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August 12, 2017 18:06

Practical fence of corrugated their own hands

Practical fence of corrugated their own hands

Build a fence of corrugated board with your hands - it means to make a choice in favor of practicality, reliability and durability.

Decking material cost, both in money and in time-consuming to work with him.

Make a fence made of this material can be himself, without the help of professionals.

variety of colors, types of additional elements will enable it to pick up any interior garden.

durable material, fine saves from noise and dust, durable, perfectly protect the land or garden of a private house of strangers.Let us step by step how to make the fence of corrugated and see photos of drawings.


  • What is needed?
  • The first stage - preparatory
  • second phase - installation of the supporting pillars
  • third phase - installation lateral lag
  • fourth stage - assembling corrugated
  • fifth stage - the completion of works on installation

What is needed?

If you decide to choose this material, do not make a mistake as a fence of corrugated device is quite simple.

fence itself consists of the following components:

  • corrugated sheets;
  • support (metal pipes);
  • rails of metal for cross-bonding;
  • lag - for connection of corrugated board and supports;
  • dowels.

supporting pillars height is determined depending on what will be the height of the fence.

Types of support - round or square, which to choose metal pipes - you decide, they are fixed to the foundation.

In the photo below - sampling scheme.

diagram of the fence

for concrete solution from which the foundation will need to sand, cement, rubble.The foundation is prepared in the following proportions: 1 bucket of cement 2 buckets of sand, 3 buckets of gravel.

to form the foundation, necessarily need a level.

Prepare the tools to screw the screws when you attach the main part to the supports.Consider the stages, how to build a fence of corrugated.

The first stage - preparatory

Like any other, the construction of a fence of corrugated board starts with the preparation of materials, the study of the installation rules.

properly mastered on paper technology will significantly reduce the production of fences to testify.

The first thing to do - is to fence the future markup garden.

measuring the perimeter of the site, you need to calculate how much need the support pillars, given that the distance between them will be 2-3 meters.To

measurements were more accurate, in places where you plan to install supports better use of pegs.Attach firmly in the ground is not necessary.

Between them pull the thread and measure the distance with a tape measure construction.

After the measurements are made, draw a draft of the future garden fence and count the total number of materials that we use.

At this stage you can select the types, colors, sheets of corrugated board.

second phase - installation of the supporting pillars

In advance the marked perimeter of the garden dig holes to a depth of 1.5 meters.To put the support you need exactly vertically directly to the foundation.

Therefore, the installation is accompanied by pouring concrete pipe solution.

Important!Attach support concrete only after level will be tested, how well it is installed.

Foundation supports filled to a depth of 1 meter.The remaining distance they cover with roofing material, covered with sand and left for three days.

In the photo below - scheme of installation of supporting pillars.

The scheme supports for the fence

third phase - installation lateral lag

Mounts placed parallel to each other.

Their number is determined by the barrier height, make at least two.

This amount is sufficient, if the fence does not exceed two meters, otherwise require an additional row.

better to strengthen the joists to the posts welded.

This will ensure reliability and durability.

fourth stage - assembling corrugated

After joists installed, proceed to work with sheets of corrugated board.

Be very careful during the installation, follow the safety instructions in order to avoid cuts.

Attach sheets on the rack can be with screws for metal, but it is better to use metal rivets.

So you warn removal and theft of corrugated board.

the photo fixing fence lag.

Fixing lag

fifth stage - the completion of works on installation

After assembling all parts of the fence is made, it is necessary to process all the elements primer.Paint the fence in two layers in order to prevent corrosion.

This installation work is finished.As we can see, the technology is quite simple and it is possible to set it yourself.

Which is better - to choose a fence of corrugated board with your hands or with the help of specialists - you decide.

Making fence of corrugated board to the video below.


the fence Care is to clean it from dirt.

sheeting is easy to clean any soap.

Detergents containing solvent is not recommended so as not to disturb the structure of the material.