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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sliding baskets for sliding wardrobes

Sliding baskets for sliding wardrobes

cabinet compartment must not only be attractive from the outside, but comfortable inside.Before you make an order for a particular model, you need to think carefully about how to look inside the closet.

It depends on what kind of things are supposed to be stored in the closet.But

wire basket for sliding wardrobes should be in every closet is depending on the "stuffing", as this accessory is very convenient and allows you to store in the closet variety of things.

Dimensions of cabinets and drawers expediency elements

wardrobe depth can be unbounded, for what the customer is required to use it.

Typically, ordering wardrobe often asked in the upper part of the place the shelf on which to store items that are used infrequently, such as seasonal items, sports equipment or luggage.

addition to clothing in closets coupe quite often store small appliances, ironing board and other things.

For maximum comfort and convenience, the manufacturing company can fill the closet variety of elements, such as racks, stands, pantograph, latticed shelf and wire basket for sliding wardrobes.

convenient and carefully planned location trempel and hangers in the closet will comfortably and carefully preserve all the available clothes in the house.


It is advisable to keep in the closet coupe two rods: short and long, for sweaters, trousers and coats and raincoats.

In the event that a wardrobe has a depth of less than 600 mm, the post-install pipe and pantogrf-lift is not desirable.

Easy roll-out baskets and shelves

If closet has a small depth, in such cases it is stuffed with so-called pull-hangers which are fixed perpendicular to the sliding door.

Shelves for clothes should be separated by at least 30-40 cm.

themselves shelves attach with fasteners made of plastic.Larger boxes inside the wardrobe is very convenient for operation.

They can accommodate a variety of bedding.The air will circulate, thereby winding the blankets and pillows.Buy them can be in any furniture store.

When making a budget version of wardrobe often use shelves or partitions made of particleboard, in conjunction with bars for hangers, the installation of which is at a different height.

The most expensive assembly variants, Coupe cabinets use different drawers, lifting devices for things, as well as mesh or honeycomb basket.

Wardrobe often decorate the outside of the various elements of the decor, but it also depends on the wishes and possibilities of the customer.