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August 12, 2017 18:06

Lesson for whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

Lesson for whitewashing the ceiling with his hands

During the repair inevitably raises a question that needs to be done in order to whitewash the ceiling with his hands went right?

Despite the variety of finishes, whitewash popular.Fresh surface adds to the comfort room, it is important to apply a layer of the coating.


  • Preparing for whitewashing
  • The whitewash the ceiling?
    • Cretaceous solution
    • mortar
  • Whitewashing the ceiling
  • Covering the ceiling latex paint

Preparing for whitewashing

Preparing to whitewash the ceiling - a very important step, and it can not miss.Otherwise osypletsya cover, and all the labors in vain.

first need to close the gender film.Furniture that is indoors, should also cover.

To blur the surface, you need to prepare a warm soap solution.Conduct of work can be a special roller, brush, sponge, spray.

Immediately entire ceiling is not necessary to wet the surface.It is recommended to divide it into portions and treating each section in turn.


Once applied to the surface of the liquid, it is necessary to wait until the old coating absorbs moisture and razmoknet.Old whitewash should be removed with a hard trowel.

to the old coating is not fluttering around the room, you can collect it in a tray.What is left after cleaning spatula, removed with a damp sponge.

In preparing the ceiling should carefully remove the remnants of the old whitewash.If this is not done, the new coating will be of poor quality.

sure to remove dirt, grease, soot.This can again walk soap.

Once the ceiling is cleared from the various stains and old plaster, it needs to be properly treated with a special composition.It will prevent the emergence and spread of the fungus.

If the surface is, the joints of plates, they must glue tape.All cracks, irregularities should be putty.

When the putty dries, you can walk on it with sandpaper to smooth out all the bumps.

One should treat the ceiling primed to defects are not apparent on the new ceiling.

How to wash whitewash

Strongly recommended lime brown ceiling covered in chalk, and vice versa.

To find out what covers the surface, you need to wet the old cover and hold your finger on it.

lime wash does not leave traces.Cretaceous whitewashing erased and leave finger marks.What you need to do in order to preparation to the ceiling whitewashing passed correctly, you can clearly see on the video.

The whitewash the ceiling?

ceiling whitewash coating has advantages over other types of surface decoration.After whitewashing the ceiling is not closed pores.Through them absorbs and evaporates moisture.

In addition, the coating has disinfectant properties.

Definitely can not answer the question, which cover better - whitewash the ceiling chalk, lime or latex paint.

Each cover has its own characteristics:

  • Mel - a natural material, which has long been used by man in various fields.It is selected, if you want to create the atmosphere of the room fresh, bright white;
  • Lime - has antibacterial properties.If the surface is cracked, the lime they can disguise.To achieve a beautiful bluish tint to the solution was added a few drops of methylene blue;
  • latex paint - this type of coverage will serve a long time.When choosing colors can use any color depending on the interior.


solution to chalk whitewash, you need to prepare a chalky solution - need 5 liters of warm water.It is necessary to dissolve the 30 g of glue joinery and 3 kg of chalk.

Chalk need to advance to sift, to avoid unnecessary inclusions.

Cretaceous whitewashing

The ready solution is necessary to add a few drops of methylene blue.It does not give cover to turn yellow over time and accentuate the ceiling white.

That amount of solution can whiten about 11-12 m2 of surface.


in 1 liter of water is needed to dissolve 3 kg of slaked lime.Thereto was added 70-100 g of salt and 200 g alum.

If the surface should have some shade, you should add the dye.All components need to mix well, then pour in the water.The total amount must be 10 liters.

Before applying the mortar on the ceiling surface should be moistened.Since lime is better to go to bed.For moisture, you can use a spray bottle.

Slaked lime

to lime or chalk, is not enough to prepare a solution, which will be covered with the surface.It is necessary to prepare a number of tools.need brushes, rollers for the ceiling treatment.

can apply the spray gun, a vacuum cleaner that has a function of blowing air.

brush, which will be applied whitewashing, you need to prepare.

Before working it is recommended a couple of hours to soak in warm water.

Thus handle wood swells, the bristles are secured.At work, they will not remain on the ceiling.

When using roller whitewashing will be faster.Spray in small spaces are not recommended, as the solution will fall not only on the ceiling but also on the walls, the floor, the surrounding objects.

Whitewashing the ceiling

ceiling whitewash brush can be for those who have the skills for such work.If you do not have skills, it is better to use a roller.Before you apply the mixture, it is necessary to mix well.

only way tint the surface is uniform.On the roller does not need to type a lot solution.The coating should be thin.

After applying the first layer of the ceiling should be dry.On a dry surface can be applied to the second layer.


When you work with a brush is applied to the first layer along the visible sunlight.Once dry, apply a second layer - across the beams.Since the coating is smooth, brush strokes will not be noticeable.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands, using a vacuum cleaner, provides a flat surface, whitewashing lies perfectly.To carry out the work necessary to have a vacuum cleaner with the air blowing function.

Most often this technique, the bundle includes a special cover with tubes.It needs to be put on the bank, in which the solution is poured, and connect the hose of a vacuum cleaner - get the composition dispenser.

solution under pressurized air is drawn into the tube, and then jetted out.

When applying the whitewash with a sprayer, the solution should be mixed thoroughly.It is important to avoid the emergence of drops on the ceiling, because after their divorce will remain on the surface.

When spraying the mixture is applied in a circular motion.After deposition of one layer must dry whitewash.The next layer is applied to the dried out the ceiling.

If there are irregularities, defects, the whitewash with a vacuum cleaner will help hide them, because on the ceiling will be 3 or 4 layers of whitewash.

Covering the ceiling latex paint

latex paint can be applied to the surface of a very thin layer and to obtain uniform staining.

application of this coating on the ceiling has many advantages:

  • paint dries quickly, already after 2 hours after application ceiling ready for use;
  • paint has a sharp specific smell, so leave the house to tenants at the time of painting works is not necessary;
  • vodoemulsionku does not contain harmful substances that have a negative impact on human health, animals;
  • This paint can be covered with any surface;
  • latex paint will wash off easily with the hands, surfaces, if she did not have time to dry;
  • Thanks latex components, vodoemulsionku has water-repellent properties, it can be treated with water.

Paint consumption to calculate simple - this information is usually indicated by the manufacturer on the bank.From these data may be a slight deviation.

It depends on how much the surface will absorb.

When working with water-based paint is recommended to use a roller.But you need to choose not foam and fur.Roller of foam strongly absorbs paint.

addition, during operation, it forms bubbles.

a brush to paint the ceiling is not recommended, as it will remain on track, the bristles.From the gun will remain unevenly dyed place.Still have to buy a thin brush.

She will need to paint over the places where the roll is difficult to reach.

Before you start staining the ceiling, the surface should be prepared.On the surface of the old coating is removed, while the sprayer is used.

If there are cracks, defects, they should be primed and proshpaklevat.

recommended that you read the instructions carefully before applying the paint.There vodoemulsionku to be diluted with water by 5-10%.

Once the paint is ready, it is worth a brush to paint the ceiling around the perimeter.Then you can start to paint roller and not to worry, that the walls are covered in paint.


recommended to apply two layers vodoemulsionku.Since the coating will be uniform.

Before applying the paint on the ceiling of a roller tool is lowered into the paint and well-pressed.

Experts recommend paint roller on which a minimal amount of paint.

often better to dip the roller into vodoemulsionku.

When painting to press hard on the cushion can not be to avoid drips formed.After drying the first layer is necessary to put the second and third.

This video shows how to cover the ceiling vodoemulsionkoy.