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August 12, 2017 18:07

Home cinema in interior photos

If you are one of those who loves a cup of coffee, comfortably stretched out on the couch, watching your favorite movie on the big screen with great sound, you're watching films . first attempts to create a home room watching a movie were to be to get at least some projector miracle razdobyty with friends, a kind of stretch fabric screen, hang curtains, window and enjoy watching a rare film.Today it's much easier.Modern technologies give amazing home theater with excellent sound and picture.

On the possibilities of modern equipment

First of all when buying a home theater pay attention to the technical features.It is from them will depend on the quality of the image and sound power.Of course, do not forget about the type of room in which you plan to install the equipment.If the room area of ​​more than 25 sq.m.You can install anything you want: from conventional CD and DVD players and ending with plasma panels and speakers with subwoofer.

Home theater photo
Home theater photo

If your room is small, it is necessary to give up and stop a video projector on a large TV or plasma.The installation of any equipment is best left to professionals who will put everything right.So that the sound waves do not overlap.

provides good acoustics home theater

most optimal for viewing a movie room is a rectangular room with no windows, but you are unlikely to agree to give up the windows for the love of cinema.So we have to take care of a good sound insulation.This will require a drywall or cork panels on the walls and soft carpet on the floor.

Photos home theater
Photos home theater

On windows you can hang the curtains, which protect from light, and eliminate unpleasant echo soften the sounds.

Home Cinema: rules which can disrupt

Today we can arrange a home theater in the attic or basement, decorate them under Egyptian palaces, develop in an Art Deco style and a minimalist hi-Teke.

«Luminous question»

lighting deserves special attention.Instead of chandeliers can be used spotlights.

Home Cinema photos
Cinema House photo

Mnogourovnenvy plasterboard will scatter light throughout the room, and to simulate lighting in a movie theater can be integrated spotlights in the wall or floor.About


In the cinema - a comfortable chair, and the house - a cozy sofa.The shape, color, size - of your choice, as long as it was convenient.Sofa can be both textile and leather, with lots of colorful pillows or soft blanket, it can even be a sofa, made with his own hands.And do not forget about the table next.Otherwise, where to put a cup of your favorite coffee?

Home theater photo
Home theater photo

pep racks for CDs and cassettes, coffee machine, carpet and even posters, and home theater system is ready!

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