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August 12, 2017 18:08

Acrylic putty - how to return the wooden cover "youth" ?

features acrylic putty

Processing wood putty and elements made of this natural material, takes a little time, but this is the procedure to protect the material from damage, desiccation, cracking.The composition is applied easily, dries quickly, allowing you to quickly respond to the shortcomings found, and not to stop the process of repair work.

solid and water-resistant, filler can be painted in any colors, you pick the perfect color tone of the base material.It is firmly fixed on a wooden surface, on top of the layer can be applied to the water-dispersion paints and varnishes.However, even the best quality and expensive acrylic coating is not only its advantages but also disadvantages.

Cons are not significant and are manifested in specific situations, but it should be said about them.If you have to remove the excess putty, then stock up with sandpaper, it will very quickly come into disrepair, become clogged.Besides "oshkurivat" already applied and dried layer is bad for health, may produce dust that irritates mucous membranes.And, of course, is not a magic coat and huge cracks repaired without flaw can not, it will crack behind a tree, and it will take a second layer.

Use compositions can be inside the room or exterior trim.Putty is usually available in two versions: no pre-tinted (s then given the right tone with the help of formulations) and pre-tinted, which can be run at once.The compositions are easy to apply on a wooden surface, quickly eliminate all the bumps and fill the recess.

Choosing the right putty for wood acrylic allows the repair and reconstruction work almost immediately, correctly prepare the surface for the application of lacquer or additional coats of paint.If a person is important to preserve the original appearance of the product or wooden material, it is this coat will help to eliminate the defects without damaging.

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new wooden doors and windows before installation to be treated with special materials to quickly eliminate all the irregularities and correct deficiencies, and to protect the material from damage.Not sanded surface portion protruding twigs and wood particles look sloppy.

Get rid of the shortcomings can be easily and quickly, putty water-dispersion acrylic help in this, more than anything else.The applied putty can be frozen are not too smooth, to make the surface of such skin will help with fine grains.Major sandpaper useful for the final finishing of the wooden surface.Work with sandpaper is necessary only if the tree is not further covered with a layer of varnish or paint.

feature structure that solidified filler does not absorb stain like a tree.After work covered part will be much to stand out, it is necessary to consider if plans do not cover the painted surface of the wood.

How to apply putty?

Before you start working with putty, with the help of the skins to be processed all visible defects, wood burrs.Following the procedure of dust and debris must be removed from the surface by means of special brushes.Some manufacturers recommend that you first apply putty on wood primer for better adhesion.

accurate motion filled all the gaps and grooves in the material as a filler does not overlap with a thick layer, you need to work carefully.Even the high-quality acrylic putty for wood will not be able to remove a large hole.If the tree rassyhaetsya, easier to replace a part or the whole web.

Using the spatula allows you to control the amount of filler, quickly remove the excess.After solidification the excess material is removed with sandpaper.However, try to avoid machining layer fillings better apply it evenly and enough, without excesses, but that will come with experience.