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August 12, 2017 18:07

Parterre lawn - the composition and arrangement

device parterre lawn lawn

This is a kind of decorative stain in the garden area, since it is impossible to walk, play and sit on it.It serves a solely aesthetic function and is considered the most elite.It looks like a ground lawn alpine grass and requires constant care.About him all the time you need to take care: watering, remove weeds, feed the soil doing haircut.

When orchestras device is carefully planned territory.It is important to advance raschertit zone and identify - where it will be in the lawn?How it will be combined with other plants?Further land leveled, remove weeds.When you register you must stick to the main rules - the main area of ​​the pit area must prevail over other design elements (for example, flower beds).Otherwise it will be lost and the integrity of perception arises a sense of "medley".

Parterre lawn: composition

The composition of the mixture of lawns often includes low-growing grass with soft and thin leaves and shoots.They are able to form a uniformly closed, dense grass layer from early spring so the end of autumn.Typically, in the orchestras composed of the following types of grass: red fescue, meadow fescue, meadow Minty, white bentgrass, fescue sheep.Sometimes one uses only grass (not the mixture).

  • Red fescue - has an intense color and a thin sheet.Different resilience to weather events (not afraid to spring frosts and sun beds), suffers trampling.
  • Meadow fescue - grows as individual bushes and does not form a continuous coating.Well suited not only for orchestras, but also for ordinary lawns.Most often it is used in loamy soils with moderate moisture.
  • Minty Meadow (or Kentucky blue grass) - is the main component for these lawns.It has the kind of loose bush with a thin rhizome.
  • Bent white - growing tufts of grass and is the most is often used in conjunction with bentgrass pobegoobrazuyuschey and thin.Very whimsical to weather conditions, as well as the need regular fertilizing fertilizers.
  • sheep fescue - a bristly thin leaves with green-blue tint.It creates a hard grass layer, which is virtually maintenance free and does not require mowing.It is resistant to drought and frost.It grows well in acidic and dry soils of different composition and fertility level.

seeding technology

Parterre lawn - this is not the turf, which can be bought in ready condition.Ground requires patience, as the grass grows slowly and at all times it is important to properly care for it.Plus, pre-prepared soil and should be laid turf to was not visible bumps and dimples.

selected seeds or a mixture After laying the turf.A very popular mixture of the following - "Royal mat" (for fans of lawns), "Old Park" (for shaded areas). is better if in the composition is dominated by narrow-leaved plants are stunted.Not recommended for perennial ryegrass and broadleaf lawn grasses.

Once the grass has grown, a haircut must be regularly (at least 1 time in 2-3 weeks).This creates good conditions for narrow-leaved grasses.

can also nicely complement any lawn hedges.Most often this is enough (and do not need lawns with flowers).Parterre lawn and hedges, pictures which are presented on our website, well show the sophistication and the general style of the whole territory or garden plot.