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August 12, 2017 18:06

En suite bathroom : you is not even dream

Almost every historical film protagonists take a bath.And you notice that these procedures take place in the bedroom, not in the usual for us a separate room? Pritemnennoe lighting, crystal chandeliers, heavy curtains on the windows and the delicate fragrance of romance.Fitted Bathroom in the bedroom in our rapidly developing time - what is it?The desire to bring to life a new experience, or simply space saving?

Similarly, we can say only one thing - such a combination will not leave anyone indifferent - and in this review site about the interiors of the "House of Dreams" will show you the options for processing such bedrooms with fitted in her bathroom.

En suite bathroom

bathroom in the bedroom

Design solutions for the bedroom with bathroom

main objective when combining two different on the use of space - combine them into one single space.

design bedrooms with bathroom can be varied, but the basis for the design are just three ideas:

  • beautiful cast-iron bath, standing on curved carved legs - it can be placed near a window or not to strike the eye, in a secluded corner of your bedroom;
  • bath on the podium - if you want to put the focus on the bath, you can pick it up on a pedestal or to arrange for the center of the room;
  • very popular bath in the floor when at first glance coverage did not even notice it, and only then, came closer, turned their attention to this magnificent miracle.
A bath in the bedroom floor

bath in the bedroom floor

Bedroom Design with bath on the podium

Design bedroom with bath on the podium

The cast-iron bathtub in the interior of a bedroom

cast-iron bathtub in the bedroom interior

bathroom in the bedroom photo

bathroom in the bedroom Photo

design of a bedroom with bathroom

Bedroom Design with


If you do not want to put in the bedroom bath, and just want to have a shower, the options for its placement very much.As usual accommodation and well disguised, for example, in a specially built-in wardrobe.And the humidity does not go into the room, set the hood, which will be lit simultaneously with the light.

Modern shower in the bedroom photo

Modern shower in the bedroom Photo

Fencing bath in the bedroom

also very popular fence bathroom area from the sleeping various kinds of partitions:

  • clear or frosted glass.On it can be applied pattern that repeats some elements in the decor of the room.It is possible to emphasize, adorned with bright colors and surreal images;
  • Styrofoam plates.This is a weighty construction, it is possible to put a tile or any other decoration material;
  • wooden partition.Use moisture resistant wood.The advantage of such partitioning is that it can be carved.By the way, in the maintenance of the theme itself bathtub in the bedroom can also be wooden;
  • sliding panel;
  • a screen curtain.With their help it is possible to separate the bath from the room at any time;
  • weightless sliding partition that protects from splashes.It is made of glass, so not obvious, meanwhile, carries a very useful feature while taking a bath.
Glass partitions for a bath in the bedroom

Glass partitions for a bath in the bedroom

design of a bedroom with bathroom

design bedrooms with bathroom

bathroom in the bedroom photo

Bathroom in bedroom photo

Master bedroom with en photo

bedroom with bathroom photo

Bath in the bedroom: allone

Wanting to surpass all expectations, designers offer another solution - a bedroom with bathroom and dressing room.The advantage of this zoning is that all things are at hand.

Given the dependence of modern humans from such technical means as television and radio, you can place them directly in the area of ​​the bath.Today, many companies offer the usual bath, Jacuzzi and showers with built-in appliances.Or you can arrange technical devices so that they are visible from any corner of the bedroom.

Large master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room

large bedroom with bathroom and dressing room

Lighting bathing area in the bedroom

It primarily depends on the location of the bath and whether the fence is.For example, a large crystal chandelier can stay above the bath.If the bathroom is separated by a partition, it will be a good solution in daylight or multi-colored lights.It all depends on the style in which sustained this room.It is also possible to provide a place for candles, so on certain days to add romance.

bath in the bedroom photo

The bedroom bath photo

Design a bedroom room with bathroom

Design bedroom room with bathroom

Suitable for such a decision

the luxury bedroom with en suite in Europe can afford not all, but a tendency to combine these two objects increases.In most cases, a separate shower in the bedroom.But if you decide to stay in a nice hotel, or among your friends there are enough wealthy people, the chance to see the beautiful bath in the bedroom increases significantly.Another thing we have, in the CIS countries, where payment for water is not as high and you can afford shikanut, and parade our people loves more than the Europeans!

bedroom room with bathroom

bedroom room with bathroom

However, even here there are some limitations.The legislation states that the bathroom should be just above the uninhabited room apartment located on the floor below.It turns out that it can be combined with the kitchen, pantry, corridor.If these premises contiguous to the bedroom area and can be sacrificed, then forward to the project organization!After defending his project in the BTI you can already get to work.

avoid such problems is much easier, if you live in your own home or cottage.

bedroom with bathroom

bedroom with bathroom photo

bathroom in the bedroom

bathroom in the bedroom in the house

What else to consider

  1. Having decided on such a project, as a bedroom with bathroom, should be prepared for high humidity in the room.Therefore, make sure that the bedroom furniture was waterproof.It also makes sense to buy a dehumidifier.A perfect solution would be additional ventilation.
  2. For floor is recommended to use the rock teak.If you are supporter of all new and unusual, then use the glass mosaic.Underfloor best to set all over the room, not only in the zone of the bath.
  3. If both zones should not be visually separated, the flooring should be kept in a single color style.
  4. walls in the bedroom with the bathroom can be decorated with wallpaper water-resistant, but in the bath area is better to use decorative plaster or mosaic.By the way, can be decorated with mosaics and part of the walls in the bedroom area.
  5. All repairs Trust the professionals, so you do not have the unpleasant moments of leaking water in a particular place.
design of a bedroom with bathroom

Bedroom Design with bathroom

As you can see, a bathroom in the bedroom - it is not a relic of the past, and it is a new direction in the design of the apartments.Perhaps for apartments and houses with a small quadrature such a decision would be the most successful.And someone just wants to surprise everyone with an extraordinary bedroom.Whatever goal you do not move, you end up with a beautiful and functional place to relax after a day loaded.

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