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August 12, 2017 18:07

A pond in the country with their own hands - a work of landscape art

How to make a pond in the country - the preparatory work

If you think that a device at their summer cottage artificial reservoir enough to dig a hole and fill it with water, you're not only wrong, but also risk being left not with a pond and muddy puddleinfested with mosquitoes over it.

It is therefore necessary to know in advance how to arrange a pond in the country with their hands correctly and with minimal losses.Firstly, you should decide on its size.Experts note that the pond should take about 1/8 of the entire suburban area.Minimum of its depth should be 50-60 cm, and in the presence of fish -. 150-200 cm

Secondly, you need to take into account the nature of the relief portion and the overall style of its design.The optimal placement of the pond is in the pits, ravines or pits.Third, are taken into account peculiarities of the soil and the depth of the groundwater.

The deeper they are, the less risk that they can undercut the base of the reservoir.Avoid placing the pond under the scorching sun, as they will lead to increased evaporation of water, which is bad effect on living there plants and fishes.

Not recommended reservoir device under the trees!Deciduous provoke active processes of decay, and tree roots can damage the reservoir cup.

Pond in the country with their own hands - the main stages

device after all the necessary preparatory work can proceed directly to the device the pond, all works are carried out in stages.In general, the sequence of actions is as follows: the pit dug the desired shape and size, the bottom of which the insulator is placed.He pressed tightly against stones or gravel.You can then fill the pit with water and proceed to the design of the finished pond.In principle, everything is quite simple, but some points need special attention.

When deciding how to dig a pond in the country, should take care in advance about where you are going anywhere extracted from the pit bottom.It can be taken out outside the cottage or distributed over the area.Of particular benefit in the latter case to bring the topsoil is fertile.For excavation device is best used earth moving equipment.Usual spade will make the process cumbersome and time-consuming. Ready pit should not have steep edges and the bottom of the slope to the center should not exceed 40 degrees.

The next step is the construction of the pond is necessary to arrange the sand "cushion", which is placed and subsequently the insulating material.To this end, the bottom of the pit is filled with 5-6 cm gravel, which is subject to compaction.This layer is aligned to pour sand on top 3-5 cm thick. Such a "cushion" hiding geotextile for drainage pond that protects the base against sharp stones.

then stacking an insulating film is carried out, which may be made of polyethylene, rubber or polyvinylchloride (PVC).It must protrude approximately 50-60 cm of the pit edge to her mount was more reliable.After the elimination of irregularities and folds on the film surface can be filled with pond water, making sure that the film does not remain under the air bubbles.

After filling the pit with water must be securely edges of the film.To do so, at a distance of about 15-20 cm from the edge of the pond dig a small trench, whose depth is about 20 cm. Excess film is neatly rolled up and fit into the groove dug.On top of it is fixed with the help of pegs, stones or pebbles and covered with earth.This allows not only to the trench and the mask edge to fix the insulating film, but also prevent the soil from entering the pool from the outside.

pond device in the country - its design and care

you learned how to build a pond in the country, carried out all the necessary types of work, now is the time to think about the design of your pond.It is the final stage of its creation.Of course, you can confine laying out several beautiful boulders along the shore of the pond, and planting two or three plants for ponds, but will it be enough to make the pond a true ornament of the site?

up to you, but do not limit yourself to the desires and fantasies of realization, because you can to breed in your pond river fish, decorate it, not only coastal but also deep, shallow-water plants.

Moreover, to make an artificial pond near her house more attractive and original, you can use the cascades, waterfalls and various fountains.It is not so difficult, because in the fountain device need only not too powerful pump, which can even be installed on the shore.

Make pond cozy resting place can be, if given to the coastal zone.There you can set a comfortable bench or bench that will blend in with the vegetation in the summer can make a competent and pond lighting if desired.

experts recommend arrange a soft diffused light, as it helps to relax and calm.

Knowing the answer to the question of how to make a pond in the country, do not relax. not enough to dig a pit, fill it with water and plant pond plants, because it requires more and regular care. Firstly, because it is necessary to systematically remove debris - fallen leaves, twigs, etc.Second, the bottom of the reservoir requires cleaning of accumulated silt, which is recommended to use a special vacuum cleaner.

Third, if you decide to breed the fish, you'll need to monitor the oxygen level in the water necessary for their normal life.It helps in this conventional aerator, characterized by aquarium analogues capacity and size.From unicellular algae can deal special substances - algaecides.

Thus, the device of the pond in the country it is possible to carry out on their own.Moreover, the process of creating a reservoir, which will take place has its own life, fascinating and intriguing.You can not remain indifferent to the result of the work and time will not come to the pond to admire its water surface and unwind after a busy day.