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August 12, 2017 18:07

Hedge - how to make her own hands ?

concept and function of a hedge

Hedge - a continuous series of shrubs or trees (sometimes vines), which creates the semblance of a natural fence.High hedges not only saves owners from prying eyes of passers-by, but will be also an excellent barrier from the effects of strong winds, as well as excellent protection from extraneous noise.

Plus live ornamental fence is able to separate the various zones of the site and disguise unsightly places.This makes the overall layout of the garden area a more harmonious and priglyadnoy.

Types hedge

choice of a particular type of hedge depends on what will be required and used by plants.For example, the fence can be either of softwood and deciduous plants.Conifers - look more majestic and forbidding, but need more care.Deciduous - grow quickly and unpretentious to the landing conditions.It is believed that the best hedge that which is grown from the hawthorn, barberry, privet, spirea, arborvitae, yew, fir.

also hedge divided according to the method of cultivation.You can plant it with their own hands or buy ready-made.Typically, they are grown in specialized nurseries.Of course, with ready-to-transplant fence will be much less of a hassle.You do not have to worry about constant fertilizing, pruning during the growing season.But hedge bought much more expensive.

If you're a fan of design refinements, you can do: single row, double row and multi-tiered fence. Consist they are from different plant species, and have all sorts of tall and sinuous shapes.However, they should choose the right trees and shrubs and is best to consult with a specialist.

Which form to choose?

Fence is freely growing or formed .The second shear is usually at least 3 times a year, in order not to disturb its shape.This is done using special tools: Electric shears, pruning shears, chainsaws, trimmer.To have a uniform height of the fence, at the very top of the green fence stuck pegs, which stretch a rope or cord.Haircut is performed uniformly on the cord.The shape

barriers can be in the form of arches, walls, geometric or fancy shapes (in the form of various animals).However, to make them self-sufficient is difficult.Often, to create exquisite and expensive Landscaping invite professional gardeners from England.But this is only for high-value projects.

is best illustrates the process of manufacturing the extraordinary landscape of figures on a special video.Hedge on which hairstyle videos presented on many websites, has a beautiful and unusual design.

How to hedge their own hands?

As already mentioned, you can buy locally grown hedge and transplanted it into your own garden plot and plant their own.We describe the detailed instruction:

  • first step is to mark the site, and on the perimeter to pull the string.At 1.5 meters from her ripped trench.The depth of the trench depends on the kind of the seedlings.
  • The trench is filled manure, peat or humus.It is important to first pour a little fertilizer, then cover them with water.
  • planting seedlings taken in early spring or autumn.The spacing between the seedlings reserves from 20 to 40 centimeters, which can be planted berry plants.
  • In the last stage it is important to exercise proper care - to feed the plants, mow, irrigate.