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August 12, 2017 18:06

Scavenged plastic window - what to do ?

Scavenged plastic window - what to do ?

windows have a significant margin of safety and durability.

However, during the operation of PVC windows have to deal with some problems that lead to the penetration of outside air into the room with the windows closed.If

blows plastic window, it is better to own than trying to repair it.

This can result in damage to the window, which is a rather complicated structure.

windows consist of several systems and components, health and status which affects the functionality of windows.

plastic windows Purging can be caused by various reasons.

may be weakened clamping mechanisms, was hardening and loss of tightness of window seal, infringement of tightness of construction joints and gaps that were formed during the installation of plastic windows.

The simplest solution is to pasting of PVC windows from the inside with tape and postponing the visit of the master to the warm season.

But the best solution would be a challenge to master, accurate diagnosis and troubleshooting, as well as additional insulation of windows.The decision will have to make their own.


windows are manufactured on the latest technologies, and if suddenly their blows, then it could be either under-qualified installation or in accelerated wear of any assembly or kit.

Therefore it is necessary to carry out periodic inspection of windows and check their functionality, and, if necessary, to cause the master on the house.

By the way, for a competent ventilation indoors, it is recommended to buy - the valve of ventilation, designed specifically for plastic windows.

Typically, the wizard is a viewing window and checking its functionality, while the defined elements responsible for blowing plastic window.

then carried out adjustment and lubrication accessories, change the damage or loss of functionality of the seals carried out the installation of additional contour seal to enhance the warming effect.

sure quality control is carried out sealing construction joints and their tightness.If necessary, a re-sealing.

After this complex work can be stated elimination blowing plastic window.

highly recommended in winter transfer window position before the onset of winter cold.This is done by a simple adjustment fittings.

Basically, eccentrics are turned on the perimeter of the window at 180 degrees.

Once again we remind that the repair of windows should not be made independently.