - to the inner wall of the carrier, which is already installed mauerlat.

In continuation of this line is placed next bar from the inner wall to the outer opposite mauerlat.The gap between the bars should be not less than 3-4 cm.

If the preliminary work done correctly, then you get a fully complete overlap between the first and attic floors.Now is the time to draw the next frame.

Learning theory start with a photo sloping roof and a video, which filmed the installation mansard roof.

Draw a house from the front, left and right racks, display rafters and calculate angles.To change the mowing a slope to increase or decrease the height of the rack.

Calculate the length of the rafters (the cosine of the angle of inclination, multiplied by the distance from the rack to the projection of the ridge - to the ridge slope, and the cosine of the angle of inclination of the side slope, multiplied by the distance from mauerlat to stand - for the side rafters).

sloping ceilings

Watch the video of different mounting options the boards together.Quality mount will provide a reliable framework.

If climatic conditions are extremely high overload sloping winds, and the width of the house does not allow much space to allocate for the unused space behind the counter, it is possible to reduce the height of the rack and after the completion of the installation of built-in cabinets to hold the entire perimeter of the side walls of the attic.

Procedure carcass collection

roof frame is made only from quality wood.The main feature of "stale" tree - a dark color.

If you can not buy a dried in an oven wood, purchase the crude, but yet at the stage of construction of the walls.

Fresh wood can not be used for the frame - under load it will lose shape and sag.

raw lumber can be dried naturally for six to eight weeks.

For this we spread it clearly on a level with the distance between the beams up to 5 cm. No two boards must not come into contact.Every 75-100 cm beam must rest on a flat surface.


as points of support can be used a cinder block, laid out on flat ground, but in no case can not be used other timber designed for the frame.

In sunny and warm weather, the boards dry naturally, and in rainy weather, they should be covered.Making frame is allowed only from permanently dry wood.

Begin with the installation, making sure to smooth wooden beams and have no cracks and knots are selected for posts and rafters.

sawn wooden blank template of the same type must be treated with a mixture of fire-fighting equipment and preventing the formation of fungus.

The treatment should be carried out twice at an interval of 1-2 days.Installation can begin when the tree has dried after treatment.


Procedure carcass collection steps:

  • Installing racks.Top beams overlap put momentary 5-6 planks 5 cm thick. They form the floor on which it is safe to move.The same size bars are installed on the level of overlap.Please put extreme.Be sure to make sure that the opposing distance between the uprights is equal.Then, between the extreme beams stretched cord.It performs the function of the level by which all others are exhibited.On top of the rack is placed and fixed rail.Now we have a rectangle, which are mounted all the other support.To reduce the precariousness of the structure stands is necessary to liberate the struts to the joists overlap.It stands - the weakest link in the system frame, so pay special attention to their fixation.Rack with joists must be secured with the help of a construction staples size 12-14.When installed the counters, they overlap rasklinte using timber-section of 50-60 cm is necessary to additionally fasten them on the outside of each other with the help of edging boards.;
  • Mounting the upper ramps (gable roof).At the top of the rafters fastened together clips.Ridge rafter rests on the piping racks and secured to the beam attic ceilings.Installation of the upper triangle of the attic should be made only on the ground and lift fully the finished design.The triangle is placed on the rack and attaches to them staples.As soon as the installation is completed the second triangle, it is necessary to connect them in a few places between them.When exposed to all the designs, you can fix them crate;
  • at the top of each side rafters sawed groove depth of 3-4 cm, the plant piping rack in it.groove angle equal to the angle of slope.At the bottom of the lateral groove rafters also made to install it on mauerlat.Due to these two slots rafter unloaded can be unlatched.Prior to application of the load, which will carry the crate, it is necessary to fix the lateral rafter bracket to the trim and mauerlat.Additional fixation is to hold screws, twisted at fixing rafters at an angle;
  • Crate - Edged or unedged board or OSB - is fixed to the rafters with screws.The edges of the ramps should be smooth.The distance between the components of the batten depends on roof.For Slate allowed distance of 3-4 cm, and require continuous lath for shingles;
  • remains to construct gables and warm rays and a broken mansard roof ready.

During the implementation of each step taking photos and video.This will help to understand the error if the result is not satisfactory.


For work you need the tools:

  • hammers of different sizes;
  • screwdriver;
  • circular saw;
  • pliers and small carpenter's tool.


also require consumables:

  • size staples 12 or 14;
  • screws for wood lengths of 45-50 cm and a length of 150 crates for additional fixation of rafters;
  • gidrobarer;
  • staple gun;
  • as insurance - belt adjuster.

better call for help 2-3 helpers (really do cut yourself on the ground, but the installation of structures at a height can not be made alone).

outlined the system allows you to calculate the frame and make installation of the attic, even without experience and expertise.Mansard roof with his hands easily mounted in 2-3 weeks.