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August 12, 2017 18:06

Various methods of welding polypropylene pipes

Various methods of welding polypropylene pipes

Today welding polypropylene pipes is done in different ways.

new structural materials, including polypropylene, allow you to create reliable and durable water supply arrangements, heating and sanitation.

welding technology polypropylene pipes well established.

purposefully created for the needs of these facilities, which is convenient to handle.In real conditions performed welding of polypropylene pipes with his own hands with the help of a soldering iron.

use of a reception is determined by the situation.

order to qualitatively carry out the installation of the pipeline, it is necessary to know the technical and operational characteristics of products from polypropylene.


  • Features polypropylene pipes
  • Tools for welding
    • Handheld
    • mechanical apparatus
  • technology welding
  • Choice

weld device Features polypropylene pipes

first thingit should be noted, polypropylene pipe is a complex technical product.

Currently, industry produces three types of products:

  • for cold water;
  • for hot water supply;
  • for heating systems.

compared with metal pipes, polypropylene products have a lower weight with equal strength.Connection between the elements is performed by welding.

Apparatus for welding polypropylene pipes allows for the installation of extended communications.

welding machine has a compact size that makes it possible to work in tight spaces.

The inner surface is formed of polypropylene pipes rust, lime deposits, dirt and corrosion does not occur.From reinforced pipes lay heating mains.

The video shows the process of connecting the individual elements when performing the installation of the heating system in a private home.


welding technology polypropylene pipes is simple and accessible for use at home.Set for welding polypropylene tubes containing all the necessary work tools.

In some instances, the soldering iron and a device such as iron pipes for welding polypropylene.With metal pipes such treatment is impossible.

Elementary calculations show that the use of polypropylene parts is much more preferable than metal products.This also applies to a large-diameter pipes, and the most popular sizes.

In order to choose the appropriate type of product, it is necessary to know their classification and labeling.

In the manufacture of the pipe is applied PN designation and numerical code indicates the degree of the maximum pressure that can withstand the product.

Making a choice should be with knowledge of the subject, and then to acquire the device for welding.To perform the installation of the pipes alone, require special equipment.

Tools for welding

Before installation of the pipeline from polypropylene parts need to be properly prepared.

welding device should be selected after the technical documentation on the pipeline system.

The choice is determined by technical parameters and economic considerations:

  • the marginal;
  • ergonomics of the device;
  • cost of the machine.

Installation of products of small diameter up to 63 mm, it is possible to successfully perform a manual machine.If you want to compound large diameter products, from 63 mm, the mechanical devices are used.

This kit for welding polypropylene pipes used for laying of long highways.

The kit includes tools for welding special scissors are designed to cut polypropylene and nozzles of different diameters.

special device for cleaning the surface of the product prior to welding.The surface of the parts it is necessary to degrease.For these purposes the ethyl or isobutyl alcohol.

Acetone can not be used because it loosens polypropylene.heating temperature reaches nearly three hundred degrees.Therefore, the need to use gloves.

The video is presented hand-held device for welding pipes and consistency at work.Connection of elements in a private home is more convenient to carry with it.



By design, the device is a compact product that takes up little space.The main element of the device - is heating the mirror is mounted on the nozzle.

In use such a device is called a soldering iron, or iron.In order to set a certain temperature level, the welding device is equipped with control and adjustment unit.

panel has LED indicators and on-off device keys.Operating temperature for welding parts made of polypropylene ranges from 260 to 280 degrees.

rules of operation of the device are the same as any other electrical device.

main parameters by which you want to choose when buying a device are:

  • power;
  • number of nozzles on the mirror;
  • presence of the base.

more power thermal heating element, the faster heats the nozzle.performance of the device is determined by this parameter.

soldering iron can be mounted on one or more of the nozzle.The amount varies depending on the design of the device and the size of the soldering iron.

Practice shows that completing the connection of the system in his home, will be sufficient to two nozzles.For such systems use tubes with a diameter of 20 mm and 25 mm.

Connection and routing of the pipeline is carried out with the use of the connecting elements, which are called fittings.These products have a different configuration - Area, tees, crosses.

Handle fittings needed as well as with polypropylene pipes.

When welding the reinforced parts in hard to reach places need to strictly maintain the specified period of time to heat up and secure the connection.

Especially for installers who work in their home, a table, and it listed the best modes for heating and joining two elements.

The video shows a portion of the connection details in an uncomfortable place to work.


mechanical apparatus

Welders mechanical type are designed to ensure the connection of large diameter pipes.

mechanical device has a more complex structure than the manual version.

Welder is made up of the following components:

  • reference frame;
  • control unit;
  • grip for pipes;
  • leveling pads;
  • miter saw for pipes;
  • mirror heating.

instrument, despite the complex structure, has a compact design.Installation of the pipe line is performed on the basis of butt welding.

Instruction Manual prescribes a sequence of actions.First performed at trimming the ends of the parts.

pipe then heated, and the melting temperature should reach the threshold.At the final stage of the pipes are connected and pressed tightly to each other.

equipment for pressing is supplied with the unit.

welder having such a device makes it possible to perform welding of polypropylene pipes in the field during installation of heating mains.

The video shows a device for welding large diameter pipes made of polypropylene.


technology welding

equipment for welding works and installation of heating systems and water supply should be prepared in advance.welding technology perfected to the smallest detail.

The entire process consists of three simple steps.First, it is necessary to perform the preparation of the parts.Then heat to melt their status.The melting temperature depends on the type of material.

And the third stage - the connection of two segments.The video shows how it's done.Practice shows that the larger the pipe diameter, the longer it must be warmed.

to connect products of small size is used a soldering iron.Interval heating should be such that a prescribed instruction.

Before turning on the welding machine must be prepared pieces of pipes and fittings.heating device you want to display labels on the walls in the attachment points.


marked marker and the details that will be welded.All the elements that will connect, you need to dry and degrease.They are then inserted into the machine and heated.

soldering iron must have the appropriate temperature.After heating the parts are removed from the nozzles and are connected by uniform motion.Without rotation.


weld device In preparation for the installation of the pipeline, the question arises how the machine for welding choose?

Deciding necessary after evaluating the work front.It is important to calculate the power of the device and the number of nozzles, which are mounted on a soldering iron.

welding time is determined by the capacity of polypropylene pipes.

It is necessary to take into account and the cost of the welding machine.Excess does not make sense to overpay.

But with low-power operation unit may be delayed unnecessarily.